-Met Ty Ty from The Roc @ Roc The Mic Studios....in a VERY nondescript part of town...dude was cool
-Absolutely tired.
-Went to this Pristine Magazine launch party. It was ennnnnnnnnhhhhhh honestly. I networked like a muthafucka tho. Ran out of business cards but i feel like i got em to who mattered the most.
-i'm too lustful for my own good. SMH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-this one fellow....i didnt wanna be impolite...but this dude was just UP in my face. no regards for personal space AT ALL. I'm cool and consider myself approachable...not on some primadonna shit..but this dude was annoying the shit outta me and i didnt know how to tell him so........i introduced him to Stasia and Phil!!! Stasia was visibly annoyed LMAO...but i was talking to someone about marketing for their magazine, then my godsis comes in like "Oh some guy was talking to me, and i told him you could help him out."...i'm seeing dollar signs until dude tells me his life story, and i'm like "You're killing my high...dont bother me duuuuuuuuude!!!"....telling me that I remind him of a young Andre Harrell....some chick came @ me saying "You look familiar...I swear I've seen you somewhere before...what's your name"...
-It's part of the game...I will learn how to be diplomatic in those sorts of situations...for all my confidence and self assuredness, i'm still relatively young and i dont wanna burn any bridges. Esp since the industry is small as hell and peoples' networks intertwine like hell
-I like some of the pieces from Benjamin Bixby, Andre 3000s clothing line. some of the pieces are "far out", but Dre's NEVER been a conformist. I still remember the day i met him strolling dolo on 34th St wearing a army hat, button up and cargo pants. I could tell dude just wanted his privacy, and seeing the way the industry is, i dont blame him...i'd wear this shit just to wear it and not care what people say.

-gonna miss the Giants game due to work...but I gotta make this paper.

Remember These?

Jadakiss and AI Commercial:

AI aka "Jewels": "40 Bars" mix-this is from when AI was literally UNSTOPPABLE. He singlhandedly revoultionized the crossover move (carry depending on who you ask). Enjoy!

Styles P. and KG commercial

Ray Allen Mix over "Battle" by Gangstarr. WOW

-Pristine Magazine Launch Party tonight!!!!
-i'm TIRED!!!!

Anything Worth Getting In This World Is Worth Being Aggressive For

-Spent most my time @ Def Jam today messing with this nightmare Excel spreadsheet that calculates invoices for the marketing managers. It took me a hot minute, but i got the hang of it. I asked for it because i cant just sit and stew and not do anything. I'm at DEF JAM, damnit!!!Tricia has been a GREAT help easing me into it, but I still have that hungry intern mentality. Greatness has walked those halls and I'm just trying to find my path
-Speaking of which, i was telling You Know Who, that as a person of color with experience at top corporate entities on our resumes, when we go into interviews (particularly at organizations of lower repute), we should have the mentality that these companies are assets to us, and not us to them. The attitude I've had for a while is

"Look, I've been at Sony and Def Jam Records. I also OWN my own marketing company. Check the LLC and tax ID #. I am skilled in A&R, Database Management and Marketing (strategic, online, guerilla). I go to Baruch College. i'm ambitious and willing to go as far as I can. Your company is of interest to me due to your strength in _________(industry) and your reputation. We can help each other. I'll offer fresh ideas and an interesting perspective POV on how to do _____(duty) and you can be on MY resume and pay me in (credit, for now)."

People always ask me..."K...why do you intern so hard for free?I thought the industry would pay you?What's the point?"

Narrow minded. You need to pay dues. Everyone who was great at something always spent time learning from someone who knew the ropes. Jay-z learned from Jaz-O and ended up being a Top 5 GOAT candidate. Puff interned for Andre Harrell for free. Dude traveled from Howard U to NYC at 5 am during his internships. Bust his ass and all that. the industry has changed, but the principle is still the same. As long as I can pay my tuition, phone bill and gym bill, I'm good. My boys act like i dont wanna kick it, but it's part of the game.

