The Beast

I was upset today. That's all (for now)


  1. I think I'm done but I hope I inspired someone. Had to get that off my chest before the Summit. so...........
  2. You know how the game goes. It's chess, not checkers. I love matching wits. I'm a brains before brawn type of guy anyway. Cant retain w8 :-(
  3. I'm introverted on the low anyway. LOL
  4. It's not acting Hollywood to go where pays. It's survival.Mu'fuckas got rent & bills to pay.Parties and free promo shit doesnt help my bank.
  5. And if someone is smart, they aint doing shit for free after a certain point."If you're good at something, never do it for free".-The Joker.
  6. You shouldnt be mad at someone for moving on professionally.What a boss misses is their quality of work. 10 people in a room <>
  7. (If only I hit the weights consistently whenever I got mad at something work related. I go for long walks but w/e......)
  8. I love it. I just hate seeing it tampered and fucked with. but you learn how to constructively channel that passion.
  9. Its like a got her and she has you but you both gotta keep remembering your initial love for each other for the shit to work
  10. Never getting complacent and just keeping that spark alive.
  11. You will make mistakes and will DEFINITELY have more than one "relationship", but it's the preparations for the "the one" that matter.
  12. This game is like a relationship. You have to constantly grow and adapt with it. Be true to it and it'll be true to you.
  13. You have to be fluid like water to survive in this dynamic game. I love the unpredictability and "what's next" factor. I LOVE it.
  14. There's no room for blockheads. Your ability to absorb information quickly will determine your success/failure. My personality growth is wow
  15. We were babies (and relatively young, as we're a year and change old), but we knew what the deal was and are able to learn.
  16. The people I have met over the past year itself just inspire me. Too many to name. A few in particular come to mind. They showed us mad love
  17. It doesnt help to have a killer smile and the ability to listen in an industry where people love to talk about themselves.
  18. Young Black gifted and approachable. It's a new age. I wouldnt have it any other way.
  19. When you know the integrity of your own product wont be fucked with, it inspires you more. Not to mention the pride factor.
  20. From marketing to A&R to public speaking to networking back to my own creative control, it's been FUN. And I LOVE control. LOL pause
  21. A real student wont just ask what you know. He'll analyze how you operate and emulate that. I've learned a lot in a short time.
  22. Approachability is huge. A lot of the senior execs that i've polied with are EXTREMELY down to earth and willing to teach.It soothes ego tooYou know you're doing it when you hear of an event and you're mad you cant go because you've missed the chance to network.
  23. I could give a fuck about a party and drinking. The realest cats in there come late and leave early anyway. They usually have something else
  24. Messing up on the job, but being smart/humble enough to ask for help and able to take correction. Ego's aside
  25. Cap low, making humorous comments, networking and being conversational with everyone. Having great pearly whites isnt a bad look either.
  26. I like seeing myself in the next generation. The kid who's at the table asking questions when he doesnt understand (even if they are "dumb")
  27. It also helps that I'm straightforward and candid. In an industry built on image and bullshit, it's a good contrast. Real recognize real
  28. I cant even put a value on the connections that I've built and relationships that I have gotten through this here game. I love it.
  29. Competition breeds excellence. The most cunning breed of person will pimp the system. Capitalism is built on exchange. Nothing's free
  30. Some people are in this game as glorified groupies,others working towards a corner office.If you're gonna do what you do,be the best @ it.
  31. I dont like to deal with the pettiness of people only one step "higher" than I am when their superiors usually are more approachable.
  32. I dont like middlemen. I stayed in the cut for a few months, got the contacts I needed and bounced. While they partied, I analyzed.
I'm a lazy bum...but if you read this starting from 32 in reverse, it was basically where I was mentaly today. Enjoy!

Minds Behind The Music Summit

^ Link above has all the info but I'm gearing up for that on Saturday. We basically are targeting HS students/College FRSH and Sophs who wanna get started/learn more about the entertainment indsutry but all are welcome. The rain is a mutha though :-(

Come one come all!!

Male Honesty: Can Females REALLY Handle The Truth?

I thank you all for the positive feedback I'm getting on this blog. I just wanna state my opinions, right or wrong. Enjoy

The inspiration for this blog comes from a convo I had with a friend of mine. You know who you are so I aint gonna put it out there.

I think females are being lied to daily in this society and we've come to accept it as commonly practiced behavior.

The most common culprits of these acts are dudes. Thirsty dudes at that. But the biggest culprits are females themselves! How?

