School, Life, and Misc

-First day of school was Wednesday. I wasnt impressed by any of my classes.
-I'm gonna KILL this Mkting and Advertising class. I took the professor before and it seems like me and another gentleman are the "designated smart ones"...people were already telling me they gotta sit next to me for answers...i just said "Aint nothing cheap over here. I gotta eat too". REAL TALK. "If you're good at something, never do it for free."-The Joker
-A bare minimum of 2 chicks in every class that i would talk to or engage in sexual relations with. Big time SMH
-LMAO @ me playing the corner in class and keeping to myself.
-I hate freshmen. No one cares what you're wearing.
-Date tonight with the Dominican....cliche but we're going to BBQ's. she wanted ribs. i want food.
-What the fuck is it with all these chicks claiming "I'm the boss?"...then when i say (straight faced) "If you're the boss, write me a check and show me a tax ID #" gets quiet? if you're not built like that, shut the fuck up!!!! A cat like me.....I got no time for some random ass (or any) chick for that matter trying to "boss" me around. Input is neccessary of course, but I aint letting no chick blatantly talk to me any type of way.

  • case in point: the Dominican SOMEHOW how the cajoles to call me "pussy"...i hung the phone up on that slut fast...she then sends a text like "I'm sorry, i fucked up..i REALLY fucked up..forgive me..blah blah". so she did it again the next convo. I hung up on the ho again. she then has the nerve to tell me I'm rude and she just plays around like that with her guy friends all the time. (1) I'm not your "guy friend". I'm a dude you met who wants to see where this goes and how far it will. I dont know you like that. NEVER get to comfortable with someone who's willing to replace you with the next chick. EVER.(2) I could be a psychopath (could be? HA!!!! ZING!!!) with a dislike for disrespectful people. (3) That's a fighting word right there...either way, i let her know i dont want her calling me that and that I'd wipe my hands of her if it continued. I havent heard that word come out of her mouth since. Then again, my brother did tell me Dominican women have a nasty habit of pushing buttons, moreso that a regular female would. His girl done said some foul shit to him...shit i woulda BEEN left her about..i have an extremely low tolerance for disrespectful people and time wasting bullshit.
Fuck outta here!! I'm this close to being THAT nigga!!! If the females i meet REALLY knew what was going on with me, it'd be a wrap...but I'm not trying to be a target so......And of course, i know that's a turn on for them when a dude stands up to them.
-Is that why i'm so against marriage now?Seriously...what do men get outta marriage? partly due to seeing my parents marriage go to hell..partly because i know men would cheat, but think "it's cheaper to keep her"..partly because i dont trust em further than i could throw em; when you're married, you're STUCK..partly because i'm too immature and emotionally unavailable (according to certain females)....partly because i dont see what men get outta marriage besides having to come home to a wife who (depending on her emotional swings) may/may not be receptive to them...and the overwhelming stories i hear of women changing because they know they have the guy and he aint going no where? i think too much.
-I might have to charge one of my prospects to the Game.i deleted another one outta my phonebook...I'm at the point where even if i'm just trying to "kick it" steez with a female, I need them to bring something other to the table besides a pretty face. She seems to want help in stepping her game up, and i can sense she just needs some sense of direction, but i dont see any ambition. She's EXTREMELY cute/pretty but
  • she's a HEAVY weed smoker. I stopped all that shit a month ago. Time to focus
  • she's always complaining about her life, yet i never hear a course of action. people like that are dead weight to me
  • she has self esteem/insecurity issues (i can deal with it in my sleep, but in general, I DESPISE insecure people. I asked her "What are your talents..what are you good at?"....she ignored the question. She has a tongue ring if that matters so maybe her fellatio game is top notch.
  • she's forgetful (prolly due to the weed)
  • "Every Taurus guy i dated was ambitious and good with $. My moms is a Taurus and she doesnt mes around."...but yet, when i ask if she can bring any assets, the shit sounded like a mime...
  • i get the feeling she's a liar...telling me she doesnt like talking or texting or IMing on the phone....but she has a SK!! that's like the God phone for people who talk, text and IM!! (until they step their game up and get a BB like me :-p)...or maybe she dont be paying her bill...when i first approached her @ Canal St, i called her phone and her # was disconnected and she did give me a slight lil attitude about giving me her #, so i could see where that comes in. Shoot, if a dude like me walked up to a pretty girl and her phone was off, I'd be embarrassed for her, that is...until she told me she has a job. It's not that hard to pay your phone bill. Either way, I just told her "Look, i aint gonna know your answer till i ask for it..right?"...gave it to me faster than Pietro Maximoff (wikipedia that name)....NYC women..too difficult for their own good?...."A chick is a chick, a nut is a nut/and they alays keep a attitude till you butter em up."-Jadakiss-
-I have a class with You Know Who. i honestly dont care anymore. Past is the past. Grew up and acknowledged my mistakes. I'm for the bottom line, which is a A- or B lowest. W/e and whoever gets gets the job is welcome on my committee
-I'm gonna soooooo mindfuck this girl tonight. We already go at it. She cant handle my sarcasm
-No Labor Day Parade. I gotta pay this tuition and shit. Too much fuckery going on for my tastes anyway.
-Team USA REALLY dominated their competition. I dled most of the games. These cats were not fuckin' around
-I'm stoked about Def Jam on Tuesday.
-Song of the Day..Kanye West, "Peace"

