Spent the whole day Friday with the A'ael sisters and their team. Shoutouts to Angela and Darryl for opening their home to us. It was a LONG day and that's about the extent to which I'll talk about that. i ended up being extremely tired, cranky and mentally worn out so I took off today and slept my ass off till about 1 PM.

Bron was SPAZZIN' last night. totally ate Pierce's food on both ends of the floor. Celtics dont want no parts of that team come playoff time. This year, i think the East is gonna have a few epic second round matchups with a team giving a first round scare/near scare ala the Hawks last season (Knicks??? wishful thinking :-/)

@ the "Lavish" event tonight on 41st. Me, Rob and some of the fellas shall be in attendance...not for nothing...i love my dudes. Female friends is one thing, but just chilling with the fellas @ a club/lounge and getting @ chicks is a dynamic that is unmatched. A female friend like Stasia, Mandy or Jennifer ( <3) could tell me things from a female POV, but my dudes keep it funky like "Yo, K...that bitch is a smut b...." I love that

Street Team for our FRSH PULP Artist Showcase on January 27th @ Nightingale Lounge @ 213 Second Avenue begins on Tuesday in the wee hours *rubs hands together with a devilish grin*

Modeling casting for our Trunk Show in February will take place next Saturday @ BK Renaissance @ 1049 Fulton St. Shoutouts to the gawd Marz. Ladies, if interested, send a headshot and a bodyshot as well as a brief paragraph to Reps from Trace Mag will be in the building. Models gotta be 5'6 or taller....

Listening to "Conglomerate" by Busta Rhymes feat. Jeezy and 'Kiss. I'm in love with this track. Official Imperial Marketing Group anthem.

A Essay on Scarface's "Girl You Know" and Random Skidaddle

It's 6 AM and i'm awake after sleeping off a half drunken stupor. I instantly reach for my Poland Spring water bottle i keep handy and am pissed that I have to go to my kitchen and get some water...

So i went to this "combine" my Mike Redd (NH) was appropos that one of the songs we bumped in the whip was "Girl You Know" by Scarface...Funny..i've heard this song and liked the beat but i never really listened to the words. It's just funny how 'Face breaks down the game for niggas. I've probably never heard realer words about dating/commitment in the 21st Century besides this song. All ya'll bunned type cats need to double check them stories on some "Sunshine" shit. Your reputation is worth more than anything in this world besides your word and balls. You'll prolly never know (or wanna know) it all anyway..and if you're looking too hard for something, you'll find it...then again when you're like me, you're analytical to the minute detail on some Bruce Wayne shit. i could handle shit. Just dont BS me and we'll be cool (and i'm VERY perceptive about's also just been my luck that the truth ALWAYS comes to the light...i've dodged NUMEROUS bullets to my luck/foresigh)...I love how 'Face broke shit down in the second and third verse..without further ado....

So back to last night, People have told me not to go to "combines" prospects throw because it will (1) be a sausage fest with all the attention based on said individual and (2) you dunno what type of niggas/chicks will be there. I was just mad there werent more drafts picks there. (1) proved right. Prospect had a coach there already but we kept it in the game. Prospect was definitely focused on showcasing skills for GMs, so contracts will be thoroughly reviewed before proposals. Not a big deal. Just part of the business. My fellow GM ended up getting a draft pick there.

Diversified options FTMFW. It's funny how people can act like things never happened (and when they act like they dont participate in vices such as smoking).Unlike them, I dont take wasting time lightly. Had to tax prospect for that by seeing "Ben Button"...which ended up being a good movie, despite a "Captain SAH" element being present.

I need Water. Like NOW. Shoutouts to the Boss Don Messiah Child...stop fuckin' around and get a blog...also, we might be doing some video collabo shit soon. Amped. Casting for Models is next week Saturday as well as an ILL Party/B-Day bash we'll be attending. Saturday is the Boss Don Rob's Lavish party. 

All that stuff about cutting back on the partying....fuck it!!!! 

Mom's back. Granny in England is MUCH Better :-). Granny in Jamaica is having extreme lung problems. I feel some type of way about I wanna do more to help, and there's always a but involved.

Today will be a big day. 

side note: "Ladies I LOVE ya'll......but i love my freedom more"-Hova The God...

My sister SWEARS this might be the year I "grow up"...Time shall tell...

RYDE OR DIE NIGGGGAAA!!!...just felt like saying that for no apparent reason...while I'm @ it, here's the vid. Clue and Duro (yes, I focus on producers as much as actual artists..) spazzed with this one../Rant. Bedtime (again)

A Slight Change?

First off, shoutouts to my man Mike aka Pro. 24th b-day...salutations

I'm going through a situation...I was talking with the crew about it...i'm thinking about putting my Michael Redd (a legitimately talented and skilled but doesnt have the "it type of player (ie option)) on the Developmental League team. I can deal with most things. I can't deal with a blatant waste of my time. Looks like I have a Rodney Stuckey type on my hands...a bit shy about the skills possessed in the rookies season but looks like the potential is there for All Star status...and then i have my Wilson Chandler...a NYC transplant who's aggressive as fuck....shoutouts to the boi Chris A for throwing me the sage words of wisdom. I know your ass is readin' this shit.

"I contemplate, believin in karma/
Those on top could just break, and won't be eatin tomorrow/
I know some bitches who be sleepin on niggaz dreams, they leave/

When that nigga blow, she the first bitch on her knees"

I need even MORE leverage.

"It's the year of the grimy nigga, ragtime..."

Listening to: "Lucky Me"-Jay-z..."Plan to leave without a fight, plant a seed i give life/though i can't see past a girl's greed to call her wife"...