Next Stop For Eric Sosa: Philly

Sup people!!!

We started Eric Sosa's "One You" Tour with a bang at Format in Queens last Wednesday. By all accounts, the event went extremely well and had a great turn out. Shoutouts to the Sosa Girls Latasha and Briselli. We then took a trip to Hartford, CT for the Trinity 5th Annual International Hip Hop Festival this past weekend

Next stop? Philly Philly...we're hitting the road tomorrow. Come check us out!!!

Eric Sosa w/ DJ Ernie B
Silk City Diner, Bar & Lounge (North 5th Street & Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123)
Doors at 9 PM
$7 admission

More Fun from VH1: "Basketball Wives"

Of course, as the monopolizer of the "reality TV" market, VH1 now exapnds its programming to include "Basketball Wives", a look into the "lives" of the wives and "girlfriends" of certain NBA players. As expected, these women are ALL stunners, so of course I'll be watching it. Throw in EXTRA cattiness and I'm convinced that I'll be in my crib every Sunday night towatch this shit. The show features
  • Shaunie O'Neal, ex wife of Shaq and the show's exec producer
  • Evelyn Lozada, ex fiancee of ex NBA player Antoine Walker
  • Royce Lindsey Reed, Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard's BM
  • Faith Rain, Udonis Haslem's GF
  • Jennifer Williams, wife of former NBA player Eric Williams
  • Gloria, fiancee of Orlando Magic's Matt Barnes

Check out the trailer

I'm hard to entertain. Lets Talk About Pep did draw me in....but it didn't have the cattiness amongst the females that I would have liked to see. They were all "friends", so it really lacked in that regard. THIS shit right here? You got these chicks ganging up on Howard's BM and talking about who slept with Shaq, which Shaunie musta felt some way about.
Rich and attractive women cat fighting about who's a groupie and golddigger amongst them. I like.

"Lightning Strikes Before You Do"

"Sometimes you gotta go away to make a comeback."-Beanie Sigel, "Don't Realize"

Sup ya'll. Long time no see. Aside from the Eric Sosa post, it's been a helluva long time since I've updated. A lot's been happening both good and bad....

First off, this week, I was dealt a blow. I was laid off from my job at the music publishing company where I was working. I'm honestly not upset that I was laid off, particularly since I learned a lot + the fact that I felt like leaving anyway, but it's just the fact that the shit happened before I expected. I've been weighing the pros and cons in my mind and there's still some negative feelings but end of the day, I learned a lot that'll help me out regarding my own initiatives.

I'm not one of those dudes who identifies himself with his occupation (ie, take away a job and you're left with an empty shell of a man), particularly because I have other sources and options of getting $'s just the fact that I've NEVER been laid off. Every job or internship that I've had, I always left on my own accord. I like having that option, control and leverage, especially knowing that my level of work. I'm not gonna say my whole thoughts on the situation, but I will say that when one door closes, another one opens. It is an alien feeling to me though....

Things are looking up with Eric and we'll be hitting the ground running for his "One You" Tour. Check out the latest newsletter here. If you havent been following me on Twitter, you can check me out for updates or just send your email to for newsletter updates. Shameless plug and all that, but it's MY blog :-)

Ladies wise, I've been doing OK. It's a straight "numbers game" out here to me, and I really dont beat around the bush about that. I've accepted that I'm probably not going to be the "ideal boyfriend" and I can be a bit self centered when I get in my zone, but when you have me, you have me 100%. I'm probably too upfront about certain things but me (as someone who likes to know all the facts about shit before I jump in a situation), I dont think it's right to not let a girl I like know those things. I also dont look at it as having anything to lose ANYWAY so......I've never been one to restrict someone's emotional freedom. So it's like "I like you, you like me, we click, but _________. The decision is now yours". My moms been bugging me about "getting married" (????), which I translate as "I want some grand kids"...considering that she's a bit older. I'm really not shit in certain regards...but it doesn't really bother me. You all probably wouldnt believe some of the stuff I've encountered in the past two or three months, so I'm not even gonna go there. You know when they say "skeletons in the closet"? I'm talking fucking bone collections here. I aint one to judge (too harshly anyway) particularly since I aint rushing into a relationship, but I just choose not to deal with it because it's really not my problem.....

