By The Way, Foxy Brown is THAT Chick

Aint no other rap chick seeing my girl...I miss her...but they cant fuck with my girl...another Def Jam release that shoulda came out..The Fever II..i had it on my Creative before that shit crashed..Big Gun Cock Fox!!!!

"Come Fly With Me"

"Hot Spot"

"We're On Fire"


"The Original"..beat was used on the first Neptunes Album.."It's the music you hear on blocks/my raps go through your blood like a heron shot/I got these rap dudes, switchin' sides, i'm the gutterest goodiest bitch alive/Fox 5 believe my team works, i'm the silent partner, call me Kareem Burke"

"Bang Bang"...she MURDERED Kim on this shit..the beat didnt help either..

"Run Dem"...a problem...


Ya'll dont want nothing with shorty. Brooklyn.

I'm Inspired!!!

Attended an Open Mic event over there in Bed was in a warehouse on the 4th and a couple of other cats thought it was a jux, but when we went up to the 4th floor where the event was, it was VERY nice...the room was VERY cool..with graffiti on the wall and the was a GREAT event with a couple of artists, poets and designers in the building....they were selling some of their gear, which was VERY hot by the way. I'm mad a copped a army jacket cuz they had a generic one that they'd put a design on for you and just customize it....i'm definitely coppin' one in the near future.

i HAD to plug our "Poetry Meets Hip Hop" Showcase on November 18th at The Water Street Lounge in Dumbo, BK (lol @ this plug as well)...but i aint wanna just take over their shit, so i told the hosts I'd like to make an announcement. Niggas showed me mad love...

I was polying with a Graphic Designer at the show named Marz...he has his own clothing line (cant remember if it was Brooklyn Renaissance or Brooklyn Restore. but it was Brooklyn something).... i def felt good vibes from my dude and he invited me to his line's launch party at the spot on November 8th. Duke seems to be legit and from what i see on his website, i can fuck with him. just a cool brotha.

I like events like that, cuz being in the industry somewhat , you deal with a lotta manufactured shit and egos. There was none of that at the event and i really appreciate that.

Had to bring E through. she was looking GORGEOUS. but i'd never tell her that since she already knows :-P...she had fun so it is what it a date with her Saturday @ Haru's. Thanks Jenn and Stasia for puttin me on to that spot....

Def had some spitters in there last night....

I left that muthafuckin' group for that class. I apologized for my faults as a leader (especially with my short temper and Stalinish tendency)...but i cant fuck with it. i'm dealing with 4 females, one of whom was under going an extreme personal situation. I just aint feel the overall vibe was correct, but i'll leave it at that since it's old news. new group, new people.

i'm feeling goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddd


Exercise in Futility

Def feeling the heat at work....its been getting hectic....these people were on some last minute shit too last night coming up with a marketing plan for a Kanye, Ludacris and The Killer release. How they're gonna do it is beyond me but good luck to them. smh

on another note, the boy just copped 2K9 yesterday...I must say..the crossovers are a bit slow but the ability to change shots in midair using the shot stick is pretty nifty. I'ma play somemore when i get team is the Hornets and they made Posey a KILLER. i usually run Mo around some screens and pop since his J is so wet (for some odd reason)...

Giants are sus after losing to the Browns. the goddamn Browns. SMMFH

OJ Mayo's gonna be a muthafuckin problem.

I'm A Addict For...

Sneakers, 20s of Buddha and bitches with beepers"-Nas, "NYSM"

i still need them Black/Red Pippens. After November, I'll be a lil bit free financially after i pay for this winter class...These been on my mind lately...

No sense in window shopping. I aint been shopping since February. I'm poor. SMH @ females telling me not to forget them "when I'm rich"...*sneers*

I been up to a lot...IMG, we have some tricks up the two new we're working on that...

For the past month of so, I've just been stressed out. Working with these groups i'd rather not be part of, going to different departments @ Def Jam and working on stuff (more detail later), and IMG has been an experience. I need to strengthen my organizational skills.

As far as Def Jam goes, I'm gonna fuck with the Street Team Department. Besides the hoodies and gear (lol), i actually like takin' it to the streets and getting it done on the concrete. I cant just be up in a office all day and shit. They did tell me that I'd get out of the internship what I put into it, so I took that and ran with it. I just also helped out on the 'Kiss project a lil but (no details) and told his project manager that I'm down to be part of his Street with my personality and some Kiss My Ass gear....what's fuckin' with that!!!!

Speakin' of which...I'm listening to Jadakiss, "Welcome To The Roc Freestyle" <> bitches

Purse first, ass last. Now H is jealous.