Stay Chiseled

"Swift on them toes/Knockout blow, stay chisel"-Nas, "Stay Chiseled"

In my quest for personal growth, I've gone back to hitting the gym the past few weeks. It's past due that I've shed my sloppy winter eating habits and cheesecake addiction. Add a gym regimen to growing my beard and attempting to put away the glasses in favor of contacts.

I'm what they call an ectomorph, meaning I'm the skinny type who has to train harder to gain muscle mass. Also, our metabolisms are usually extremely fast but we can lose fat easily. I've been told that I have to eat around 4 times a day for the weight to stick to me. It makes sense because even if I have a big breakfast around 8:30 A.M., I'm usually hungry by like 10:30 or so. I've been pacing my meals/snacks and have cut back on eating shit like McDonalds (besides the fact that they're collecting feces samples on my shitlist for their abso-fucking-lutely asinine and questionable commericals that have been airing lately) for breakfast.

I've been doing a bit of lifting exercises in the weight room and stuff. I also visited to figure out which workout will suit me and my schedule best. Also looking into getting a whey protein...I usually drink Muscle Milk but I'm about to try a new joint out. Protein bars are a tossup since they normally taste like frog thighs. I've gained a few pounds so.....

Biggest difference with me working out isn't even physical. I'm thinking faster and clearer. Also the playlist I have specifically for the gym is nothing to play with. As you can expect, hard hip hop with cats like Styles P, Ghostface Killah, DMX, Raekwon, Prodigy and shit. You can't work out like a pussy. I aint saying you gotta lift the heaviest weight in the gym, but sometimes you need X barking or a DJ Premier beat to pace your sets with....if you're lifting that is.....

Nevermind what i was gonna say about nicely shaped women in spandex.......


"Balls Talk"

I'd heard about Steve Nash's off court antics but I sort of slept on how funny he could possibly be...until I saw this video. I'm @ work dying of laughter @ how obnoxious this is.