"My flesh, no nigga could test
My soul is possessed by D'Evils in the form of diamonds and lexuses
The Exorcist, got me doing skits like Homie
You don't know me, but the whole world owe me - strip!
Was thought to be a pleasant guy all my fucking life
So now I'm down for whatever, ain't nothing nice
Throughout my junior high years it was all friendly
But now this Higher Learning got the Remy in me"

Thanks for reading my blog. I have come to the OBVIOUS conclusion that i am a selfish egomaniac who really believes the world should be in his image. No sarcasm. I have blurred the lines between confidence and arrogance. I have run the risk of losing a good friend. I should be more mature but i'm not. I'm a work in progress. I cant apologize for my feelings but it is what it is


you damn right...