Life in General

New Trailer from "Notorious", the flick about my dude B.I.G.'s life. I fucks with Big heavy so this is a must see. I like how they got his son playing the younger version....might be a lotta shit to fit into 1.5-2 hours but I'm watchin it anyway. Brooklyn's gon' riot on spot and if they end with "Hypnotize" at the end, it's a Reynlolds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wrappered up a shoot for our Nike Campaign. shit is dope. that's all.

Been goin through the time management nightmare regarding school, IMG and Def Jam. I'll be aight tho.

Out with the old and in with the new: had to dead H The Dominican. chick is too flagrant for me and i'm not one for the bullshit....but alas, the concept of "one in the chamber". You should always retain at least one more female as your option. I learned that the hard way with the Summer incident.

i'm officially lame. studying on a Saturday and I'm about to go home and play 2K9. I need a shapeup.

New Era

Went on a date Saturday with was VERY fun...(i dont see why people are nervous on first dates)....

We went to Chinatown on Lafeyette St in the city. We originally planned to go to Haru on Park Avenue but i wasnt down with a long wait. We knew each other before since we took a class together two semesters ago but Saturday was the official first date. She's pleasant and hilarious (I usually dont find too many funny females), not to mention extremely attractive. And she's NON-CONFRONTATIONAL!!!! i can't stress how much I like that about her! not a pushover, but she doesnt walk around with a complex!!How sweet!

So we went from Chinatown to Brother Jimmy's on 31st and Lex because it was my cousins we met up with her...and she's SMASHED...i tap her and the first thing she says is "OMG, she's so beautiful!!!"...asking all these awkward ass questions and shit: "How long have you two been dating? This is your girlfriend?" was hilarious....

We're walking down the street in Soho and this nigga's IN MY MOUTH. like literally. I laughed it off cuz i find it hilarious that i'll be walking with a fly chick and duke is up in my grill. she said that she "doesnt like how guys do that and how it makes her uncomfortable"...i told her i know the look cuz i look @ females with their BFs ALL the time lmao....we laughed it up..

shorty's definitely cool. we got some chemistry. ;-) modeling is what it is

H got her shit pushed's she gonna tell me "Don't forget about me when you're rich."....the fuck outta here...