"They ask me how I'm doing now, tell 'em better than them"-Jadakiss


Pronunciation: \ˈhāt\
Function: noun 
Usage: often attributive 
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English hete; akin to Old High German haz hate, Greek kēdos care
Date: before 12th century1 a : intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury b : extreme dislike or antipathy : loathing
2 : an object of hatred

Hate is SUCH a strong word. At least with dislike, you get a softer connotation. Like your issues could be worked out. Hate comes off like ya'll are mortal enemies who won't stop till the other person is dead in a pool of blood and pus....

Well to start, they say if no one hates on you, you're not doing anything of relative importance. I agree wholeheatedly. But if that's the case, what's the difference between that and constructive critcism?

IMO, at least with constructive criticism, it shows a person cares enough about you to point out your flaws and tell you about them. People have lost the ability to respect honesty. Then again, it's not what you say but how you say it. Hate is just blatant and outright. 

Especially in this business, people have ridiculous egos. I will go on record as saying that artists and assistants are two of the most sensitive groups of people that I've been around in my brief time in show business. Then you have the people who name drop like a muthafucka. Name dropping does have its place; just make sure you and said person are that cool because I've pulled cards/seen people get their cards pulled and it's EMBARRASSING. It just looks dumb if EVERY time you see someone or when you first meet them (unless it's through a mutual friend or something), they're dropping so and so's name. I just look @ people who constantly name drop like "Ok, you know so and so, but they dont even claim you so what's the point?" or "That's funny, he woulda mentioned you" . But artists, ohhhh boy. I've dealt with this a million times:

What the fuck is the point of asking people their opinion if you don't want the truth? I can't stand people with fragile egos. I absolutely can't. That's like a girl asking me if she gained weight and then I look like an asshole for telling her yes. Don't ask questions you don't want the answers to!

I honestly dont really give a damn about other people to "hate" on them. They're gonna do what they want and I'm gonna run my course. God willing, we'll see each other at the top. I'm not perfect and have been told about my flaws plenty of times by people. Selfish, too quiet for my own good (people always like to know what other people are thinking and it jars them to be around silent observers), know it all, "busy" (like idle hands get results), aggressive, you name it. People just have this strange obsession with shitting on other people. I admire consistency. If you dont like someone, don't go and smile in their face. At least keep it 100 and avoid them or just keep them on a need to know basis. I try not to burn bridges because:

For me...I can honestly say that it takes a LOT for me to really "hate" a person. It's a reflection of insecurity if you ask me. From experience, it's usually when I've gone through some WILD drama with them for me to give them that satisfaction and i just want NOTHING to do with them. Like I dont EVEN want them in my radar for something that messed up to potentially happen.Or it happens that you get a good position somewhere or get a good business deal or even get a better mate than the one you were dealing with. All of a sudden, your life's soundtrack becomes a mixture of females gossiping about you and dudes being bitches and talking shit behind your back. All mad you stepped your game up. Especially when you keep people at arm's length, they always find a way to try to weasel back to get back in your life. Speaking from experience.

Then you have the people whose lives are so mundane that they create imaginary haters. You know...

  • That person who swears everyone in her life is against her. Insecure. Usually a victim of bad relationships, romantic and otherwise. Always suspicious. Usually have nothing going on so every move in their life is newsworthy material in their minds. (Note: the adage "Strong move silent, the weak start riots" is true. People don't need to know your every move). They can do no wrong. Egomaniac. Surrounded by Yes Men/women. Gassed up beyond belief. Usually starving for money or recognition. (For the record, being a socialite is lame to me. I got bills. Being on the scene drinking free alcohol and meeting the same ppl over and over  all the time doesn't pay them.)

So all in all, get on your hustle. The money will come as well as the hate....but people even killed Jesus Christ. You can't save everyone. 

VH1 Hip-Hop Honors Spoof

I was dying of laughter. 

LOL @ This

Not to laugh at another man's misfortune....

But this was too hilarious not to repost. Shoutouts to TMZ and WSHH

"Inspiration"-Poe Picasso

Funny story how Poe and I got to know each other. 

Social Networking. I sometimes dont like meeting "artists" off Twitter because it's usually the same banter:

  • "Im the nicest nigga out there and aint no one fuckin with me."
  • "I get $ and chicks and clothes."
  • "I'm the best kept secret."

So, I was browsing my followers and saw him following me. I returned the favor off GP. Out of sheer curiosity, I went on his Myspace and listened to a few tracks (namely "You Gotta Love It"..) I was convinced enough to DL his material and I was blown away by "Exhibit A", which gets consistent burn on my Ipod to this day. Since then, I've seen him rock crowds at numerous shows all over the city and work hard @ his craft.

I can appreciate a good lyricist that gives me a throwback feel. Not to pigeonhole his style, but ya'll draw your own conclusion.

Here's "Inspiration" from "Exhibit B" feat. Ten. 

Turns out we're Brooklyn boys from Flatbush too. Big Bullet. Sak pase.....

PS: To my dudes Agthekid and Rockwell....if ya'll reading this.....get on your job...

PPS: "Bask In My Glory" is a problem too. Check out the Myspace for that.

Lee Charm EP Release Party This Monday


Come through Monday to Santos and celebrate the release of Lee Charm's EP Prince Charming. Admission is Free 99 and you gotta be 18+ to get in. 

The release party will feature a live performance by Lee Charm as well as performances by Mark Steele, ForEverMore, Harlem, Meryl Carter, Brooklyn MC WordSpit and Lola Davis. 