It's worked since i started at Sony two semesters ago. even with nothing but a burning hunger to intern for Sony BMG. I aint done yet.
-Handed out CDs and bumped into LA Reid. I said hello to him and he responded very cordially. Seems to be a man of the people, as Stasia said he's very personable. I didnt bother to tell him directly about our ideas, but i let his assistant know. Also met Lenny S, formerly A&R for Rocafella. didnt even know it was him.
-Except for one person on the Universal floor, people are very cordial. Surprisingly.
-What the FUCK is taking our website so long to be built?! My (famously already-thin) "patience" is wearing thin........
-Went to a MCing/spoken word event today we got word of from Stasia's dude Shareef of Abandoned Nation, Saigon's label. It was very good with a lotta spoken word and MCs in attendance. the last artists, Atrocity, was nice. Dude could spit and hopefully we can work with him in the future. A lotta talent at that event.
-I'm TIRED!!! (reason why (?) further down)
-LMAO @ Stasia calling me "Young Diddy". SMH. I'd rather model my game after Kareem "Biggs" Burke, aka the Silent Partner of the Rocafella Triumvirate. "The strong move silent, the weak start riots."-Memphis Bleek.I have a problem with self promotion, as I HAVE to let people know my unbiased opinion on things. I'm learning how to be a selective extrovert, as I am among greatness at Def Jam...but with my self-confidence/arrogance (depending on who you ask), I just utterly believe in myself. Now, i gotta learn how to keep a pokerface. Anyone who knows me knows that I tend to say my opinion in a love it/hate it way. I have to learn when/when not to be assertive, which is hard for me because I'm not good @ finding mediums. I'd rather go hard or not go at all. However, part of maturity is learning when to pick spots.
-Disgusted with myself. I saw a cutie at school and didnt get @ her. lightskinned, nice body (butt especially), hair done. SMH @ self. I didnt feel like making an effort. I'll atone another time. Maybe because i didnt have business cards? I gotta learn how/who to give em to. I'm destined for greatness and at the least I need to be around people in my circle who're on the same wavelength regarding getting shit done. I can't fuck with lazy people in general; i have a disdain for lazy females, especially after seeing female family members and friends BUST their asses to get where they are. Meaning Nadia (girl with tongue ring) is off the list or maybe demoted. I aint trying to be a mark or a crutch to anyone. I've even gone as far as making the photos from my IMG album on Myspace private. I usually tell females I'm an intern and that they like me enough to give me business cards. A white lie to protect myself? Ehh, a departure from my usual brutally honest style but fuck it.
-My mom is constantly nagging. Thanks Dad for fucking it all up. Single Black Older Woman=Eldest (Middle) Son's Worst Nightmare. Glad i have reasons to be outside of the house. Now I gotta deal with this bullshit. I couldnt imagine her if I wasnt in school. EVERYTHING is a problem with her nowadays. And for such a devout churchgoer, she seems to be more stressed out AFTER the service. LMAO. Religion is a such a damn hustle.
-Speaking of people close to me, I gotta call my Auntie Carmen!!! I love her. Whoever winds up being my girl needs to learn how to cook her Mac and Cheese Spinach and Beef Pie.
-Speaking of food, my greedy ass finally tried out a spot by "work" called Pieces of Chicken. I ordered Mac and Cheese with two thighs (;-p) and two wings for $6. Can't beat that. I ate it at 4:35 pm..it's 12:12 am and i still aint hungry. I think the fatigue is due from the "Itis". and the irony is...the whole time,I'm remembering the Nas song "Fried Chicken", where he compared fried chicken to a "fly vixen". SMH
-Due to the event, I aint hit the gym today. SMH.DEF going Thursday before class.
-Max B's rendition of "Is She The Reason" by Destiny's Child, "Sexy Love", is FUCKIN' hilarious. Peep the chorus:

