"2008 Wrap Up"

"Bug Out"

^ Pics from the party...


-I passed my MGMT 3300 course with a B. :-p

-things are looking extremely well on the company side. Not to show our full hand, but we're gonna be doing some EXTREMELY big shit in '09...let's just say we're taking the show on the road..

-holla @ me: myspace.com/imgway and kvenna@theimgway.com for FRSH PULP

-Trying to top last year's New Years Eve event when we were in England. my cousin took us to a "spot" and we got drunk then headed out to a club. I was so finished i just stood up in a corner with squinted eyes. We're looking @ Element...i'm good as long as we can get somewhere with reserved seating....

So Minus The Partying....

Got my Twitter up and running ....the hilarity will ensue there...https://twitter.com/IGetsBusy514

I'm a bit disappointed...got my evaluation back from Def Jam...out of a a "poor-good-exceptional" grading scale in 5 categories, i got good all across the board. Shakin' my MuthaFuckin' Head. UGH. If i say so myself, I think i did better than good, so that's what matters to me.

Both grandmas are sick. Granny in England isnt feeling well so my moms going tomorrow to visit her till after New Years. She's gonna be 81 so i hope she feels better...on the other hand, my grandma is Jamaica isnt feeling too well either...she just got out the hospital and seems to be having some problems with her lungs (shortness of breath)..

I'm a monster. i dont seem to care too much for reasons I wont put on here.

School's overrated. Why is this fuck of a professor giving us a test in Mgmt and putting shit on there that hasnt been covered in class?

study time this weekend....but i will be going to the GFC Holiday Party @ Honey tomorrow night.

Party Life....

Pics from Wale concert last week. Shoutouts to Freeway, who had one of the livest performances i've seen; Wale, for getting us on his guestlist; Young Gunz; and Jay-z...Shoutouts to my dude Patten who came up from VA (GUMP!!)...my dudes JO Fre$h and Henz was in the building...

Tuesday night-Jamie Foxx b-day party @ Mansion. got in then couldnt enjoy the night.. the whole purpose of the night was to get this trio of lovely young ladies who we will be working with  used to the NYC nightlife since they are from Detroit and have to see how we gets down here. It was snowing/raining and shit wasnt kosher with the security who had NASTY attitudes and were mad fuckin' unprofessional. Jamie didnt even stay the whole night; was there for two hours then left for Marquee round the corner. my homegirls snuck into VIP and met him...Shit was so nuts they didnt even let Raheem Devaughn in till he got on the Bottle Service line. Rocwilder also didnt get in. some producer named Deshawn White (i've never heard of him before, and i, as a hip hop head, know a shitload of producers off the top of my dome) came through from Baltimore..dude did drive up..but he was talking about not showing ID to get in the club and how we didnt keep our word to get him in and all this shit. Claiming how his friends were on the line, but no one even claimed him. that's about it for that...but we ended up @ Tillman's and sat down in a more intimate setting. I like the girls already...they got nice vocals....they just need to get out more. we got mad shit @ their access. it's just on them to make shit happen.

but yeah...uhhh fuck Mansion lol. i'm turnt off to "clubs" for a while. It's too cold to be dealing with this bullshit lol.

Yesterday-Writer's Block Event...shit was LIVE. Theophilus London came out and wrecked the place...the shit was already live because cats were freestyling and just bringing the energy..and honestly...i'd choose that over one of these fancy ass snobby parties you get charged 40 for +drinks only to rub shoulders with people who think they're better than you and live in a cardboard box.


Listening to "Never Let Me Down"..College Dropout is an ABSOLUTE classic album....I do know I can rock with this version of Ye...

Yesterday was my last day @ Def Jam...I'ma be in the buidling here and there as things shape up and my schedule permits...but i DEFINITELY need to do something for 'Kiss, Hov and Fab albums. I definitely met a LOTTA interesting people and networked. One of the things that I liked most about the time there was that us interns were all dedicated and had a solid work ethic. Real recognize real. There's definitely a number of future movers and shakers amongst that group. I <3 ya'll lol. Everyone has my # and/or business card so I'ma be in contact with my dudes and dudettes. I've had my "differences" (lol) with how a lotta stuff that's gone down but it was a rewarding experience networking wise. I have a trick up my sleeve that I can't speak too much on but I want my Def Jam and Sony contacts to rep @ our Diversity Summit that we're working on for Spring '09.

