9th Wonder Appreciation

This man is a musical genius. kinda reminds me of Primo for some reason...dude has FIRE

"Beautiful Morning"..i could listen to this beat forever

"One night Stand"

"Is She The Reason"

"That Day"...sounds like vintage "Ye with the drums

"Have Mercy"


"Zone out Remix" This beat is a thing of beauty

Am I Tired of Gangsta Rap?

So.....It's about this official: I'm growing outta my gangsta rap phase. I'm tired of it. It's all regurgitated shit with a lotta the new acts. If you're gonna do it...Scorsese a cinema like Big did on "Niggas Bleed"...channel raw energy like X on "Ruff Ryder's Anthem"...spit OG fire like Kool G on "First Nigga"......i'm liking cats like (specifically) Mickey Factz, Asher Roth and Drake, who're just normal cats spittin' about real shit...dont get me wrong...I'm still a fan of Beans,Free, Styles P, Kool G Rap, among others...i just feel that Hip-Hop is going back to the older days when cats who actually every everyday dudes had more mics than the "thugs"...sorta like a feel good cocky vibe going on....

...speaking of which...has a greater fall off occurred in Hip Hop than Ja Rule? WOW. dude shoulda just kept his mouth shut and formed Murdergram with Hov and X...in a (possibly) final ode to gangsta tales, I pay tribute, but first this old vid with him and Christina Milian (who I'd do flagrant things with ;-) )

"Get Away"...this is when Milian actually mattered...

now for the street shit...all this is when Russell was in the building...i'd make an album with these tracks to start...

Murdergram. This song was off "Streets is Watching" soundtrack...DMX SPAZZED

"Gotti Style"

"Holla Holla Remix"..they took out Hov's part..

"Why We Die"...Busta's track but...

"It's Murda".."Me die before you, you LIAR you"...

there you have it. i'm done

WOW @ Mickey Factz

Listen to the music, dont just skim through it....same sample as "Circulate" by Jeezy....shoutouts to 9th with the banger

Factz is quickly becoming one of my favorite "new" rappers...

He RIPPED his part of this freestyle on Sirius

So...Some More of Favorite Primo Beats....

Bored here @ Def Jam..so i'm posting some of my favorite Primo beats!!!

"6th Sense". beat is FIRE

"Devil's Pie"


"Kick In The Door"



"Soliloquy of Chaos"

"Militia 3"

"Right Where You Stand"

"Thank God For That White"


"You Know My Steez"


New look for the blog...for now

Tuesday was an interesting day....

I met Ludacris @ Def Jam. Was counting tickets for his Album Release party @ the Highline Ballroom. (shoulda took some tix to scalp :-p). Dude was like two inches shorter than I am. I aint even recognize him @ first but then he walked by where I was at, which was by the Senior VP of Marketing's assistant's desk. Dude was mad cool. Saw Lenny S walking around the building...

Saigon came through to the PMHH showcase. dude was mad funny..showing us mad love. The weather fucked up the turnout of the event but much love to the people who did come through to show love. Special shoutouts to my dude Marz who sponsored the event on behalf of Mpressive Concepts. I was a bit disappointed but it's a growth and learning experience.

The game dont stop...still got a few tricks up our sleeve.

I've been tired as fuck lately. Wanted to finally catch up on some b-ball and i see this off brand ass Bulls/Blazers game on....i knocked out early unfortunately...just fatigued. I need to hit the gym and I look forward to finally getting some ball in on Saturday.

:-( Pushed Hova up to February. I wanted to be part of the release of his final Def Jam album. i'ma try to stick around for February...which means that Fab will prolly be pushed to a spring/summer release. Ye's shit is supposed to be the next best thing since sliced bread but i aint too keen on that god damn autotuner.

I need some new gear and kicks.

Listening to this DJ Clue Best of Freestyles Part I...it's crazy how the mixtape scene has been watered down. Clue used to have the tristate on SMASH. Cats just aint that nice anymore so it is what it is...

I need to hit up a lounge or club and let go. I'm tired as shit. But it dont stop....

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