"I caaaaaaaaaaammmmmmme, oh shit baby my bad/ You caaaaaaammmmmmmme,cause it's the way, you movin' yo ass/ Stop playin', before I even gave you some ass, you shoulda told me you was gon' cum/ You caaaaaaaaame, baby i didnt even mean to do it/I caaaaaaaaaaame, her pussy'll turn your knees to fluid (LMAO)/Stop playin', before I even gave you my pussy, you shoulda told me that you was gon' come

Is he the reason that my phone couldnt bleep you/ Heard he treat you bad, heard he beats you/Bring that pussy home like you used to do/Still on my grind I'm gettin' money, light the sour up so i could get a buzz!!"

dude was definitely blowin up some sour diesel when he wrote that shit. LMAO! Off Beelzebub!!!
-Ya'll need to stop sleeping on Quaker Oats Cinnamon Swirl Oatmeal. Act like you know!!
-The Grizzlies are spazzin wanting a draft pick AND Zach Randolph in exchange for Marko Jaric and Darko "The Human Victory Cigar" Milicic. Fuck outta here.
-LMAO @ Jenn thinking I lost my mind. Reality is relative LMAO. that's all i gotta say about it.
-my dude wants to go out Friday to some club (negative) but i got work early the next day. SMH. Foxy Brown's album release party is on Saturday....Eric's performing on Sunday night....and i might miss it all. I fucks with Big Gun Cock Fox heavy too. big time SMH @ self.
-The Wire has to have been the greatest drama series I've seen in my life.
-Song of the day Jay-z, "No Hook"...."Hustle 'caine, hustle clothes, or hustle music/but hustle hard in any hustle that you pick."

When It Rains...........

-Life's great so far. Aside from a bout of senioritis, i'm aight
-New workout plan starts tomorrow. Time to put some weight on.
-Might be doing some IMG work with my mans E for his 2009 mixtape. I look forward to it a lot.
-now JL wants us to do some publicity for them. I think it was a $ issue but they shoulda just kept it funky with us. We aint some ogres breathing fire if niggas dont sign up with us.
-i NEED Madden 09. (when i do have enough spare time for video games)
-Currently reading: The 48 Laws of Power aka The Handbook for Megalomaniacs. I kid, I kid.
-My sarcasm is off Beelzebub (that's slang for crazy BTW)
-good advice from You Know Who: "You're not a bad person. You just have anger issues"....hmmm lemme break it down.
  • reaction from frustration?
  • anger at me not getting my own way all the time?
  • stubborn refusal to see that my way isnt the best way all the time?
  • natural excuse with me being the "proverbial" middle child?
whatever it is, she's right. I have been buggin' lately. Woo Sa!!!
-In My Lifetime is a GREAT fuckin' album. Minus I Know What Girls Like and you have a bonafide classic. From the dealing with media inquiries on "Million and One Questions" to finding his ride or die on "Sunshine" (We chose each other you actin' like you chose me/ They oppose you then they oppose me/We could creep at a low speed, the gat in the hosiery/Double cross you they gotta triple cross me.") to detailing hood perils on "Streets Is Watchin'" (If i shoot you, i'm brainless/ but if you shoot me then you're famous/ What's a nigga to do..Cant ignore it, that's the fastest way to get extorted/My time is money and 25, I can't afford it) and "Where I'm From" ("I'm from where you cant put your vest away and say you'll wear it tomorrow/Cuz the day after, we'll be saying 'Damn i was just wit' him yesterday'")...this is a borderline masterpiece album
-making that trip to Hunter College on Wednesday. You already know.
-The Professor for my Marketing and Advertising class is really in dire need of some pills that will give him his mental equilibrium back. dude is buggin.
-I aint buy kicks in ages. I want these Flightposite (left) and Pippens (after tuition is done paid for)

-I wanna see Pineapple Express
-Song of the Day: "Round and Round", Method Man feat. Jonell....used to LOVE this song!!