I'm just chilling mayne....SMH @ me being outta shape..i used to do my Perfect Pushups religiously...I tried to do some sets the other day and I got sore. SMDH. Next week is the official gym week. Found one of my old programs so I'll rock with that...

Business/Personal, i'm learning the importance of having choices in my life....let's just say "Theories of Wine" by Charles Hamilton might be the soundtrack of my life in a few...well connected..

Shoutouts to Niketalk.com....Wale was giving peeps on there a chance to RSVP for his show next Tuesday; i won a spot on the guestlist for the Wale, Kid Cudi, Mark Ronson, etc show @ the Highline Ballroom next Tuesday. Might see some heads out there. Me and Stasia are in there....


"Day and Night"-Kid Cudi


Detox. Cutting back on the drinking till after December 18th. Stasia's b-day celebration in the Poconos. It will be going down.

I'm moving too fast. too much partying and not enough physical activity. I'm done @ Def Jam tomorrow, so that space in my schedule will be used for Gym, IMG and w/e else........went to a jazz performance/dinner for Mandy's BF on Saturday. shit was ill but the food wasnt worth the price. I did the weird thing as usual and ordered Shrimp and Grits...weirdo...

Went to Club Nest after the dinner for my dude Stixxx b-day celebration...shit was jumping. Definitely some whores in there lol. Shit was like 40 to get in though :-/. we ended up polying by 42nd Street where i met my mans. Dude was BENT talking to some pudgester with her shoes off. We see two chicks and spit game @ em but he's so drunk he's fucking up my words lmao. convo went sorta like this:

Me: Sup ladies how ya'll feeling? Had a good evening?
Them: Yeah, we had fun we were @ BB Kings
Me: That's what's up. Where ya'll headed?
Friend: You asked if they lived in the projects? Where ya'll going?
Me: :-/..how you fuckin' up my words? LMAO!
Girls: We're going to the BX by wakefield.
Friend: Ayo, we headed the same way. Ride on the train with us.
Me: It's my bad but whats your name (The hilarity fucked up my flow lmao)
Girl 1: Asia B
Girl 2: Sandra
Friend: We headed the same way? Let's go (drunken voice)
M: SMMFH I'm out son. (low voice) you over here begging and shit.fuck this shit(low voice)
Friend: Nah son. It aint over.
Me: *Walks away a few steps*
Friend: so what's up ladies?
Girl: God bless you sweetie but we have to leave to go to Delaware for school in the morning.

So i'm chilling with my mans and em laughing about the shit, and some next cat comes through on some Phantom shit. Dude hopped out a cranberry Range, spoke a few words to them WHILE my man is still there trying to pull em. Dude pulled BOTH of them. I was dying because my mans just stood the with the ill disappointed face. Something about the nigga was pimpish, and i dont hate the player at all. I just told my mans:

"Son, the way the nigga came through, I bet top dollar he was a pimp. and those girls were whores either way. That's what whores do my dude."

Classic times.

Cashmere Thoughts...

Everything about this track is smooth and defines my mood the past two or so days.....I'm on some other shit lately.....Sorta like I'm mentally getting stronger and more mellowed out and laid back...I just need to hit the gym and cut back on certain habits I've been engaging in recently (namely, over consumption of alcohol. I haven't smoked in ages, although i've been wanting a cigar lately ..). Time to maintain and keep my mind clear....

I haven't been myself...Thanksgiving was probably the only day when i just chilled the hell out...after sleeping because I did a overnight shift or at least part of it lol. I don't know the meaning of holidays or vacations. Thank God for Blackberry emails. Or should I...? i've been hearing that i work too hard...womp womp motherfuckers.

