"Booty Pop"

I swear "The Isis Papers" touched on this type of shit somewhere in one of its chapters.....

Cuffin' Season II: "You The Type That Need A Wife"....

*All names will not be revealed so as to not embarrass the guilty*

Re: my first "Cuffin Season" entry: A lotta people hit me up asking about my personal situation. I like women. That's all I'll reveal. I'm not one to broadcast my business, much less online. Not that I wouldnt claim a girl I like...I just dont like nosy people. I'm not opposed to having a partner...but it's gonna be based on "game recognize game" and not just because I need a bosom to snuggle up on. All I can say is that I forsee a lotta Scrabble games and mozzarella and spinach stuffed meatloaf in my future. LOL.....

But this post was inspired by a LOT. It's FEVER fuckin' pitch out here, especially with Thanksgiving/Christmas right around the corner. Ya'll niggas prolly want someone to take home to your families. Recently, Ive been getting Facebook statuses dedicated to me. I'm not being conceited about it either. I'm probably one of the most humble, down to earth people you'll ever meet...but that doesnt mean I cant call it like I see it. Not even playing the game right...anything worth having is worth paying for. No one likes the cow if the milk is free. I dont understand how people can invite themselves out on other people's dime...but that's neither here nor there. 

The latest trend seems to be dudes acting like bitches because girls wont go out on dates with them. Bringing up other dudes a girl might be seeing. Acting catty and snippy. That's that bullshit. I was schooled that you aint supposed to even worry about other dudes because you and a female's time together is your and her time together. Unless you're trying to wife her and you wanna see if she's single or not should be the only time you even talk about another dude to her or unless its your boy and you dont wanna come between whatever they got going on. It's a ho trait to me. I dont understand why dudes have this obsession with other dudes. I dont. It's borderline disturbing. You cant force a woman to like you. Its like the scene in "Don't Be A Menace" where Marlon held a Tec to a girls head for her #. That's how some of ya'll dudes act when ya'll like a girl. Then ya'll wonder why she's ultimately turned off. A woman should choose you to be with you. If you cant read her body language when she's around you, that's your problem.

Rejection makes you stronger. Sure, you're a dude with an ego but not everyone is obligated to be romantically attracted to you. I dont see what's so hard about not accepting the fact that someone doesnt feel the same way about you as you do about them. That will hinder someone from finding someone who does care. A female, I can understand. Women arent used to rejection like how we are. It's been said that a woman who knows her powers can get anything she wants. I dont know how much I agree with that statement, but I've seen examples that confirm it. I have female friends who didn't have dudes feel the same way about them. It's funny but intriguing at the same time. The wide range of emotions expressed are "60 Minutes" worthy. Like a frenzy.....But as a dude, you should be mentally prepared for rejection. Problem is...a lotta cats are raised from single parent households with mothers who softened them by coddling them. They grow up meeting women expecting them to be all over them. I'm speaking about women who have jobs, school, other responsiblities besides massaging a fragile ego...

Fellas, I understand about women....I totally do. I've dealt with my share of raggamuffins in my day. I've dealt with a LOT in my 7 years of dating. You go through bumps and bruises. You meet someone and they got a shitload of baggage you dont wanna deal with. Or you're dating their "representative" until the real them comes out. It's basic economics: when the supply is down, the demand will skyrocket. And from what I'm hearing/seeing from people I'm close with, thats exactly what's happening. I'm hearing horror stories from females about ya'll dudes man. 

  • Dont be in a rush to lock a girl down. A lot of them are in their 20s and wont even know what they want/will appreciate in a man till later on in their lives.
  • You look desperate and pathetic. Even if you are, package yourself to at least appear mentally balance. Slobbering at the dinner table ass dudes.
  • Females don't like "the obvious". Unless you and shorty have a rapport before, you cant just take a girl out and spill all the beans right there. "Hey sweetie, I know this is our first date, but I think you're the best woman ever and I want us to be together". The fuck outta here. (I've said this in jest...but I know dudes who've done that with a straight face)....

See in a city like NY...the dating pool is what you make it IMO. If you're in the entertainment business, it gets even smaller. It's funny how many millions of ppl there are here, yet there's only 6 or so degrees of separation (1-2 if you're in the business). I've talked with female friends of mine who're on the grind...and ya'll dudes gotta know how to make women feel like women. It's bad enough they gotta deal with the 8404399859 dudes hollering all types of shit at them all day then to deal with work and then spend an hour on the phone or go on a date with a lame ass dude who's insecure. I sympathize with ya'll ladies....

