"Brooklyn Renaissance"

As promised, BK Renaissance.Mpressive Concepts/100K footage+some pics. check em out @ http://brooklynrenaissance.blogspot.com/ and mpressiveconcepts.com

The Synopsis

Sup Ya'll...I've been away for the last week and change...been dealing with some other issues. I wasnt feeling too good AND my other Aunt Lola died WHILE my family was still in Jamaica for Grandma's funeral.

I just felt like last week was a trying week...felt a bit battered and off mentally. But I'm getting back into it.

I'm finally glad I copped an Ipod. You know me and my affinity for music...I had to cop the biggest joint out there....Im just transferring all my flicks and Justice League, Guyver and Ronin Warriors episodes.....yes, I'm a nerd...

There's just been mad shit going on....

-Looking for artists for the March/April FRSH PULP Live NYC Series. Holla @ kvenna@theimgway.com or frshpulplive@gmail.com

-Been away from Def Jam for too long. I need to get back into the mix.

-Got a lotta shit in the works for IMG. You'll see but check out

-Stuckey and I have gotten along much better. I've toned down on the sarcasm/witty comments....but there might be some blast(s) from the past scouting me as well. I'm not gonna talk a gang of shit about it...but I might be having to make a decision dont want to...and I absolutely hate when my back is against the wall concerning choices.

-I feel like half my brain is missing. I havent smoked or drank heavily so.....I just feel like something's off lately...

-I feel like doing some random shit to jar myself. My life feels like it's a bit uneventful and predictable.

-The Photo Exhibit went alright on Saturday. I'ma edit the video and put it on here with some pics when I get some time.

I'm outty 500.