My Response to The CNN Special

for those not in the know, CNN is airing a special on the Black Community...last night they focused on Black women and the Black me, it was VERY tired. we all know what goes on in our backyard...i talked about it on another forum i'm a member thoughts on the show...

-same old independent woman routine..very contradictory...unsure of giving up her independence yet looking for a man. what logical man will jump into a relationship with a woman so unsure of herself? gimme a fuckin' break
-the mom with 5 kids. i felt no sympathy. dude was a older man....i bet $ he was gaming other chicks....not to mention the kids were outta wedlock..and she said she had daddy issues so...
-the girl from the BX who was sleeping with her BF who she didnt trust, unprotected. gimme a break here

NO mention of personal responsibility. NONE at all. Black men....we're the bane of American society.

i was shocked that there was even Black women on the special admitting they need their kids' fathers in their lives! WOW?

all this talk of black men not being in the house....if these women are on welfare, a man CANNOT be in the house or she aint eligible.
-black men aint in college, blah blah blah....the #s are SKEWED. whenever they do a population study, if i'm correct they only focus on part of the population they're trying to study anyway!! and hell if i sound paranoid or anti-establishment, BUT black men doing something not in sports/entertainment wont make the headlines of major media communications. "All we got is sports and entertainment until we even."
-AIDS...they need to demand their men take STD tests...and stop messing with shady dudes...then gonna act like they aint at fault. it's unfortunate that shorty caught the bug, but i HIGHLY doubt she only had unprotected sex once as well. if i'm wrong, i'm wrong...and remind me to keep the Jergens when i hit DC next month.statistics are f'n abominable...not to mention Flatbush AIDS/STD rates. and dudes need to stop hoing around on quality down $%@ females. people can say i'm harder on the women, but f it...they make the choice to open up their legs to undeserving dudes.
-the black church to me is not dynamic enough when it comes to AIDS because of the stigma of it. the old church generation needs to realize there's a new age and realize that us young folks arent just "young whippersnappers"
-Black women now admitting on national TV that fathers are important to their children? i musta died and gone to heaven.

fuck all this black love shit. i'm down with whoever likes me. since black female's standards are so high for a black male, i see no reason why my personal standards for a black female shouldnt be high as well. esp with all the stuff i have going on in my life. my patience has worn VERY thin. esp when you get exposed to new environments outside of your regular and see how things are. 1 strike. i refuse to become a statistic.

the real fun starts tonight at 9 pm


Batman was a MASTERPIECE. i hate beating a dead horse...but Heath Ledger (RIP) completely did the role of the Joker to a T. dudes outshone Bale as Batman...and i liked this flick because people actually died and got killed. I hate watching superhero flicks where there's a shitload of explosions and bullets and no one sir, you wont get that with this Batman. The psychotic nature of the Joker was done wonderfully. dude wasnt just a maniac committing crime for the hell of it...dude was a scheming, conniving lunatic...and i loved it.

The flick also did a good job with Harvey Dent as the tragic Two Face. I actually felt more drawn to the villians...because Batman is a pretty static character...the villians were pretty much flawed, dynamic characters fueled by some tragedy or another. Joker's puns stole the one scene with some mobsters, he pulls his jacket open, showing the bombs he's armed with. He then quips, with his finger on the pin, "Let's not blow this out of proportion!!!"....dude was a perfectly written character.

Watchin The Wire....