-fucking supervisor gave me a C- on my total evaluation. my internship coordinator and i had a LONG talk about the overall reason. i just felt like i wasnt being challenged enough there so i cant even act like i was doing my best. I kinda dumbed down and i admit that. My coordinator said that she wouldnt mind mentoring me, which i appreciated. I do need some direction. overall, i'm getting a B or B-. i can live with that. I cant live with someone bullshitting and taking out their personal conflicts on me. and i'm not the only one in the office who realized that this bitch had issues. so i'll take it and apply the good and forsake the bad

-school's finally done. i think i slacked but i did well. never sleeping at the library again though.

-Grand Theft Auto 4 is a goddamn masterpiece. i specifically slept at the library because i didnt want to be distracted by this game.

-head first into the new client's campaign. we're nearly done with this Reggae Carifest campaign so fuck it.


-fuck school. fuck finals. fuck studying for finals
-In My Lifetime Vol I is a goddamn masterpiece.

that is all...for now.