Listening to "Never Let Me Down"..College Dropout is an ABSOLUTE classic album....I do know I can rock with this version of Ye...

Yesterday was my last day @ Def Jam...I'ma be in the buidling here and there as things shape up and my schedule permits...but i DEFINITELY need to do something for 'Kiss, Hov and Fab albums. I definitely met a LOTTA interesting people and networked. One of the things that I liked most about the time there was that us interns were all dedicated and had a solid work ethic. Real recognize real. There's definitely a number of future movers and shakers amongst that group. I <3 ya'll lol. Everyone has my # and/or business card so I'ma be in contact with my dudes and dudettes. I've had my "differences" (lol) with how a lotta stuff that's gone down but it was a rewarding experience networking wise. I have a trick up my sleeve that I can't speak too much on but I want my Def Jam and Sony contacts to rep @ our Diversity Summit that we're working on for Spring '09.

I'm just chilling mayne....SMH @ me being outta shape..i used to do my Perfect Pushups religiously...I tried to do some sets the other day and I got sore. SMDH. Next week is the official gym week. Found one of my old programs so I'll rock with that...

Business/Personal, i'm learning the importance of having choices in my life....let's just say "Theories of Wine" by Charles Hamilton might be the soundtrack of my life in a few...well connected..

Shoutouts to was giving peeps on there a chance to RSVP for his show next Tuesday; i won a spot on the guestlist for the Wale, Kid Cudi, Mark Ronson, etc show @ the Highline Ballroom next Tuesday. Might see some heads out there. Me and Stasia are in there....


"Day and Night"-Kid Cudi


Detox. Cutting back on the drinking till after December 18th. Stasia's b-day celebration in the Poconos. It will be going down.

I'm moving too fast. too much partying and not enough physical activity. I'm done @ Def Jam tomorrow, so that space in my schedule will be used for Gym, IMG and w/e else........went to a jazz performance/dinner for Mandy's BF on Saturday. shit was ill but the food wasnt worth the price. I did the weird thing as usual and ordered Shrimp and Grits...weirdo...

Went to Club Nest after the dinner for my dude Stixxx b-day celebration...shit was jumping. Definitely some whores in there lol. Shit was like 40 to get in though :-/. we ended up polying by 42nd Street where i met my mans. Dude was BENT talking to some pudgester with her shoes off. We see two chicks and spit game @ em but he's so drunk he's fucking up my words lmao. convo went sorta like this:

Me: Sup ladies how ya'll feeling? Had a good evening?
Them: Yeah, we had fun we were @ BB Kings
Me: That's what's up. Where ya'll headed?
Friend: You asked if they lived in the projects? Where ya'll going?
Me: :-/ you fuckin' up my words? LMAO!
Girls: We're going to the BX by wakefield.
Friend: Ayo, we headed the same way. Ride on the train with us.
Me: It's my bad but whats your name (The hilarity fucked up my flow lmao)
Girl 1: Asia B
Girl 2: Sandra
Friend: We headed the same way? Let's go (drunken voice)
M: SMMFH I'm out son. (low voice) you over here begging and shit.fuck this shit(low voice)
Friend: Nah son. It aint over.
Me: *Walks away a few steps*
Friend: so what's up ladies?
Girl: God bless you sweetie but we have to leave to go to Delaware for school in the morning.

So i'm chilling with my mans and em laughing about the shit, and some next cat comes through on some Phantom shit. Dude hopped out a cranberry Range, spoke a few words to them WHILE my man is still there trying to pull em. Dude pulled BOTH of them. I was dying because my mans just stood the with the ill disappointed face. Something about the nigga was pimpish, and i dont hate the player at all. I just told my mans:

"Son, the way the nigga came through, I bet top dollar he was a pimp. and those girls were whores either way. That's what whores do my dude."

Classic times.