And the plot thickens....

Damn shame. 

Post-College Life

Life after college...

To me....life after college has been pretty alright. Mainly because I've always worked/interned during my last two years in school, it was a relatively easy transition for me. I took a semester off to work and came back to knock out my last class in August, with an official graduation date of 2009. 

For the record, I hated Baruch. Too much of a "square" school for my liking.  Like literally. People would walk with a stick up their asses. I did meet a lotta incredible people and made some lifelong friendships though. One of my biggest regrets was that I didnt hit up enough bars and clubs. I became an absolute workaholic in my final two years once I figured out what I wanted to do and how to get there. I didnt drink or bug out as much...and now I'm realizing you need that balance. College is the best time for someone to do that because post college, you have more responsibilities...and as an entrepreneur, I can tell you that you have to monitor yourself because you have a brand to protect and uphold. My first two years, I bullshitted and used to play NBA Live and talk shit and all that...it was cool while it lasted...

I've been fortunate to get a job in the industry I've had experience in. The business I co-own does lifestyle marketing and promotions, but my "day job" is in the music publishing industry. I got it through a friend of mine that I've given advice to and that's a testament to the power of networking. There's no point in doing a job if you dont want to be the best @ it....so I've asked my boss if he can recommend me some books on publishing. I just want to stay on top of the game. Being at major labels and marketing firms has shown me a lot and I believe that everything happens for a reason. (I do have a tinge of regret that Sony didnt follow up with me for those three positions. I loved the environment and morale there). I HIGHLY doubt I'll anywhere forever, so I always keep an eye out as part of my exit strategy and it is my first job outta college so....I'm not the smartest person, but I've always been curious about how things work. I think that trait has gotten me farther than I could have if I didnt care. Its psychologically debiliatating to not have a job after college.Its like you spent all that $ for nothing...but you gotta think long term as well. 

My advice to college students is 

  • Stay informed. Go to seminars on campus. You'll meet a lotta people to network with and get good advice from.
  • Stay close with your professors. They can be good for recommendations, refer you to jobs or give you practical advice on the job industry you plan to get into. 
  • USE YOUR CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTER. I cant stress this enough. 
  • Moderation. Sure you need liquor, girls and "all that"...but you better make sure you dont mess up in class. Balance all that out.
  • Drink and party and "all that". The only time you'll be doing it post college is on the weekends (if you want to be an effective worker)...

I've been told that my resume will look official in a few years Lord willing. I hope it will. 

Remember O.D.B.

In remembrance of one of the most creative and unique musicians ever..."Return of the 36 Chambers" FTGDW...

Strongarming the Grammys

CLASSIC.... *dead* @ 1:40-1:47

Got My Money?

"Pop Shots"...one of my favorite ODB tracks ever...

Pay Homage.


I think Melo's dunk was way worse..but still Wade aint no slouch...

"Doorman"-The Clipse (video)


Clipse - Doorman Music Video - Til The Casket Drops Dec 8 from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

10 Deep Holiday Preview

Will Bynum Is Mad

Wow @ the hops

Outlaw On Gay

This NBA Season is FULL of poster materials. Cue Victim Three.

"Wu Massacre" Video II

Here's the second viral promo video for the Triple Threat Wu Tang album featuring Meth,Ghost and Rae. Album due on Dec 22nd, which means First Quarter next year. The last victim was done by Tical (Meth) and here's Ghost's turn...

Say Hello To My Dude Hi-Jynx (NSFW)

Enter Jynx. My dude is straight outta the Q-Boro and has dropped some tracks to warm up the world for "Hi-Jynx Presents: Music Monday", his release effort due out on the 22nd of November.

"Kid Robot" is third single from the upcoming mixtape to be released on the 22nd of November.

Here's "Stress" and "Tattoo".....He's also provided the soundtrack for....

"Shortypop Lookbook feat. Megamami"

"Shortypop Lookbook Preview II"

He's also performing later today at White Rabbit (145 Houston St) . The event is from 10PM-1AM. Tech Difficulties on the flyer...

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