just chilling...Vick and Cathy's here from spring break.....just polying...

Mind vs. Heart

Jut been going through a whirlrwind of emotions lately...had to leave my #1 draft pick alone for a while cuz she's had some other stuff to focus on, which i aint mad at. i just never felt like this in a while...i've also been the type of cat who's never had to wait for a extended amount of time for a female.

i do like what she brings to the table, all the little things like making me laugh and all that shit...we kissed saturday and i admit it was kinda "off"...but fuck it...i'm tired of not being a gambler. too goddamn methodical.

i just HATE waiting for females to make up their minds. i'm a bit too methodical so i'd ideally like the opposite of that. i have a feeling everything's gonna be alright tho. i mean well and it's a unwritten rule that you get what you work for. and if it doesnt go down, i'll chalk it up as a learning experience. besides, the nexts always better than the ex

i'm a asshole. i havent been totally fair to her. and i have a bad habit of just being snide/rude, just cuz i know she wont take it from me. she's not exactly argumentative but she does say what she wants. i find it attractive when a chick can stand up for themselves, and a past situation kinda let me see what type of girl she is. i've ALWAYS been the type to push peoples buttons nd see what i can get away with. it's cool but it's grown man time now.