"100 Quotes From The Wire" Pt. II

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Side Chicks=Fuckery

What I will address has been happening from the beginning of time and can lead to questions such as "Are human beings built for monogamy?"..but that's another blog entry...It's just that this year seems to have had extreme cases of the topic at hand-side chicks.

As usual, you can thank Twitter for a myriad of Trending Topics, namely #sidechickawareness, #whymencheat and #whywomencheat. Looks like people were doing a lotta dry snitchin' on themselves with some of the Tweets I saw; you can also factor in the usual social networking frontin and it made for an interesting day.

Anyway here's the definition of a side chick as I know it: a woman who's knowingly involved with a man already in a relationship. Usually there because she does all the things the main chick can't/won't do. Can be there for emotional "support" if things go wrong with the main chick (totally ass backwards). Usually has nothing to lose. Directly proportional to a "Boyfriend #2".

There have been women who were involved in "dating" involved men, but once they found out the situation, they ended it. Applause. This doesnt apply to them.

The latest case: you got Tiger Woods basically being exposed as having been involved in numerous extramarital affairs. Texts, voicemails and all. If I really didnt think he a human being, I would be shocked. Near billionaire athlete= a HIGH rate of pussy being thrown at you. Not that I advocate creeping, but if you do it, you dont leave a "paper trail". 

Then you add the racial undertone being that Tiger is married to a White woman. Heh, that makes it WAY more interesting because Tiger's never really been considered "one of the brothas". And ya'll know how the mass media can be with Black men who fuck up in public spotlight....I just hope he's lawyered up......

Good point he raised in his release: "Personal sins should not require press releases and problems within a family shouldn't have to mean public confessions."

Shoot, we already lost Steve McNair to side chick fuckery. Dude got shot 4 times in his sleep by the side chick that ends up shooting herself. There were reports of her being mentally unstable as well. Damn. Dying over a side chick...and a crazy one at that.

I dont see the point in all this side chick shit. I understand that people like having their cake and eating it to. I really do. If that's the case, don't commit. I've personally seen up close what side chicks can do to a family. I dont understand it. Too much variables and uncalculated risks. Having a side chick is a waste of time because 

  • Women are naturally competitive, more than we males sometimes give em credit for. This is why they sometimes look at your new chick and size her up to find out if she has anything that they don't have. This is why the side chick will do ALL the nasty shit a dude wants just to spite the main chick and to have "her man". They say if a female wants a man, she can have him....
  • You cant keep your side chick in pocket. She has nothing to lose. If someone has nothing to lose, they can act as outta pocket and wreckless as they want and it'll just seem as if they're reacting to their circumstances. Especially if they have money, noteriety and possible book deals? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned....
  • Commitment. I take marriage and commitment seriously. You're as good as your word and your bond. If your woman aint cutting it anymore, feel free to break up with her. Sure there's cases of people with kids and joint accounts, etc, but that's something you'll have to measure and decide if you're in that situation. I'm not so I can talk as much shit as I want. :-p
  • "You feed a sucker, it'll grow to be a bigger leech": I've heard of stories where dudes trick on their side chicks and have seen this with my own two eyes. The greed of these women is bottomless. They have "everything to gain"...and if you develop that habit of feeding them, who's to say they wont blackmail you if they demand a debt you can't pay?

Part of being an adult is knowing how to be upfront and mature. If you wanna live a playboy lifestyle, so be it. It's your choice and you shouldn't feel bad just because some girl you're trying to deal with thinks you're "out there". Just be a responsbile adult (ie regular checkups at the clinic and use of protection) and keep it 100. If a female doesn't wanna be down, that's her choice. There's some who will be down (more than you think). Having a side chick is a coward's way out in my opinion. Besides, they might not like your lifestyle choice...but they'll respect the honesty. A lotta dudes will lie their ass off for some butt. Totally against the rules of the game. If you're gonna play, play fair.

"Surgical Gloves" (Video)-Raekwon

About time the full length vid for this song came out. Arguably one of the most seizure inducing instrumentals put on wax this year provided by Alchemist. Rae plans the perfect heist with "47 quick claps..."

Dec 1st is World AIDS Day

Knowledge is power. Be responsible and get tested.