The Takeover Begins

-attended a Foqus Forum at Def Jam on was a blast. IMG had a chance to networking with other young professionals and express ideas regarding how to market certain artists.
-We have ideas for a certain group, GIT Fresh, that we will be trying to get to THE L.A. Reid.
-I'm doing it all out style. I sometimes feel that myself and one other intern are true go getters. It's been slower than expected but i'm trying to network my ass off and make myself available. Def Jam is my favorite label as i grew up listening to Jay-z, X, Ja among others who had Def Jam as their home label. Stasia and I want to see Def Jam restored to its former glory.
-My best friend, Phil, is a comedic genius. We were celebrating the emancipation of my brother from his girlfriend/ball and chain. with some drinks, fried food and zoot. it was a night of jokes, laughter and all around foolery!
-plotting a marketing idea for some other stuff. i'll holla bitches!!

Song of the Day: Fabolous, "Suicide"


-I want an older chick.
-I need a shapeup
-Another long, dragged out weekend coming up
-Slacking already. Bored with school.
-Why do women get offended when guys call them "bitch", when they say the word all the time to describe each other? Similar to when to when black folks say "nigga" and dont want no one else using it?
-Spanish chicks are definitely the move.

Fonzworth Bentley feat Kanye West and Andre 3000 (which ripped it as usual): "Everybody"

Movings and Shakings

-i'm baked as fuck right now.
-the date on Friday went extremely well...we had fun..took her to BBQ's then went to Rockerfeller Center and talked a long time....LMAO....we also went to a sex shop cuz she wanted a toy tongue. I'm glad she aint a prude.I cant stand prudes. I had the free crib this weekend so i was trying to get her to come through but she said she wasnt down....
-she came through last night to Brooklyn and we went to Prospect Park then kicked it in my crib. didnt make "that" move but she met my family and best friend...a bit too soon but my mom was next door so they met. we was watching TV and vibe...although i have a nasty habit of letting my little head act for my big head.
-Def Jam was fun!!! we did intern shit like mailing, copying...i was working with two other peoples...we'll have a lotta was a slow day and Jeezy's release date so we got copies of his CD and a tee. it'll be more fun...i cant wait till Hov's Blueprint 3 come out to help work on that.
-things are cool now

Song of the day: Young Jeezy, "Go Crazy"...i LOVED this song when it first came out..CANNON!!!