watching Dave Chappelle Season I.

the highlight of my weekend will be watching the Katt Williams special....i'm working so i cant see the Giants game. that's what Sportcenter's for tho. $ dont grow on tree

i've gotten my basketball fix by watching the Hornets/Heat game and the Boston/NJ game. Chris Paul is a PRODIGY!!!!...i personally dont think the Celtics will win a title any time soon. they'll go to the ECF tho..

gonna go out with my mans and look for some girls and take in the NY scenery...


what's good?

i'm just getting used to this Blog shit...i'm ALWAYS online so i might as well have a blog....

i'm just chillin here after i got back from England last week...shit was a culture shock to say the least..the TV was more uncensored..the music was BUMPIN as hell...the girls were fine and friendly. NYC girls should take notes. hell i might go live over there for a while or some shit.

We tore up London and Gloucester where my parents moved from Jamaica. shockingly, the H&M over there in London (the one we went to anyway) was wack.the thing is, over there, they got a shitlod of clothes but most of the dudes only wear soccer cleats and sweats and long sleeve shirts while their girls are dress finer than's funny cuz chicks were eyeballing and all that (i dont blame em) and we were just soakin it all was cool..met up with my cousins and my mans over there...took us to some ill nightspots...the vibe was nuts...felt like i was on acid or something due to the fast pace and lights and shit spiraling around...

the oh man...fine as hell...the British stereotype of bad teeth was true about the dudes, but them girls were fine as's a few pics

it's fucked up cuz the barbers were suspect over there and my electric razor fuckin broke on i was up in the club scraggy as my low caesar with the waves now..but i wish i had it then...but game speaks for itself..all i had to do was say i was from NY...and it was all love from there

so now i'm back home in NY....wanting to go out and meet some new chicks and step my game up for 08...but i'm too lazy to leave the crib...i just wanna chill, play ball, work out and marinate for a bit....on the other hand....i could use a few more new contacts..

Knicks fuckin suck as usual...but the Giants been killin the last two weeks...Cowboys are marked...The Hornets are doing well tooand they play the Lake Show tonight...Chris Paul is a fucking genius on the court!!!! it should be a good game but it aint gonna be on TV..i'd kill for NBA TV right now...

i'm god damn proud of myself...i pulled off a 3.6 this semester...i was a chronic slacker...guess i got my mind right right now...interning @ Sony helped since i pulled a A off that experience...they liked me a lot so i'll be back there again in the Red Distribution Communication god damn right i'm proud of myself