"Smoother than Persian rugs...words worth a million like i'm rappin' 'em from platinum teeth..Smooth but deadly like a pearl handle pistol..."

I do like being laid back. If people are gonna do what they're gonna do, i can't control it...I used to be a HUGE control freak. i guess seeing shit go according to MY way. But I aint God. I'm learning that there's lessons learned even in defeat..still, i'm not the type to just be walked all over. I know what I bring to the table and I aint one for the BS. Being an entrepreneur, I like shit to run according to plan. You can never plan life too much because there always are a number of variables that can come into the picture. if you're in control of your own emotions specifically, you can calmly analyze situations as they arise. I'm in STARK contrast to a friend of mine. Dude always has to be seen. We were out the other day and were in the spot cutting ass on each other and playing dozens. This is a spot where families come and it's a cool ambiance. Dude got up from the table and was about to cut my ass. i calmly told him: "Sit the fuck down and stop making a scene. Niggas are eating. Why you gotta act out in public?". Dude sat down and looked embarrassed like everyone was just looking @ him but didn't want to say anything. i can't stand that shit at all, male or female.

"From nice to deadly like a bad bag of D..."

I pride myself on being the quiet cat on the table who talks but you KNOW there's something I aint telling you. Poker Face Motherfuckers!!! i used to be the type to just say what I wanted with blatant disregard for the feelings and opinions of others; I've since learned that it's not who talks the loudest or most aggressively, but the one who says what he wants most concisely. Those who can lead using few words have the most effect. People are used to me being the brash type, so this sudden growth has come as a shock to a lotta my associates/friends. Especially in business/relationships, you gotta keep your ace under until you get a mutual benefit.

Wise words from the god Smoove:" You are your first option."

Meeting time. Yes @ 9 PM. Yes on a Friday night. Yes I'm 22. And Yes, I plan to be well set financially in the next few years. "Fuck if your leg broke, bitch/hop up on your good foot."

Jadakiss feat Lil' Wayne:"Deathwish"

Finally some new 'Kiss...they pushed my dude back to "09 but it's all good. I hear most of the album is on some B-side shit...this is further proof...the joint with Ne-yo sounded too forced to me...joint is tough....

WOW...I need to holla @ the god Phil!!!


link to our old podcasts....we need to do some new shows!!!

Ludacris Album Release Party @ the Highline Ballroom

Fun times last night as we (myself,some of the other interns, and my brother) enjoyed Ludacris' performance @ the Highline Ballroom. Some pics below. Met the god Mickey Factz...it really is a small world...few days ago, i was saying I like his music and I meet him a few days after...I mentioned my man Mike from Yume who we both know and he knew who it was. It's a tight industry....Ludacris killed his performmance...brought out Jim Jones, Juelz, 'Kiss, LL Cool J, Shawna, DJ Premier and T-Pain....shit was ill


Posting from my phone...testing..

9th Wonder Appreciation

This man is a musical genius. kinda reminds me of Primo for some reason...dude has FIRE

"Beautiful Morning"..i could listen to this beat forever

"One night Stand"

"Is She The Reason"

"That Day"...sounds like vintage "Ye with the drums

"Have Mercy"


"Zone out Remix" This beat is a thing of beauty

Am I Tired of Gangsta Rap?

So.....It's about this official: I'm growing outta my gangsta rap phase. I'm tired of it. It's all regurgitated shit with a lotta the new acts. If you're gonna do it...Scorsese a cinema like Big did on "Niggas Bleed"...channel raw energy like X on "Ruff Ryder's Anthem"...spit OG fire like Kool G on "First Nigga"......i'm liking cats like (specifically) Mickey Factz, Asher Roth and Drake, who're just normal cats spittin' about real shit...dont get me wrong...I'm still a fan of Beans,Free, Styles P, Kool G Rap, among others...i just feel that Hip-Hop is going back to the older days when cats who actually every everyday dudes had more mics than the "thugs"...sorta like a feel good cocky vibe going on....