"Oh that's just my friend! He'd never think of me like that. Him, nahhhh". Yes him. In fact, you knew it in your subconscious the day that you met him that he was

  • trying to figure out an opener to get with you. You're just so fine that he knows you've heard every line in the book so...
  • He looked at your summer dress with your supple breasts and round ass being supported by those nice toned calves stunted by 4 inch pillars and pedicured toes...
  • So he came over and just introduced himself by complimenting your sense of style (which every female will claim to have nowadays anyway). No frills. No gimmickry and you liked his style enough to give him your number, BBM, Twitter and email addy (ok, I'm exaggerating but you catch my drift....)

But you, being the opener of the legs, weren't attracted to him sexually for whatever reason. Fellas, ladies always know within 5-10 minutes of meeting you if she'll sleep with you. And dont let them tell you otherwise. In fact, many dudes have talked themselves out of relations with a woman who was willing to sleep with them, myself included. (Another reason why I tend to be more observant and low key *pats self on the back*).

Ladies, you will NEVER know how a guy you're dating truly feels about you until you sleep with him. Mark my words. You set the rules here. *Unless they're like me and just like meeting new people once our agendas dont match up*

There's females I meet and am attracted to personality wise or they just have their own thing and I respect their hustle and can consider them friends.. I consider them "Comriendlers" (Comrades/Friends/Hustlers). I'm not talking about that.I personally can count on my hands out of the females that I consider friends that I have met in my 23 years. I'm talking strictly platonic, almost sisterly. I wouldnt hit it even if they asked me to because I wouldnt wanna ruin it not to mention it being awkward. They ALL know how I feel about commitment and tell me I'm a mess but they've just come to accept it for what it is. My standards are strict because

  • the word friend denotes a loyalty that is forged by you both going through experiences that strengthens the relationship. I simply dont have that connect with a lotta people calling themselves "friend"
  • I read character pretty well and tend to give people the benefit of a doubt-at arms length sometimes when I first meet them. I sorta tend to size people up and watch the way they interact with others.. I've been told I can be pretty cold when I want to be but when I trust someone, I'm the best friend ever
  • I REALLY dislike people with an overbearing need to be in everyone's clique. Male and female. I cant stand a dickrider who's always up in everyone's face trying to be down.
  • I'm not gonna be at a loss if I can help it. I kick it, talk whatever and then i'll cut my loss if I dont like what I see.

I simply think females will be shocked if they knew what us guys really think about them. The thing is, a guy just can't walk up to a female and say shit like " look right like your titties and ass are mad jiggy...come through to the crib!". Besides the fact that's it's lame, vulgar and tacky, it's not exactly smooth or invitational. Hell, it's not even a challenge to where you'd wanna see more. In fact, he'd prolly be sprayed with Mace and slapped in the face.

Ladies, I dont blame you all for milking the shit out of guys you know want to smash but you keep him in the Friend Zone. It's a dirty game, but someone has to play it. No matter, how much you say he's like a brother to you, you KNOW that if you were to ever get shitted on by a BF and need some new dick, that "brother" would tear your ass up. You keep him around for when your boyfriend fucks up and you need male attention/validations and he's the pawn that obliges your every need. Your emotional tampon if you will.

*Disclaimer: I can say for myself personally (as stated earlier) that I have friends I consider as sisters and "Comriendlers". Ya'll woulda known by now how I felt. The rest of ya'll...hmph.....LMAO*

So with my opinion stated (in my ever present rambling manner), I'll open it up to you all. Can a female really handle the truth about male honesty?

J. Cole "The Warm Up" Mixtape Release Party

Got a chance to head out to the "Warm Up" mixtape release party last night @ Le Poisson Rouge. Shoutouts to Digiwaxx (Whut up, Eb) for throwing such a dope event. It was pretty cool. I met J. Cole (again), Green Lantern and Elite (who produced "Heartache" from the tape) and met some cool new people. Aint gonna bore ya'll with words so here's the footage

Minds Behind The Music Press Party

So...we'll be throwing the Minds Behind The Music Press Party tomorrow night @ Deity

Here's the link to RSVP:

Imperial Marketing Group in partnership with Brooklyn Bodega is excited to host the first annual “Minds Behind the Music Summit” at the 5th Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival on Saturday, June 20th at Empire Fulton Ferry State Park in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

To protect the integrity of and ensure the continued profitability and success of Hip Hop and music in general, it is up to those who have already succeeded to help usher in the next generation of successful industry professionals. Yes the art form is at the end of the day the most important element but without the many masterminds behind the music, this business wouldn’t exist.

"Minds behind the Music" will take place during Brooklyn Hip-Hop Family Day from 1-4 PM and provide attendees with insider tips and advice from industry professionals on how to pursue a career in the music and entertainment industries within various fields such as marketing, publicity, music production, journalism and more.