Then, there's "her". I recently told a friend that we were "overdue" to get with each other. "Get with" as in a sense of a committed relationship where we can take over the world together, no bullshit (from my end at least). The only girl I probably really ever wanted. I've been described as a pessimist, but I deal with facts...and I've come to accept that 1.) I hate "the chase", 2.) I suck at "closure", and 3.) I'm really impatient. My dad recently asked me if I had a girl and "what happened to this one and that one"...I always change the subject. We BOTH know what time it is. I noticed that I've NEVER brought a girl home to meet my family...and I think that fucks with them as parents. I dont even have friends that I'd hook my single female friends with....

Other than that, things've been looking up. One.

Eric Sosa at Format This Wednesday!

Peep game! Eric Sosa will be at Format in Queens this Wednesday to kick off his "One You" Tour. check the flyer below for details. See you all there!

Stay Chiseled

"Swift on them toes/Knockout blow, stay chisel"-Nas, "Stay Chiseled"

In my quest for personal growth, I've gone back to hitting the gym the past few weeks. It's past due that I've shed my sloppy winter eating habits and cheesecake addiction. Add a gym regimen to growing my beard and attempting to put away the glasses in favor of contacts.

I'm what they call an ectomorph, meaning I'm the skinny type who has to train harder to gain muscle mass. Also, our metabolisms are usually extremely fast but we can lose fat easily. I've been told that I have to eat around 4 times a day for the weight to stick to me. It makes sense because even if I have a big breakfast around 8:30 A.M., I'm usually hungry by like 10:30 or so. I've been pacing my meals/snacks and have cut back on eating shit like McDonalds (besides the fact that they're collecting feces samples on my shitlist for their abso-fucking-lutely asinine and questionable commericals that have been airing lately) for breakfast.

I've been doing a bit of lifting exercises in the weight room and stuff. I also visited to figure out which workout will suit me and my schedule best. Also looking into getting a whey protein...I usually drink Muscle Milk but I'm about to try a new joint out. Protein bars are a tossup since they normally taste like frog thighs. I've gained a few pounds so.....

Biggest difference with me working out isn't even physical. I'm thinking faster and clearer. Also the playlist I have specifically for the gym is nothing to play with. As you can expect, hard hip hop with cats like Styles P, Ghostface Killah, DMX, Raekwon, Prodigy and shit. You can't work out like a pussy. I aint saying you gotta lift the heaviest weight in the gym, but sometimes you need X barking or a DJ Premier beat to pace your sets with....if you're lifting that is.....

Nevermind what i was gonna say about nicely shaped women in spandex.......


"Balls Talk"

I'd heard about Steve Nash's off court antics but I sort of slept on how funny he could possibly be...until I saw this video. I'm @ work dying of laughter @ how obnoxious this is.

"The Conflict"

"Stay far from timid, only make moves when your heart's in it and live the phrase 'Sky's the limit'......"-The Notorious B.I.G.

I've been in a battle ya'll. A conflict that's been fuckin' with me for a minute now. It got real to me the other day. Almost like a mental panic attack. I'll just vent here.

I'm at a point where I feel like the talent is separating itself from the pack and that people arent' recognizing that. One of the first things I ever learned in the business came from my man/former boss Mitch Dudley @ Sony Red. I didn't like a certain artist's music but had to do an online marketing/consumer awareness campaign. I kept it funky with Mitch and was like "Yo...this kid is WACK one's gonna fuck with this." You know what Mitch told me? (in few words) "You're not gonna like all these artists, but we still gotta push them. It's a job". That shit always stood out to me. Always. Here I am, outta college,working/grinding out for my own company, and that convo comes to mind.

I've always been the type to do things MY way. I guess that's why I'm so calculating and deliberate. I'm the type to do things after heavy thinking about the actions/reactions. This is a character flaw, but I tend to only listen to people who are doing better than me or who know more than me (and admittedly, I'm actively trying to get a lesson from ANYBODY, whether they're doing better than me or not...but it's an uphill battle lol). This also touches on a specific Taurus trait: stubbornness. I put all that aside because a.) ego is always deceptive and 2.) I dont know everything.