...speaking of which...has a greater fall off occurred in Hip Hop than Ja Rule? WOW. dude shoulda just kept his mouth shut and formed Murdergram with Hov and X...in a (possibly) final ode to gangsta tales, I pay tribute, but first this old vid with him and Christina Milian (who I'd do flagrant things with ;-) )

"Get Away"...this is when Milian actually mattered...

now for the street shit...all this is when Russell was in the building...i'd make an album with these tracks to start...

Murdergram. This song was off "Streets is Watching" soundtrack...DMX SPAZZED

"Gotti Style"

"Holla Holla Remix"..they took out Hov's part..

"Why We Die"...Busta's track but...

"It's Murda".."Me die before you, you LIAR you"...

there you have it. i'm done

WOW @ Mickey Factz

Listen to the music, dont just skim through it....same sample as "Circulate" by Jeezy....shoutouts to 9th with the banger

Factz is quickly becoming one of my favorite "new" rappers...

He RIPPED his part of this freestyle on Sirius

So...Some More of Favorite Primo Beats....

Bored here @ Def Jam..so i'm posting some of my favorite Primo beats!!!

"6th Sense". beat is FIRE

"Devil's Pie"


"Kick In The Door"



"Soliloquy of Chaos"

"Militia 3"

"Right Where You Stand"

"Thank God For That White"


"You Know My Steez"


New look for the blog...for now

Tuesday was an interesting day....

I met Ludacris @ Def Jam. Was counting tickets for his Album Release party @ the Highline Ballroom. (shoulda took some tix to scalp :-p). Dude was like two inches shorter than I am. I aint even recognize him @ first but then he walked by where I was at, which was by the Senior VP of Marketing's assistant's desk. Dude was mad cool. Saw Lenny S walking around the building...

Saigon came through to the PMHH showcase. dude was mad funny..showing us mad love. The weather fucked up the turnout of the event but much love to the people who did come through to show love. Special shoutouts to my dude Marz who sponsored the event on behalf of Mpressive Concepts. I was a bit disappointed but it's a growth and learning experience.

The game dont stop...still got a few tricks up our sleeve.

I've been tired as fuck lately. Wanted to finally catch up on some b-ball and i see this off brand ass Bulls/Blazers game on....i knocked out early unfortunately...just fatigued. I need to hit the gym and I look forward to finally getting some ball in on Saturday.

:-( Pushed Hova up to February. I wanted to be part of the release of his final Def Jam album. i'ma try to stick around for February...which means that Fab will prolly be pushed to a spring/summer release. Ye's shit is supposed to be the next best thing since sliced bread but i aint too keen on that god damn autotuner.

I need some new gear and kicks.

Listening to this DJ Clue Best of Freestyles Part I...it's crazy how the mixtape scene has been watered down. Clue used to have the tristate on SMASH. Cats just aint that nice anymore so it is what it is...

I need to hit up a lounge or club and let go. I'm tired as shit. But it dont stop....

Food For The Soul!!!!

Come out and Show the kid some love!!!

RSVP @ http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pfiD4wTYCfX5sq-3D3gZHWg!!!

I'm Mad Late

Ya'll already know. I'm back after a hiatus...

We in the Building....
History was made as Mr. Barack Obama was the winner of the Presidential Race. Our 44th President will enter the White House as the victor of the most publicized and dynamic campaign that this country has ever seen.

An African American man is now the most powerful man and the leader of the "free world". There is much work to be done and Mr. Obama will be put to the test almost as soon as he steps into office, but I support him and believe in his ability.

Shit is real. His victory speech was given as he was surrounded by bulletproof glass.

Congrats to Mr. Obama. I'm late as hell but I just had to speak my piece...

Now onto the proceedings this afternoon....

I finally finished DLing Ronin Warriors from a torrent site..childhood memories..used to wake up @ 5 AM to watch this show before school...cool

Wrapping up the promotional campaign for the "Poetry Meets Hip Hop" Showcase on Tuesday, November 18th. Couldnt make it to Binghampton Carnival Weekend for that reason. I never really bought into the Bing hype because

-I heard all these wonderful "ambitions" (hint hint) and most of the people planning never end up doing them. if that's what you do, you should be able to do it in your regular surroundings and not just for one weekend
-I've always had a scheduling conflict or other REAL obligations

So these guys are going and I'm the odd man out again. Business > pleasure.

