BYOB Recap

So...Here's the footage from the BYOB BBQ

B.Y.O.B. BBQ @ PNCRADIO.FM from Urkelbot Brian Joseph on Vimeo.

This S#!t Right Here!!!!!

"Hova Song"

This is one of my alltime favorite Jay-z Intros/Outros ever. The second verse which some of you might not have heard is an interlude that was on international releases. This is off Vol III, which is one of my favorite Jay albums. You could hear the cockiness in the flow. NO rapper could fuck with Hov at this point (unless you wanna count X who was making major noise). He was fresh off the Hard Knock Life Tour and a 5 million selling "Vol II: Hard Knock Life" that made him a household name.

Philandering and Debauchery


It wouldnt be a summer without some Caribbean shit poppin know....that good ole' Brooklyn bashment ambiance where there's Heinekens/Guiness Stout, jerk chicken on the grill and fine women for you to poly with.

Unnun done know seh me a Jamaican suh mi haffi tell unnu bout how we gwann when we deh ah bashment (Translation: Ya'll know that I'm Jamaican so I gotta tell ya'll how we get down)

I personally LOVE going to Moomia Lounge because I love "daggerin" (being the initiator NH). DJ Will Gates know how to DJ....dude is a beast on the 1s and 2s. The other events I go to in the week are usually more relaxed on some networking/chill/industry shit. If you dont know what "daggerin" is, parties aint for you. It's crazy but I havent partied on a Saturday in ages so.....

Sound di big ting dem!!!!

Vybez Kartel and Spice, "Rampin Shop". Unnu know seh di ah BIG tune. This song is NOT meant to be censored. It's not a "daggerin" song (per se) but it is what it is.

Aidonia, "100 Stab". Use your imagination.

Busy Signal, "Up In Her Belly". I FUCKS with this song heavy. It just is raw and takes me back to when we were in Africa on some tribal dancing shit.

Ladies, I must say.....I know some of ya'll just wanna chill out when you go out and such....but if you're on the floor when these songs come on, expect someone to come behind you. Sorry.

Air Penny II

I NEED THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I havent bought a pair of kix in a while so here goes my next purchase. I deserve/need a 2 month late Bday present anyway. Rumor is the good people at Nike are sorta making it a Quickstrike release where stores only get 12 pairs each. I'm a fan of this Penny shoe so these will be added. Size 10. Holla @ me

Regular S#!t

Sup ya'll!

Well, I must say that this has shaped up to being one of the most interesting summers I've had in a while.

From meeting new people to partying my ass off to bugging out on Twitter ( @IGetsBusy514 ) to working/meeting new clients, it's going by pretty smoothly.

I feel like I've been neglecting the blog, but to my viewers, I'm more entertaining if you follow me on Twitter. Trust me. I havent considered deading the blog. I just need to find content (if/when I'm in the crib) to update it. I just have been out so much lately so there you have it.........

Went to a DOPE Bring Your Own Blogger BBQ last night hosted @ PNC Studios where we held the MBTM Summit. There was alcohol, food, networking and beautiful women. I didnt drink anything but some spiked Snapple (didnt even know it was spiked). It was a VERY dope event with some bloggers coming through as well as Charles Hamilton and Miss Info. It's like a secret society..................

Shoutouts to the Cornerstone fam as well.........