I love working with legit talent. When you believe in an artist's talent, the ideas just come in the blink of an eye. I had a meeting a while back and I'm sitting there like "This shit is WACK! It aint gonna sell!". Ideas pitched back and forth and I'm like "Do you all not see the climate for this type of artist? Not only is he not original, but look at his competition as well!". It's like no market research was done prior to this meeting, nothing stood out to me as to why me as a consumer would want to buy a record from this cat (never mind that it's just my personal opinion)...Not only that,but I'm thinking about my name here as well. Not to be on some shit, but I know too many people and in this business, all it takes is one blunder (or lame artist for you to be associated with) for you to have your name smeared. Even little shit like rarely drinking when I go out or eye contact. It's a state of perpetual motion. You have to be mentally prepared.

This is probably "subconscious-post college-nervousness" talking. I'm a firm believer that options can and will make or break you in any aspect of life. Professionally, I've learned nothing lasts forever and that you should have a plan C to back up A&B. I crave stability, BUT as an entrepreneur, there's always that constant bumrush. I like the adrenaline and it's sharpened my thinking/rational skills. I'm used to having a "side hustle" (poor choice of words as it's bigger than anything else I've got going on right now). I did this shit in my sleep through college. school,work and internship. I aint sweating that. It's not always about money as much as it is personal values. I'm 23. Lord willing, the money will come. You know your values when you don't have money more than you do. Someone's (i think it was Jigga) said that money doesn't change you, it just brings the real you out even more.

This will play itself out.

"Nightmare on Elm Street" (2nd Trailer)

Here's the 2nd trailer for the revamped "Nightmare on Elm Street". Given how horror flicks are more humorous than macabre, here's hoping they dont pussify Mr. Krueger.

T-Mac and What This Will Mean For The Knicks

Last night marked the beginning of Tracy Mcgrady's (and Eddie House and Sergio Rodriguez's) tenure in New York. We Knicks fans have been abused by Tracy and Eddie when they both played for the Rockets and Celtics respectively, so seeing them in our uniforms was somewhat comforting. They give us two offensive weapons and in Mac's case, a legit shooting guard who can play to the dynamic standards of what a 2 is supposed to play like. (Yes, shots fired at Larry Hughes........)

Shooting it out with a team like the Thunder is no small feat as they have one of the top 2 pure scorers in the game in Kevin Durant. They also have Russell Westbrook and Jeff Green who are extremely solid players in their own right, as well as James Harden, Thabo Sefalosha and Nick Collison. It's not a game anymore as this young group has risen to become one of the better teams in the West.

And yes, it was entertaining as hell. We lost, but I noticed a few things that I'll get into:
  • Just based off this one game, I'd say we can afford to have Chris Duhon come off the bench to back up Sergio Rodriguez (if not have him not play the rest of the season....). Mike D's offense is heavily perimeter based and for some reason, it looked like Sergio got "it" in his first game. We finally have a guard who is willing to repeatedly penetrate the D and dish off. Duhon's been with the Knicks for quite some time now and it doesn't look like he's getting any better. With Sergio, we have a guard who can make our pick and roll way more effective by passing to a cutting David Lee, a trailing T-Mac, or Danilo G or Al Harrington (who I'll address later) on the perimeter. There's no reason for Duhon to have played 20+ minutes and end up with 0 points and 2 assists. Sergio played 25 minutes with 5 points, 6 assists and 2 turnovers.
  • Eddie House is one of those players who you LOATHE when he's on the other team but root for when he's on your squad. Dude has a cannon and hit some go-ahead shots in the 4th. Season high 24 points. He can benefit greatly from playing with a drive/dish guard like Sergio. His ball handling is less than advertised but I can live with that. If he plays the 2 on D, he is obviously a defensive liability, but he makes up for that with his intangibles and shot making.
  • David Lee is a guy who doesnt need plays ran to get buckets, so he'll definitely thrive with Sergio and co on the floor with him. He'll need a backup center for sure as our next big man is Jonathan Bender who at 6'11 plays like a 2 anyway....He had 30/10
  • Al Harrington is being exposed. I never was a fan of his game....a 6'9 tweener who doesnt make up for that in good shot selection and defense. Dude is streaky as hell. It's crazy that he was our leading scorer at one period. I honestly dont think he will get along with T-Mac. If he's off the bench, he can be a potent 6th man. I can easily see an Alpha Male battle for this team for some reason...
  • Wilson needs to learn how not to force the game. He's improved and is good at getting to the line. With his slashing skills, him and Mac can produce from the line as well as play off each other.
  • Gallo? T-Mac can play point-forward and handle the rock. Don't wanna restrict Gallo to just being a 3 point shooter...but if it aint broke dont fix it. He's extremely crafty but sometimes I cringe watching him handle the rock.
  • We need a big. Preferably one with shot-blocking skills.
  • Like I said, we need a big. Preferably one with shot-blocking skills.
You can see highlights from the game below