I'm affected by a severe case of senioritis. Word to my boring ass Management class.

The Ami Networking Event went well. Was expecting more people but it turned out to be small and intimate. Connects were made and we're gonna keep doing our muthafuckin' thing.

My mind's been all over the place. I need to stabilize it.

I'm terribly outta shape and need to hit the gym. I played ball last week and I was outta breath after the first game. My knees also started hurting.

When the past saw the present, it turned out to be funny. Ice grills and loud talk were demonstrated but nothing occurred. It is what it is.

Aced the oral part of my Black Studies exam. I bullshitted soooo much. The class is a capstone so the exam was given in front of the chairman of the BLS department. I charmed my way outta that one....

I desperately need to go out and see what I can get into. I just need to get away from NYC for a while.

No emotions. just blank slate. I'm disappointed in myself. I need a L

The Beat Goes On...

Saturday, November 1st...I sit here at 8 AM listening to my Jay-z’s Library of a Legend folder...namely “A Million and One Questions (Remix)”..”I’m supposed to style, I’m the hustler’s poster child.”….

It's been a while ya’ll....

Yesterday was Halloween. I played the crib and slept in. Was gonna hit up the Village and "scout" but the homie Phil took a while to get here, so I said fuck it and stayed in. Him and my brother went to some party over in Crown Heights. Some girl got killed over by the Junction. I hear Bloods were targeting women and slicing/killing them as part of an initiation rite. I dunno what part of the game that is…..

Things have been going decently….for the most part..

Knicks sitting Steph out indefinitely? Wow...that shit is a shame. It sucks that a player has to go through that in his hometown and for the team he grew up rooting for. But on the other hand, it’s not like he’s totally innocent. Duke is a primadonna, and I have a feeling we aint hearing that much protest from him because he’s in the last year of his contract-meaning that under other circumstances, Steph would be playing for possibly his final long term contract. The system isn’t built around Steph (for once) and I’m hearing the rest of the team is tired of him STILL getting media attention. I used to (and still) like watching him play as a basketball fan….and I could see why/ho he was one of the only players to average 20/8 till about 2 seasons ago...but those have to be the most misleading stats ever. No team has ever won with a “shoot first” point guard. None. So now, The Knicks’ll go on w/o him playing. Curry as well, but he’s another problem. I don't understand how the fuck he went to Tim Grover’s (MJ’s legendary trainer) in Chicago (where countless NBA players go to get in shape during the offseason as well as get some runs going.) and still came back outta shape, but whatever. Chandler will be a problem in a year or so.

Greg Oden might be the most overrated/fragile rookie I’ve seen in a while. This kid Nicolas Batum on the Blazers has good potential based on what I’ve seen from him. My dude Bayless should be on the second unit over Sergio Rodgriguez who’s played horribly.

Shoutouts to the Hornets (2-0) for ABUSING the Suns. CP3>Nash.

Giants vs Cowboys tomorrow. I’ma talk mad shit when we win. Glad we beat the Steelers last week. The game was a knockdown drag-out fight.

I’m FUCKING livid. The Virtual Street Team idea was “looked at,”, but according to “them”, “they weren’t doing anything.” Gimme a muthafuckin’ break!!! Are you serious? End of the day, it’s their loss, but I’m extremely disappointed with the politics and bullshit aspect of it. I’ll leave it at that. 4 big people and nothings being done!!! Then wanna act a certain way when the shit don't fly outa stores. C’mon now!!!

E took me to see Saw V. I can’t believe that duke got his arm broken desperately trying to stop the walls from closing in @ the end of the flick...non withstanding the fact his body was crushed by the walls. LMAO @ me being more disgusted @ the arms rather than the whole body. E was just like “You’re a weirdo.” Bwahaha….

