"In The Ghetto"-Beanie Sigel

Had to throw this up on here. HUGE Beans fan. Due to the lack of promo for this album (side-eye to whatever label this project is on), I have no choice but to assume this is the first single. The vid is gritty as hell and I got flashbacks of The Wire Season 4 watching it. Enjoy.

Sprite/Voltron Commercials

Ya'll remember these? Pts. 1-5. Excellent cross branding campaign.

Scratchin' The Surface


Life's officially started for me. I've been meaning to blog about this but I'll be an official college graduate come September. It's been an interesting 4.5 years.

Met a lotta cool people. Cut off a lotta assholes.

Met some lifelong friends and expanded my network. Got my start in the entertainment industry junior year and been rockin' out ever since. Took a lotta interesting classes and had some dope professors.

I didnt go away for school...so I missed the "bugout" aspect of it...but life is what you make it. I've done more than enough partying to compensate.

I dunno....I feel like the labels need some new blood and to introduce us younger, more tech saavy folk into the ranks. I was talking with a friend of mine and she expressed the same thing. Miss works at Atlantic who is infamous for being successful with the digital format (which labels shouldve embraced anyway)

I'm 23. I feel like I'm just starting to self actualize my potential.

The next few years are gonna be interesting.

Back In The Game.....

Funny how things work out. Really hilarious.....

My new approach is to stop having expectations and just take things as they come. I've had to deal with broke pretty chicks, nice girls with daddy/commitment issues, nice girls who want relationships that I'm not ready for, chicks not wanting to get tested, chicks with BFs trying to make me BF # 2 and everything in between, not to mention "singers" and "models". Then I gotta hear how I'm the selfish, defensive one who justifies being an asshole because I apparently attract these types.

Like if I know a girl is a conniving bitch I'll actively choose to continue to date her.


So...after some time off from the dating game that I took to clear my head and regroup, I found myself out with a new female companion on Friday. The date went well as we did some ill shit.

First, we went to Woo Hop in Chinatown and ya'll already know my greedy ass ordered a lotta food. We then took the Staten Island Ferry back and forth to the city. That was VERY fun and relaxing for whatever reason. Talked and chopped it up about life and stuff. Went for a walk then went our respective ways.

We seem to have great initial chemistry. I dont have to tone myself down or not say certain things and I like that. I can be the grinning sarcastic fellow that you all have come to know and love. I have to be this "semi-PC" guy all the time because I have certain things and it's fun to go out and just bug the fuck out and not worry about being told what to say/how to act....

Things can happen so I'm always prepared but this looks like it'll be interesting.

Shorty isnt Black and that's never really an issue because I relate to people on a human level first. It's gonna be an interesting experience. I got a few dirty looks but I could give a shit less. I date people based on what they bring to the table so it is what it is. I believe is using your best options anyway so....

Funny thing is

Friends:"I could totally see you with a white girl"
Me: "How so? ya'll know I dont give a fuck as long as we can rock out"
Them: "We just could :-X"
My bro: "You got too much bad energy to be with a Black girl"
Me: "????? Fuck is that supposed to mean?"

Funny thing is...I feed off of negative attention more than I do positive attention. I LOVE it.

I just think that people can be ridiculous with dating expectations. If it aint gonna work out, it aint gonna work out with someone. This aint a movie where the dude always gets the girl and shit at the end. Get in where you fit in.

Oh...........turns out Miss Thang is a dancer/choreographer.

I'm slobbering at the "possibilities".

Side note:
Female friend: "What's the point of dating if you dont see yourself marrying the person or being with them longterm?"
Me: *stoneface*

Cant we just have fun sometimes?