Rest in Power to El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz

"It is time for martyrs now, and If I am to be one, it will be for the cause of brotherhood. That is the only thing that can save this country."

Rest in Power Brother Malcolm. Arrived on May 19, 1925 and went back to the essence on February 21, 1965. Murdered by his own people, martyred for speaking the truth. Revolutionized American race relations by attempting to increase political and social awareness amongst Black Americans. Became a Sunni Muslim after a Hajj to Mecca that opened his mind to believe that Islam is the key that could solve racial problems. From Malcolm Little to Detroit Red to El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz.

My first time reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X was in college for my freshman year English Class. The assignment was for a few chapters out of the book, but my interest was so piqued that I ended up buying the whole book. Having read it numerous times over and over, I will definitely say that Malcolm stood out to me as a man of principle who did not believe in cutting corners or shy away from doing what he believe was his purpose, even to the point of being demonized in the media and death

He paid the ultimate price for his beliefs. One thing that stood out to me was that Malcolm repeatedly expressed that he KNEW he was going to die young. It always sort of bothered me every time I read the book. Even when I watch X, I can't watch the movie past the part where Malcolm is about to enter the Audobon and he briefly chats with an old woman who wishes him well. Shot 16 times by assassins as he spoke during a meeting for the Organization of Afro-American Unity. His own people.

Rest in power El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz Your efforts have not been in in vain. We still have a long way to go, but you provided a brilliant example to follow. You talked the talk and walked the walk. You eloquently expressed your beliefs and stood by what you believed in. Thank you for being a role model for young brothers such as myself. Even though I don't subscribe to any particular religion, I see the way you lived your life with principle and conviction. Thank you for everything you have done for us.

"Wu Massacre"

DOPE Artwork.....hearing it's by the good folks at Marvel Comics and that there'll be a comic book promotion done in conjunction with this release.

Check out the Viral Ads once again by the good folks @ 3/21 Media. Inspired by the movie "Se7en"

A Jewel from "The Art of War"

"Reliance on intelligence alone results in rebelliousness. Exercise of humaneness alone results in weakness. Fixation on trust results in folly. Dependence on the strength of courage results in violence. Excessive sternness of command results in cruelty"-Jia Lin

Eric Sosa 2009 Performance Montage.

Peep game. And Follow my man on Twitter.

IMG Promo Video

Fun times with Trevz from The New Pop and Anastasia last week

"Secret Society Freestyle"-Eric Sosa

Peep game

"Let's Talk About Pep"=My Newest Guilty Pleasure

Tuesday morning. 1 A.M. I just came home from a typical long ass day and was trying to chill out. I don't normally watch too much TV in the week because I'm always out so when I come home, I normally just watch Sportscenter to see the NBA scores and highlights but no....something new was in store. My bro was laughing hysterically and I just had to see what was so funny.....

I see its this show on VH1. VH1 always has "hit or miss" programming on, but I'll acknowledge that damn near all of the shows are entertaining in their own way shape or form (despite how many attention whores and imbeciles get on these shows....). Off top, the women were older and attractive, so I peeped game. The cast is:
  • Sanda "Pepa" Denton-formerly of Salt-N-Pepa, multi-platinum duo (didnt know she was Jamaican either O_o)
  • Jacque Reid-a co-host of the DL Hughley Morning Show on 98.7 KISS FM
  • Joumana Kidd-a television journalist and ex-wife of NBA star Jason Kidd
  • Kali Troy, a.k.a. “Kittie”-formerly best known as the voice of “Cita” on the BET animated series
Upon researching stuff for this entry, I see the show is billed as "“show about sex, dating, and finding Mr. Right". Me being a young 23rd year old hot blooded male, I'm watching it 1.) to see attractive older women with disposable income (shoutouts to Joumana, ex wife of Jason Kidd) and 2.) to see how these women go about their quest. Not only that, but I saw Pep deep throat a banana on The Surreal Life so.....