Shoutouts to the homie Mike from Yume for reaching out to us. We’re gonna host his Ami networking event on November 11th at Yume loft @ Bergen Street. I want ya’ll likeminded people in the NYC area to come out, show love and network!!! Hit up kvenna.imperial@gmail.com for more info…

Also raising awareness for the Abandoned Nation “Poetry Meets Hip Hop Showcase” on November 18th at the Water Street Lounge in Brooklyn.

I need to get in shape. Play some ball or something. The crew usually plays on Saturday at school, but I’ve been busy the last few. :-(

Life in General

New Trailer from "Notorious", the flick about my dude B.I.G.'s life. I fucks with Big heavy so this is a must see. I like how they got his son playing the younger version....might be a lotta shit to fit into 1.5-2 hours but I'm watchin it anyway. Brooklyn's gon' riot on spot and if they end with "Hypnotize" at the end, it's a Reynlolds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wrappered up a shoot for our Nike Campaign. shit is dope. that's all.

Been goin through the time management nightmare regarding school, IMG and Def Jam. I'll be aight tho.

Out with the old and in with the new: had to dead H The Dominican. chick is too flagrant for me and i'm not one for the bullshit....but alas, the concept of "one in the chamber". You should always retain at least one more female as your option. I learned that the hard way with the Summer incident.

i'm officially lame. studying on a Saturday and I'm about to go home and play 2K9. I need a shapeup.

New Era

Went on a date Saturday with E....it was VERY fun...(i dont see why people are nervous on first dates)....

We went to Chinatown on Lafeyette St in the city. We originally planned to go to Haru on Park Avenue but i wasnt down with a long wait. We knew each other before since we took a class together two semesters ago but Saturday was the official first date. She's pleasant and hilarious (I usually dont find too many funny females), not to mention extremely attractive. And she's NON-CONFRONTATIONAL!!!! i can't stress how much I like that about her! not a pushover, but she doesnt walk around with a complex!!How sweet!

So we went from Chinatown to Brother Jimmy's on 31st and Lex because it was my cousins b-day...so we met up with her...and she's SMASHED...i tap her and the first thing she says is "OMG, she's so beautiful!!!"...asking all these awkward ass questions and shit: "How long have you two been dating? This is your girlfriend?"...it was hilarious....

We're walking down the street in Soho and this nigga's IN MY MOUTH. like literally. I laughed it off cuz i find it hilarious that i'll be walking with a fly chick and duke is up in my grill. she said that she "doesnt like how guys do that and how it makes her uncomfortable"...i told her i know the look cuz i look @ females with their BFs ALL the time lmao....we laughed it up..

shorty's definitely cool. we got some chemistry. ;-) modeling type...it is what it is

H got her shit pushed back...how's she gonna tell me "Don't forget about me when you're rich."....the fuck outta here...

By The Way, Foxy Brown is THAT Chick

Aint no other rap chick seeing my girl...I miss her...but they cant fuck with my girl...another Def Jam release that shoulda came out..The Fever II..i had it on my Creative before that shit crashed..Big Gun Cock Fox!!!!

"Come Fly With Me"

"Hot Spot"

"We're On Fire"


"The Original"..beat was used on the first Neptunes Album.."It's the music you hear on blocks/my raps go through your blood like a heron shot/I got these rap dudes, switchin' sides, i'm the gutterest goodiest bitch alive/Fox 5 believe my team works, i'm the silent partner, call me Kareem Burke"

"Bang Bang"...she MURDERED Kim on this shit..the beat didnt help either..

"Run Dem"...a problem...


Ya'll dont want nothing with shorty. Brooklyn.

I'm Inspired!!!

