Regular Shit

copped my new Toshiba laptop yesterday..loving it tho the battery sucks and runs out fast.....

meeting's canceled....:(....prolly gonna chill out and watch the Hornets game show's in town...wanna take the "friend" but i really dont wanna go's BRICK.

Big Shit Poppin


Imperial Marketing Group, a company a friend of mines from college, got our first official client yesterday....wrote the check in front of us and all that. we're gonna get crackin promoting a AIDS benefit concert on various college outlets like radio, print ads and stuff like that. easy shit, no rocket science. that shit made my week. i wanna cop the Blackbery Curve and stack the rest of it. I feel great. niggas cant tell me shit right now. we're getting 3 more checks so i gotta budget those.

all's well so far. i'm just happy to be here right now. gonna buckle down this week and get into the books.

gotta hit the gym..

if $ doesnt motivate you, you aint makin enough.

$'s my bitch right now. gettin my tax return on friday and i'm coppin a laptop and stackin the rest after i pay some bills. i'm eatin right now.