it's been a long time since i've updated my blog so here goes

  • going a new client for IMG..a producer who wants us to help increase his visilibity...he's worked with a few artists so that'll help....i'll keep it under wraps though. dont wanna ruin the surprise ;-)
  • started my podcasts along with my best friend Phil...we just bug out and talk about our view on certain topics....it's been a fun show thus far...http://lifeandtimeofpk.mypodcast.com.index.html
  • school's a real drag...i'm mentally tired...between the stress of my internship @ Sony/Red (which ended on Thursday), the drag of classes and all the other shit we college students go through, it's been a pain in my ass
  • things are going REMARKABLY well with my lady of interest. i've kinda been more at peace with myself, so it's been good so far....i'm kinda just taking it one step @ a time...i like hanging out with her....but the pain in my ass about relationships is the "getting to know you" stage...i've always been an aggressive type in anything i do, so this is kinda new to me....however, she has this "thing" about her...i dunno how to label it...but it's definitely a good quality..like a purity of sorts...maybe it's just me...it's getting to the point where i can see the beauty in her regardless...even when she's sick lol...
  • i dunno if it's cuz of the spring....but i've been undergoing a personality change...i'm a lot more quiet than i've been in a while....just analytical and such....
  • getting ready for my cousin's July 4th bbq in Baltimore...i need to get away from the city
  • Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!