I'm Hyped....

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The Latest Victim To The Hype Machine: Transformers II

I saw this flick last night. Midnight Showing to avoid the lame HSers and geeks who wanna tell the whole history of Transformers in the 2:30 that this flick went on for. I instantly complained about the lack of estrogen in the room (yes, predictable because what females actually are fans of Transformers?) until some woman and her friend walked in, made me take my feet off the seat in front of me (because she was sitting directly in front of me when there were a bunch of seats available and I had my feet up), talked to me about how she taught @ a boarding school near the university in Philly when the scenes came on and basically verbally molested/made slick comments to me the entire night. I guess she liked what she saw in that dark theater. Once she said she was a teacher, I was like hmmmmm...but yeah back to the flick.

I must honestly admit I didnt really care about the flick this time around. I'm sort of a movie lame because if I dont have an extreme interest in the flick (ie The Dark Knight, X-Men, Bourne Identity), I'll stay my ass home and just DL it via torrent then watch it on the Ipod or just catch it 8 weeks later when everyone's seen it already. I simply don't care. A lotta flicks are overhyped as is and I hate being disappointed (cough cough Spiderman 3-DAMN that was a terrible flick....)

So when I go to check out Transformers II, I was intrigued being that I knew Starscream (a favorite character of mine since the cartoon days) was gonna have ample screen time, being that he was shown flying into deep space in the first flick (after the ending credits). I also saw that The Constructions were in the flick so that was another plus. Not to mention Megan Fox is probably the hottest chick to hit the silver screen in a minute. But who gives a damn about a hot chick when you have alien robots who turn into vehicles!!!

The flick has its shining moments but I just felt like it was a bit lame at times:
  • The "humor" was a bit corny. The twin Autobots have everyone up in arms with their "niggerish" roles and I do think that there was some undertone that was being sent with the way the characters were depicted. Illiterate robots with gold teeth talking jive? C'mon, gimme a break here.
  • Sam's parents were also in the flick too long and were captured without any possible explanation of how they got captured (unless I missed something, which I might have being that I have a short attention span and the flick is 2:30 long). It was just extremely lame. I really disliked them having such a main part in the flick
  • An old Transformer with a cane? Jetfire nontheless? The fuck outta here. SMH
  • Megatron got good screen time, but I missed the part when he got the ability to change into a tank being that he was a jet in the first flick, was comatose and basically had to get dodjered by The Fallen. So lame.
  • The twins again. I dont see Transformers to laugh. I saw it to see robots shapeshift and blow shit up and talk shit in the heat of battle.
  • The Decepticons were a bit lame to me. Besides Megatron, Grindor (who both get into a DOPE fight scene with Optimus) and The Fallen, I didnt get bloodthirstiness from any of them. Maybe I'm a violent psychopath on the low who loves to see things destroyed. Rampage was dope though.
  • Soundwave was some sort of symbiotic satellite. Major fail. In the OG, he was a cassette player. I really hated that he played the background. Being that no one uses tape players anymore, I wonder why they scrapped this design as i heard it was close to making the final cut.

The flick really isnt as bad as some other sequels in a series and I know for a fact there's gonna be a part 3. Megatron and Starscream seem to be the only two Decepticons left, and between them, there's enough plotting and debauchery to go down. I might be expecting too much but you cant please everyone. It was just one of those flicks where the anticipation and everyone talking about it sorta makes you turned off because subconsciously you hope its good due to the hype. Womp Womp.

I'll give this flick a 3.5/5. Sue me.

My Apologies.

I'll keep it real with you.

The Summit did not go down Saturday due to circumstances beyond our control. For that I send my deepest apologies. We're rescheduling it for mid July so stay tuned. We're gonna do what we gotta do to make it a success.

All of the panelists showed up, so kudos to them but they understood that the weather conditions werent on our side. I applaud them for their professionalism and for understanding.

I'm more motivated as a Black businessman first and as a die hard fan of hip hop second. Things didnt go our way, but that's life.

Thanks for reading.