I have a habit of taking things too seriously. It's a flaw...but when I saw the show, I had nothing to do but laugh. It looked like a train wreck. I actually feel bad for Pep and the crew. They seem like they mean well. Some of em had gone through divorces and bad dating situations. Live/learn. I know it's entertainment, but still. The thing is, I see Pepa doing things that some women my age and younger do. I felt bad because Jacque...who seems to be the most levelheaded one is reduced to speed dating...but hey...w/e works right?

One particular scene, her and the girls are outside of a club hollering at a brolic, barechested sanitation worker named "Animal". It's like watching The Older Single Women's Guide To Desperate Measures. Funny shit.

In another scene, Kittie finally meets up with a guy she'd been talking to online for three years. Phone sex and all that before meeting in person. They poly for a bit then head back to the crib. She comes out in "more comfortable attire" and this dude won't take his shirt off. He goes as far to suggest them watching TV. Understandbly, the mood got killed and she kicks him out telling him to "take his glass". He goes "I'll email it to you". Priceless...

It's not intellectually stimulating but the shit is entertaining. I had my share of jokes on Twitter about this..but on some real shit...I kinda feel bad for's like "Grow up" already. Her "history" might work against her as well as she ends up meeting a dude who knows her ex husband Treach very well. I've always said that the degrees of separation in NY are 5-6 and if you're in the "industry", it's about 1-3. Classic example.

It's like watching the MILFs you wanna meet in bars and let have their way with you...but then you're watching their everyday lives and you're like.

But who am I to judge? Either way, I'ma be tuning in. Good job VH1....

Disclaimer: I am well aware of the fact that this show does not represent the romantic life of every older attractive female. :-)

Ebonics Appreciation

Simply for the fact that we're college educated but don't want to sound like it all the time. Growing up in NYC, you become exposed to all types of slanguage, god. Here's to it.

Disclaimer: Adjust to your settings. Don't be the guy who can't talk properly on a job interview or the dude who's so formal he seems like robot...

And for good measure...........

Illmatic >

Illmatic: supreme ill. It's as ill as ill gets. That shit is a science of everything ill.-Nas

On April 19,1994, the landscape of hip hop changed. Forever. The bar for lyricism was raised.

This album defines 90s hip hop in its purest form to me. No disrespect to Only Built for Cuban Linx, Reasonable Doubt, Ready To Die, Life After Death, etc, but peep game:

Backstory: Nas had it coming. The opening verse on Main Source's "Live At The BBQ" was manhandled by the precocious lyricist from the Queensbridge projects. "Halftime" put him further on the map and he ended up linking with MC Serch, which then lead to him getting a contract from Columbia. He was infamous for saying lines like "when I was 12, I went to hell for snuffin' Jesus" and for his vivid lyricism which had gotten him comparisons to Kool G Rap and Rakim. Illmatic dropped and was critically acclaimed. Commercially, the album took a while (try 7 years and a few months) to be certified platinum. Either way, there was a new kid on the block....

Album: The album begins PERFECTLY with a convo amongst Nas, AZ and Jungle: "Ayo Nas, what the fuck is this bullshit on the radio?" (sounds all too familiar).."It's Illmatic"...On "New York State of Mind", DJ Premier throws a sinister instrumental complete with piano sample to Nas who begins his narrative with the infamous rhyme: "Rappers I monkey flip em with the funky rhythm I be kickin/musician and flippin' composition of pain, I'm like Scarface sniffin cocaine with an M-16/See with the pen, I'm extreme" Rife with lines like "I'm a addict for sneakers, 20s of Buddha and bitches with beepers/In the streets I could greet ya, about blunts I teach ya", the song is a display of lyrical dexterity unmatched by someone of his age bracket. A then unsigned AZ nearly steals the show on "Life's A Bitch", proclaiming "Fuck who's the baddest, a person's status depends on salary". He also had the honor of being the only guest feature on this masterpiece. Nas recounts days of his "youth" with proverbs like "The buck that bought the battle coulda struck the lotto". When you pair the two pitbulls with Olu Dara's smooth saxophone exit, it makes for a helluva track.

