well i started @ Red Distribution was alright with me just doing msinly online marketing and tour date's gonna be challenging but i'm's cool thus far, with me doing a lotta intern shit like copying, filing, and all the regular shit.

school started yesterday and my fuckin breaks between classes are i got a break from i'm gonna be on my workout and ball grind...

got a free Xbox 360 from my mans who's in the Navy...i wanted a PS 3 originally but beggars cant be choosers...2K8 is the goddamn truth!!!!!!!!! i cant even play with the Knicks but the Hornets are realy that deal...i'm $$ with Mo Pete and Peja comin' off curls and draining seems like my nights are gonna be filled with 2K8 and Naruto when i should be doing my HW or's all good. life's about priorities