"Venus Vs Mars Freeverse"-HiJynx

Shoutouts to the homie HiJynx...

Venus vs Mars

It's On: Beans(/50) vs. Jay

"Negro please, you no mustache, havin' whiskers like a rat/Compared to Beans, you wack..."-Nas

Something incredible is about to happen in the hip hop game. We might be on the verge of an epic showdown.

Last week, Beans released "I Go Off" featuring 50 Cent. Recycled first verse aside (it was from "Last Two"), the song featured 50 Cent talking a WHOLE gang of shit as the end. Peep for yourselves.

Combat Jack wrote an excellent post the other day about the whole situation. 50 and Jay have thrown  barbs at each other in past times, but nothing too severe. All that MIGHT end with this track. It seems that 50 is challenging Hov for the NY throne with his guerilla alpha male tactics. I like it. Jay's my favorite artist...but I said a while back how "Kingdom Come" and its whole "I'm sophisticated" approach was kinda forced to me. I understand artistic growth....but a HUGE part of me misses the niggerishness of Vol III Hov where he talks about popping bottles on the White House lawn. How could you NOT miss that. Blueprint III was cool...but it's like he's outgrown the hip hop game. He's more of an elder statesman now. 

 Enter Beans. He's been on a gang of interviews and each time I hear the guy, I just feel bad for him...but at the same time, he's OBVIOUSLY a pawn. It's all just entertainment, but 50 is a master manipulator. Dude will get at anyone using anything they hold dear (ie this ).

Beans claims to have some heatrocks for Hov...and here's a sampler...

This might be what we've wanted. The General vs. The President. I don't think 50 has the lyrical prowess to say anything to make fans question Hov (at least not me)..but Beans does. Besides matching him bar for bar/outshining him on the MAJORITY of songs they've done together (IMO), Beans claimed to know things "that would make B look at you different". C'mon Hov...SAY SOMETHING.........

Once again it's on...(if Hov responds...)

Classic: 100 Greatest "The Wire" Quotes

I fux with "The Wire" heavy. Arguably the greatest prime time drama series of our time. Whoever compiled this needs to be rewarded handsomely. Enjoy.

Cam: Dipset Is OVER (LOL)


He aint need them cats anyway (II). I like when people get rid of dead weight. It was good while it lasted people. Let my nigga live. Boss of All Bosses II coming soon.

This Is Why I Fux With 50 Cent

Say what you want about the man's rap skills...but when it's on it's on. Some say he's crossing the line by involving Ross' BM and pickneys in this whole fiasco but: If you're gonna wreck a hater, wreck the muthafucka to the point where they're completely at your mercy. Dude is an evil genius. Before ya'll say how Fif is buggin out...remember "Mafia Music" started this whole shit with Ross' comments on 50s BM and the crib burning down.

Clipse: "Cussed Em Out" (Video)

I might be bugging but aint that former Dipset affiliate Big Joe? LOL

I Cussed Em Out A Little from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

"Popular Demand (Popeyes)"-Clipse feat. Cam'ron (Video)

My favorite of the new Clipse songs FINALLY has a video. Till The Casket Drops. December 8th. Thornton Brothers. Act like you know. Killla!!!! Shoutouts to Onsmash as well.

I see they shot part of the vid over in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Yessirrrrrrr

Wordspit x Shortypop

Good to see the homies CE of Shortypop and Wordspit link up. Soundtrack for this photoshoot was "Lights Camera Action" from The Coolest B-Boi Stance

Brandon Jennings 55 Pt. Game

Shoutouts to the Knicks for passing on him. Not to mention, Im a fan of skilled lefty guards...