"Wild'n Out"

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Spent the day meeting with a client....this next venture shall be fun. The more and more time I spend on the music scene, etc, the more I'm convinced that the next biggest artist WILL NOT be a hip-hop R&B act. I'm liking what I see and there appears to be a mutual respect. Both sides spent some time watching each other's body language and shit like that.

One good thing I'm noticing: Stasia and myself individually both have this ability to gain trust easily. Quite a few ppl tell us both that they get the feeling we know what we're talking about. I'm glad.

Today was a funny day. Met with the client and chilled in the Union Square area. We saw quite a few characters...but we saw the Homie Theophilus London walking incognegro on Broadway. I approached homie and polied for a bit. I've been to some of his shows and duke can perform. I was shocked @ how many "hipsters" didnt recognize dude. He's cool. Refered us to his manager.....

Got an important meeting tomorrow night. *crosses fingers*

FINALLY got The Champ Is Here II Mixtape. This shit is solid but I'm still not amped for the album. The last mixtape had the same effect on me. It's solid. Green Lantern doesnt disappoint so it was worth the wait. Drake's tape tomorrow is next...

Good to see the homie Cam'ron back on the scene. I aint like Killa Season too much but he sounds like he's back on that S.D.E. shit so I'll be following...

Looking for some new footwear today and these caught my eye..


I'm outta here

Uff It....25 Random Things About 100K

So...I've been making a concentrated effort to avoid this "25 Random Things About _____" on FB...Being that I'd like my FB with the least amount of BS as possible, I'ma do it on my PERSONAL blog. I didnt wanna hijack off my son JO Fre$h...but imitation is the best form of flattery.

1. I'm lefthanded and proud of it. In kindergarten, my teacher tried to make me righthanded but I used to bug out on her till she deaded all of that. I actually used to be ambidextrous.
2. I used to sit on a chair shaped like the letter Q and read the NY Times and the Encyclopedia till my parents picked me up. That's where my love affair with words came from
3. I first learned about sex when I read about it in the encyclopedia. I also got in trouble for asking if Jesus Christ had a penis.
4. I pulled out my Richard (think hard pun intended) on some girls in grade school and got suspended for a week or so. It was a week full of Chinese food and chocolate ice cream and trips to the Modell's on Pennsylvania Ave. in BK with my pops.
5. I'm a middle child and people can definitely tell.
6. I love using big words.
7. EXTREMELY sarcastic and wity. But more sarcastic.
8. Jay-z's my favorite artist. Ever. Meeting him was cool as well as meeting Lebron James, who signed my white/navy IIIs @ Baruch. Stashed in my closet along with autographs from the '05-'06 Supersonics team
9. The Knicks/Giants are my favorite teams
10. Music doesnt excite me as much anymore. I'm liking Drake and Blu but enhhhhh and the old cats are boring.
11. DJ Premier is the GOD producer. no disrespect to Dre, Dilla, Pete Rock, Ye, or 9th. I pay as much attention to production as I do to the artist. I love reading liner notes.
12. Immanuel and Phil are my two best guy friends and Mandy and Stasia are my two best female friends.
13. I have an extremely short attention span. Thus, I hear you all but i'm not "listening"
14. People can always tell I'm Jamaican. LMAO. Especially Females :-/
15. Rob Fortune is the mfing man. Go to one of his parties and you'll know why.
16. I dont watch much TV but I'm a HUGE NBA fan. The Wire is on my laptop as is Ronin Warriors.
17. Marlo Stanfield is my favorite character from The Wire. He disrespected the game and broke the rules of engagement but I could relate to the cold, callous demeanor when it comes to business.
18. Ask Stasia and Mandy and Phil, I'm prone to rant about things when I'm set off LMAO.
19. Qudus and I are like Cain and Abel. We used to have EPIC battles. Classic ish. Tha'ts my dude tho.
20. I'm addicted to twitter (twitter.com/igetsbusy514) and blogging when in the mood (thoughtsof100k.blogspot.com)...also check out twitter.com/frshpulp and frshpulp.blogspot.com
21. I'm addicted to Nike Foamposite sneakers. I'd wear those in a casket if it were up to me.
22. I think WAY older than a 22 year old should. I hear that I'm too cautious and cerebral.
23. Joseph was my twin until he moved to boring ass Florida. what up Cuz!
24. I recently made up with an old friend and I feel way better about the situation now.
25.The Isis Papers by Dr. Frances Welsing and 48 Laws of the Game by Pimpin' Ken are two of the most intriguing books I've ever read.

uhhhhh ok...bye