Cashmere Thoughts...

Everything about this track is smooth and defines my mood the past two or so days.....I'm on some other shit lately.....Sorta like I'm mentally getting stronger and more mellowed out and laid back...I just need to hit the gym and cut back on certain habits I've been engaging in recently (namely, over consumption of alcohol. I haven't smoked in ages, although i've been wanting a cigar lately ..). Time to maintain and keep my mind clear....

I haven't been myself...Thanksgiving was probably the only day when i just chilled the hell out...after sleeping because I did a overnight shift or at least part of it lol. I don't know the meaning of holidays or vacations. Thank God for Blackberry emails. Or should I...? i've been hearing that i work too hard...womp womp motherfuckers.

"Smoother than Persian rugs...words worth a million like i'm rappin' 'em from platinum teeth..Smooth but deadly like a pearl handle pistol..."

I do like being laid back. If people are gonna do what they're gonna do, i can't control it...I used to be a HUGE control freak. i guess seeing shit go according to MY way. But I aint God. I'm learning that there's lessons learned even in defeat..still, i'm not the type to just be walked all over. I know what I bring to the table and I aint one for the BS. Being an entrepreneur, I like shit to run according to plan. You can never plan life too much because there always are a number of variables that can come into the picture. if you're in control of your own emotions specifically, you can calmly analyze situations as they arise. I'm in STARK contrast to a friend of mine. Dude always has to be seen. We were out the other day and were in the spot cutting ass on each other and playing dozens. This is a spot where families come and it's a cool ambiance. Dude got up from the table and was about to cut my ass. i calmly told him: "Sit the fuck down and stop making a scene. Niggas are eating. Why you gotta act out in public?". Dude sat down and looked embarrassed like everyone was just looking @ him but didn't want to say anything. i can't stand that shit at all, male or female.

"From nice to deadly like a bad bag of D..."

I pride myself on being the quiet cat on the table who talks but you KNOW there's something I aint telling you. Poker Face Motherfuckers!!! i used to be the type to just say what I wanted with blatant disregard for the feelings and opinions of others; I've since learned that it's not who talks the loudest or most aggressively, but the one who says what he wants most concisely. Those who can lead using few words have the most effect. People are used to me being the brash type, so this sudden growth has come as a shock to a lotta my associates/friends. Especially in business/relationships, you gotta keep your ace under until you get a mutual benefit.

Wise words from the god Smoove:" You are your first option."

Meeting time. Yes @ 9 PM. Yes on a Friday night. Yes I'm 22. And Yes, I plan to be well set financially in the next few years. "Fuck if your leg broke, bitch/hop up on your good foot."

Jadakiss feat Lil' Wayne:"Deathwish"

Finally some new 'Kiss...they pushed my dude back to "09 but it's all good. I hear most of the album is on some B-side shit...this is further proof...the joint with Ne-yo sounded too forced to me...joint is tough....

WOW...I need to holla @ the god Phil!!!

link to our old podcasts....we need to do some new shows!!!

Ludacris Album Release Party @ the Highline Ballroom

Fun times last night as we (myself,some of the other interns, and my brother) enjoyed Ludacris' performance @ the Highline Ballroom. Some pics below. Met the god Mickey really is a small world...few days ago, i was saying I like his music and I meet him a few days after...I mentioned my man Mike from Yume who we both know and he knew who it was. It's a tight industry....Ludacris killed his performmance...brought out Jim Jones, Juelz, 'Kiss, LL Cool J, Shawna, DJ Premier and T-Pain....shit was ill


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