Attended an Open Mic event over there in Bed Stuy...it was in a warehouse on the 4th floor...me and a couple of other cats thought it was a jux, but when we went up to the 4th floor where the event was, it was VERY nice...the room was VERY cool..with graffiti on the wall and the like...it was a GREAT event with a couple of artists, poets and designers in the building....they were selling some of their gear, which was VERY hot by the way. I'm mad a copped a army jacket cuz they had a generic one that they'd put a design on for you and just customize it....i'm definitely coppin' one in the near future.

i HAD to plug our "Poetry Meets Hip Hop" Showcase on November 18th at The Water Street Lounge in Dumbo, BK (lol @ this plug as well)...but i aint wanna just take over their shit, so i told the hosts I'd like to make an announcement. Niggas showed me mad love...

I was polying with a Graphic Designer at the show named Marz...he has his own clothing line (cant remember if it was Brooklyn Renaissance or Brooklyn Restore. but it was Brooklyn something).... http://mpressiveconcepts.com/ i def felt good vibes from my dude and he invited me to his line's launch party at the spot on November 8th. Duke seems to be legit and from what i see on his website, i can fuck with him. just a cool brotha.

I like events like that, cuz being in the industry somewhat , you deal with a lotta manufactured shit and egos. There was none of that at the event and i really appreciate that.

Had to bring E through. she was looking GORGEOUS. but i'd never tell her that since she already knows :-P...she had fun so it is what it is...got a date with her Saturday @ Haru's. Thanks Jenn and Stasia for puttin me on to that spot....

Def had some spitters in there last night....

I left that muthafuckin' group for that class. I apologized for my faults as a leader (especially with my short temper and Stalinish tendency)...but i cant fuck with it. i'm dealing with 4 females, one of whom was under going an extreme personal situation. I just aint feel the overall vibe was correct, but i'll leave it at that since it's old news. new group, new people.

i'm feeling goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddd


Exercise in Futility

Def feeling the heat at work....its been getting hectic....these people were on some last minute shit too last night coming up with a marketing plan for a Kanye, Ludacris and The Killer release. How they're gonna do it is beyond me but good luck to them. smh

on another note, the boy just copped 2K9 yesterday...I must say..the crossovers are a bit slow but the ability to change shots in midair using the shot stick is pretty nifty. I'ma play somemore when i get home...my team is the Hornets and they made Posey a KILLER. i usually run Mo around some screens and pop since his J is so wet (for some odd reason)...

Giants are sus after losing to the Browns. the goddamn Browns. SMMFH

OJ Mayo's gonna be a muthafuckin problem.

I'm A Addict For...

Sneakers, 20s of Buddha and bitches with beepers"-Nas, "NYSM"

i still need them Black/Red Pippens. After November, I'll be a lil bit free financially after i pay for this winter class...These been on my mind lately...

No sense in window shopping. I aint been shopping since February. I'm poor. SMH @ females telling me not to forget them "when I'm rich"...*sneers*

I been up to a lot...IMG, we have some tricks up the sleeve...got two new clients...so we're working on that...

For the past month of so, I've just been stressed out. Working with these groups i'd rather not be part of, going to different departments @ Def Jam and working on stuff (more detail later), and IMG has been an experience. I need to strengthen my organizational skills.

As far as Def Jam goes, I'm gonna fuck with the Street Team Department. Besides the hoodies and gear (lol), i actually like takin' it to the streets and getting it done on the concrete. I cant just be up in a office all day and shit. They did tell me that I'd get out of the internship what I put into it, so I took that and ran with it. I just also helped out on the 'Kiss project a lil but (no details) and told his project manager that I'm down to be part of his Street Team...now with my personality and some Kiss My Ass gear....what's fuckin' with that!!!!

Speakin' of which...I'm listening to Jadakiss, "Welcome To The Roc Freestyle" <> bitches

Purse first, ass last. Now H is jealous.

My Head Hurts

I have had headaches all of last week into this week…I need a MRI scan or something.