The legendary Pete Rock produced piano tinged "The World Is Yours" where Nas shows the state of mind of an introvert with superb rhyme skills: "I'm the young city bandit, hold myself down singlehanded....born alone, die alone...I need a new nigga for this black cloud to follow...."

The thump and bells of "Halftime" provide the perfect audio backdrop for Nasir go off with verbal explosions like "another dose and I might be dead, I'm a Nike head, I wear chains that excite the Feds" (which spawned slogans for countless streetwear brands). 5th track of the album and I'm not bored yet. No filler. I mean it's impossible to get bored when you hear lines like "in the darkness, I'm heartless like when the narcs hit/word to Marcus Garvey, I hardly sparked it". "Memory Lane" shows us glimpses of Nas' past. He was a bit of an enigma so this track captures him as a person effortlessly as he pays homage with his stomping grounds with a "coming outta Queensbridge" sample on the chorus (Interesting to note that DJ Premier's synergy with Nas on the album is arguably more noticeable than anyone else's).

The eternally classic "One Love" captures Nas at his most emotionally vulnerable over a Q-Tip produced backdrop as he writes a kite to an incarcerated scarface relating the events that have gone down since his boy's imprisonment. This track is THE song that displays Nas' uncanny mastery over narrative tales. You can't help but identify with him: "Sometimes I sit back with a Buddha sack, mind's in another world thinking how could we exist through the facts?" The scenario in the third verse was brought to life in Belly (quite cleverly, Mr. Hype Williams)

"One Time 4 Your Mind" is probably the most laid back we've seen Nas on the album. I bet he really did "contact 11 Ls and max in heaven" writing this Large Professor produced song. Just effortless and polished, yet still rough around the edges. The ruckus starting "Represent" gives Nas a chance to kill it for one last time over a Primo beat. Straight filthy rhyme schemes: "This nigga raps with a razor, keep it under my tongue/The school dropout, never liked the shit from day one/cuz life aint shit but stress, fake niggas and crabs guts/So i guzzle my Hennessey while pulling on mad blunts/the brutalizer, Buddha sizer, accelerator/the type of nigga who be pissing in your elevator...Nowadays, I need the green in a flash just like the next man/Fuck a yard God, let me see a hundred grand/Could use a gun Son, but fuck bein the wanted man/but if I hit rock bottom then I'ma be the Son of Sam". That's what makes the album so perfect. It's raw and unadulterated.

My friends, this is how you end an album. Everything about "It Aint Hard To Tell" is excellent. The "Human Nature" sample. The suave saxophone on the chorus. The relaxed yet aggressive "criminal slang" that gives "mics menstrual cycles" that "should be locked in a cell". Nasir goes the fuck off in a lyrical barrage that has been unmatched since by anyone in that particular age bracket.

Effects: Well for one, the album is Nas' undisputed magnum opus. EVERY album since then that he's released has had fans wanting that Illmatic state of mind, something that Nas acknowledged on "We Major": "Nas, what the fans want is Illmatic still". It's a gift and a curse that MCs like Raekwon and Jay could attest to.You had Ghost/Rae saying on "Shark Niggas" in so few words that B.I.G. (although not named, you could tell who they were talking about) stole Nas' album cover idea by putting a kid on the cover to Ready To Die. This album also raised the standard for East coast lyricism and caused an East Coast renaissance along with Ready To Die, an album to be released September '94. This album put QB back on the map, as The Infamous was to be released in 95 and the Juice Crew had faded out. It filled a void perfectly. With the previously mentioned comparisons to Rakim (the God MC) and Kool G Rap,Nas exceeded expectations as the album was critical acclaimed by many publications and effectively carved his own lane in hip-hop. The highest honor given to Illmatic was a "5 Mic" rating from The Source that you can read below(5 Mics meaning the album was perfect. No filler or BS at all. You're THAT MC if you got one of those.).