Thus Far

-Dream Team won the Gold for USA...i've been on downloading games...
-starting at Def Jam next Tuesday..i have a feeling I'll be there longer than this semester.
-IMG...we're looking for new clients...didnt sign JL but fuck's their loss. We're at the stage where we're not giving a damn anymore. It's us and we know what we can offer. Ya'll bitches better get us while it's cheap

"Everything's for dough now/Flow ya'll gotta pay a little mo' now"-Jay-z

-met quite a few interesting ladies over the past few a date Friday. i'm not a good first dater, but it's just so happened that I've known my last few first dates for a while so some of the nervousness is out the door.Not that i'm a nervous person....the glasses definitely are a good look
-I've been EXTREMELY self confident...i love it..
-g0nna have to work double shifts on Sundays till i'm done with this tuition payment plan. I wouldnt have it any other way. I've always worked well with my back against the wall. Hell, even better than with no pressure on me at all...i dunno how i'll pay for books and all...but i'll find a mom cut me off so...........
-Mentally unprepared for school and graduation, yet looking forward to Def Jam. I dont care about school anymore but since I'm paying for it outta pocket, i'm 150% dedicated
-I cant put a price tag on how my last "relationship" brought out a lotta stuff out in me, good and bad. At least I know for a fact what i want now.
-With that said, i'm not gonna have time for a serious committed relationship...Ironically, I've noticed that females want relationships when the weather cools down,etc...UGH. my timing is ALWAYS off lol...
-Lately, I've been allergic to the phrases "I'm a good girl" and "I'm not like any girl you've dealt with before" and prove shawty...I dont even like saying "I'm different" to girls because I'm not one to broadcast and then let people down. I keep it funky...what you see is what you get...just so happens that I'm a selective extrovert lol
-I love having the ability to gain trust easily and getting to know what buttons to push with people AND pushing them. Always have had those talents, even as a young'in. Talking to this one chick with self esteem issues and stuff...she didnt wanna "freak me out"..i'm thinking she got the monster...turns out she's insecure and i saw that from the moment I approached her...overcompensating for insecurity with piercings and tattoos and shit....wants "to chill" already..what can i say....she's getting the iron while it's hot...
-I've found a balance between arrogance and confidence. I'm gonna be at Def Jam silently and efficiently executing objectives. I'm in a new environment, no need to talk shit (out loud lol)