Yesterday was my nightmare day..the train was backed up from 6th Avenue in Manhattan all the way back to round my way. I left earlier to get to a class I’m always late for then end up late by 40 minutes. I had to lead my group to discuss the direction we’re gonna go in for our paper due on Thursday, and people couldn’t/didn’t make it. I gotta redo this marketing plan for this artist.I got my marketing plan reviewed @ work…I was expecting worse…

We’ve been working on a shitload of stuff @ IMG…ill shit….i’ve just been on overdrive for the last week…feeling spaced the fuck out… last week was hectic with me having 3 days off school outta the week and having meetings like the whole week. I’m tired as fuck mentally and it feels like my brain is tightening up…literally…

Shoutouts to the boy ‘Mel..we was up in Strata for his b-day..dude was smacked!!!..politicked with some of his lady friends…people came out and showed the god love…that’s what it’s all about..that party was a lifesaver with the way shit’s been going.

I strongly dislike the bullshit right now. I’m running a company, interning @ DJ and going to school…in addition to handling my business around house. I’m tired. And frustrated. And averse to wasting/disrespect of my muthafuckin’ time.

The boy Mike Beasley with 16/6 off the bench…fuck what ya heard…my dude is gonna be a problem. Giants 4-0.

This VHI Hip-Hop Honors Show is FIRE.

Signing off.

Listening to "This Life Forever", Jay-z

Us Against The World....

VERY interesting topic in class came up yesterday in Profo's class. Basically, a scholar came to the conclusion that from her research and surveys, people tend to think Jamaicans have an "us against the world" mentality.


I DEFINITELY can agree,and I have seen examples of this in my family and own personal life. LMAO! With my family especially (my aunts on my dad side take the cake. we need to do a reality show.), shit is always over dramatized and blown outta proportion. It's hilarious because they tend to make themselves the center of attention even when the shit aint focused on them.

Personally, especially at this stage in my life, with certain things that have gone down/been going down, i feel the same way. It's psychologically warping, because you know you have friends and people to hold you down, but it's like one instance will make you more wary of who you put your trust in. ESPECIALLY with females. In that department, I've seen a lotta stuff that would WARP anybody...but what i'm learning is to treat the shit as relative and not the norm. People in general will protect their best interests at any cost so......

Maybe it's me being mentally worn out or moreso, going through a mental regression (lmao when they say that females mature faster than us, i REALLY dont think they were lying).... Sarcastic to the T (SERIOUSLY). Quick to state my opinion, right or wrong. Ig'nant when I wanna be (ask about me SMH). Maybe it's being in a cutthroat industry.The little kid who swore pops could do no wrong until he learned other wise. Forced to grow up too fast.Instead of doing something for someoneas a favor(barring people i can count on one hand), I'm more likely to propose an exchange....

Why do I get the feeling that I'm TOO good at burning bridges?

"Don't trust niggas no further than you could throw em"-Styles P.."Us against the world, we dont need him, right"-Hova. "Born alone, die alone, no crew to keep my crown or throne....I need a new nigga for this black cloud to follow."-Nas. "It's hard fuckin' with niggas you hope you could trust/You a fool if your main bitch is easy to fuck."-Nas The paranoid lyrics of some of the artists i listen to dont help either. I take it as entertainment of course (being in a industry built on image), but if anyone says something I feel is true, it is what it is.

That's why I value loyalty and friendship. I can shit on people just as easily and i'm extremely good @ deading people. I've had my trust violated horribly by someone close to me, and that was just a genesis of my process of screening out people to see if I could poly with them.

In particular, I think I've been immature regarding a certain situation that I've been going through. Time to grow up. Reciprocity and equality. this is a world of action/reaction.

Shout outs to my dude Chris. I know you're reading this. Any publicity is good publicity. (Inside joke)

So pardon the rantings of a madman and enjoy your day. Raining and I'm about to take my ass to Def Jam.

PS: Furthermore, if ya'll see any typos (and they've been nomerus (lol) in times past), please excuse them. I often write on the run and hate coming back to correct them.

PPS: Profo also raised a point of learning views and opinions contrary to your own. I'm gonna start doing that. I'd hate to live in a world where everyone agreed.

PPPS: Jeezy's CD was aight to me, but I get the feeling Paper Trail will be better. T.I. went in on some of the tracks i've heard so far.

Listening to: "The World Is Yours"-Nas