Bonus: You can also read about the making of the album here. It's from the April 2009 issue of XXL. Very interesting to see how classic albums are made. Also here, you can DL Nas' demo tape from '91. Hearing the demo after listening to Illmatic is the perfect bonus. You could easily see the kid had "it".

I also need to check this out. My old Music professor Kyra Gaunt contributed to this book by Michael Eric Dyson.

Allita Group Haiti Relief Fundraiser

To support the earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, AllitaGroup, a boutique event planning company, in partnerhsip with Imperial Marketing Group and, have organized a night out at the Hudson River Café.

100% of the proceeds collected at the door will be donated to Unicef, and the Red Cross. The minimum donation/entry fee will be $10.

Who: Allita Group

What: Haiti Relief Fundraiser

When: Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where: Hudson River Cafe, 697 West 133 Street and 12th Avenue, NYC

Time: 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM


RSVP by: Monday, January 25th 2010 to Please Include Number of Guests

Abuse: Derrick Rose crowns Goran Dragic

Wow. Off two feet.

"Feelin It"-Eric Sosa (Studio Session)

Footage of Eric Sosa recording his verse to Cirinoo's remix of "Feelin' It"

"U Right"-Cam'ron



Apparently, a Christian rapper named.....Christian addresses the ever rampant Jay-z/Mason/Devil worship speculation over the instrumental for "Renegade".

Found it interesting that a "Christian" rapper would use the word "nigga"...but I digress. He had some bars. Shoutouts to WSHH.

Help Haiti

My prayers and support go out to everyone affected by the recent tragedy. This one hits close to home because I have a TON of Haitian friends who are personally affected by the catastrophe. Please do anything you can to help out with the efforts. If you text "Yele" to 501501, $5 (to be added onto your phone bill) will be donated to the Yele Earthquake Fund. For more information, check out their site.

Do anything you can to help out people. This is bigger than any of us. Peace.

"Boss Of All Bosses II"-DJ Drama/Cam'ron feat. Vado

It's finally here. Peep game.

"Poet's Haiku"-Wordspit (Video)

Shoutouts to Wordspit and the homie Robin Winter on the direction

Frank 151 Interview w/ Fashawn

Had to post this. One of my favorite upcoming Mcs....also stay tuned for a FRSH PULP interview dropping this week. Taken from Frank 151

Paul Mooney Goes In


"Popular Demand"-Clipse x The Roots

As performed on Jimmy Fallon's. DOPE. Black Thought killed it.

"TheGodleeBarnes LP"-Blu

DL here

"McDonalds Commercial" (Behind The Scenes) feat. Wordspit, Joya Bravo and Dollar Van Demos

Some new behind the scenes footage of a McDonalds commercial featuring the homie Wordspit and Joya Bravo and the good folks @ Dollar Van Demos. Enjoy!

"History"-Mos Def/Talib Kweli

S/o to WSHH

"Secret Society" Mixtape

1. Intro (J. Diction and Hi-Jynx Prod. By Plan) 
2. Special Bond (Pharoah) 
3. Gym Class (The MECCA of Rhymes) 
4. Never Fail (Hi-Jynx Prod. by Half Amazin) 
5. Takeover (F.A. the Squad) 
6. Sunroof Missin (How E. Stacks Prod. By Keen-¥) 
7. Yea That's Me (Wes Duce Prod. By Half Amazin) 
8. Mary Jane (Keyel) 
9. The Come Up (Epiphany) 
10. Drinks Up (Wale) 
11. Change the Game (EDF and Hollywood Floss Prod. By Nemesis) 
12. Lose Control (Qualmes) 
13. Coordinates Remix (M. Will the Shogun) 
14. I'm the Business (YP) 
15. More (Mr. Jefferson Prod. By Mighty 1ne and Time) 
16. Jordans And A Gold Chain (Hi-Jynx and G.o.D. Jewels) 
17. Samsonite Man (Fashawn feat. Blu) 
18. Imagination (Hi-Jynx and Mr. Jefferson Prod. By Keen-¥) 
19. 2 Clean Flow (Epiphany) 
20. G.O. (G.o.D. Jewels feat. Louchiano Prod. By Half Amazin) 
21 Cash Moody: Always Be Me (Cashtro Crosby) 
22. Outro (Time and Cashmere D Prod. Plan)
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