Guests will also have the opportunity to enter the Altec Lansing Mix Dance Contest for a chance to win an Altec Lansing Mix boombox, a guest appearance in Beanie Man's new music video and $2,500. 

Doors open at 7:00 p.m :: Performances begin at 8:00 p.m.

"Crime Wave" (Video)-50 Cent

Enter "Crime Wave"

*grabs skully and hoodie*

Shoutouts to ThisIs50.com


My fault about the lack of updates....I swear I have stuff drafted but I'ma spare ya'll the pandering.

Busy settling into a new job and stuff. Not to mention that Im out at ungodly hours doing God knows what. 

Also, I've been having temper flares lately and I really don't like talking about stuff if I have nothing nice to say. So with that said, I'll :-X

On a more positive note, CMJ's in town and there's gonna be a buncha dope shows till the 24th. For more info, check out http://www.cmj.com/marathon/

It's funny how small the world is. I spent yesterday bumpin' Blu at work with my big ass geek headphones on. Later, I go to Public Assembly to see my boys Eric Sosa and Kris Kasanova perform and I go into the other room (two rooms at PA, one larger than the other). I wind up meeting Blu and talking with him briefly. Dope. Huge fan of his work and I consider him the best lyricist outta the "Freshmen 10". All he needs to do is link back up with Exile. Cool.

I'll prolly miss the Styles P and Raekwon show @ BB Kings tonight...or will I. :-?. Huge fan of both. 

On a personal note, methinks I'm mentally ready to move out. It's a numbers game at this point. I just hate being in one situation too long...and that statement counts for too many things in my life....


A Look Back: Cam'ron (Long Read)

This is a tribute to one of my favorite rappers of the late 90s till now. If he'd stayed on par as the lyricist that he was from "Confessions of Fire" to "Come Home With Me", I'da given him that. Still, you take it for what it's worth. #killabitch

I was first introduced to Cam in England by my friend Daniel in '98. Dude seemed to always know what was "next" in hip-hop, from Cam to X to Em. I say "next" because England gets everything later than we do over here....or at least until the Internet came along. As a 12 year old hearing songs like "Confessions" and "Fuck You" with adults in the other room, you had to be sneaky about it. Our respective families were churchgoers and weren't too fond of hip hop, much less a guy talking about getting upset enough to piss in his grandpa's orange juice and performing oral on a pregnant woman only to kicked in the mouth by her kid. I used to listen...snickering to the lyrics. I'da got my ass beat, but I liked this guy. Partly, because I was a mischievous kid my damn self pouring milk on people out of windows and throwing spray canisters at cars. Gold.

Enter "S.D.E."...I picked up the album at Twilight Sparks Electronics at the Junction in BK for $9.99 and gave it a spin. Immediately, you were greeted by "Fuck You II", which was even more obnoxious than the first one. The next track was "That's Me" where Cam says lines like "Imagine me wake up 7:30 for work/I'd rather run the street 7:30 with work" and "Ma, keep all ya rice, Wedding ring, hell no, I like ALL my ice/Niggas tried to make Killa Cam all polite/Turn on the set now bitch, I'm like Poltergeist". I'd heard the track on Flex's Hot 97 show and liked it immediately. I enjoyed songs like "S.D.E" where Cam talked about messing up his sports scholarship by selling on campus and "Violence", which was just one of the most ignorant songs I'd heard in my life up to that point. "What Means The World To You" was a decent lead single along with the street favorites "Let Me Know" and "My Hood", but it's like no one knew what Cam was really capable of..........

Until 2001 when he signed to Rocafella. Rumor was Cam got out of his deal by going up to Sony offices with 50 Bloods. Don't know how true it was, but he was fuckin with Dame Dash, so the Roc move made a ton of cents.(See what i did there?)

This was a career defining move. The Roc was in its zone, with Jay being his own brand name, Beans and Bleek having gold records, DJ Clue having dropped some good compilations and Amil....well nevermind..but ya'll get my point. With a spitter of Cam's caliber and his Diplomat crew (Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, Freeky Zeeky), the rich only got richer. I was a Rocafella stan and they could put out no album that I'd consider weak. Cam kept the streets buzzin' with The Diplomat Mixtapes Vol 1-5. If you dont have them joints (1-3 are VITAL), I dont know what to tell you. The budget game was correct, the production was FIRE (The Roc had inhouse production by way of Ye and Just Blaze), and the streets were anticipating Cam's next move.

He dropped "Come Home With Me" in 2002. That album was a sonic explosion. Cam was still the the tough talking misogynistic (he does that TOO well) coke dealer we'd all come to love, but when partnered with the right label, his stardom grew. His single "Oh Boy" was a BEAST. You couldnt go ANYWHERE without that shit being played. Next up was "Hey Ma", exposing Juelz to the world then "Daydreaming" for the ladies...."Live My Life" and "Come Home With Me" were major problems as well. However, two singles stood out to me soon as I heard them. "Welcome To New York City" featured Jay-z and Cam and you could feel Cam's hunger on the track as him and Hova went at it to describe the city. The next track was "Just Fire". I had heard NOTHING like that track before in my life from Cam. I'm talking production-wise and lyrically. Beans and Bleek did their thing (especially Beans, who was a beast in his own right)....but when Cam touched that shit...8-0...I'd heard the lyrics over another beat in a "freestyle" on the radio...but when paired with Just Blaze's perfection, I was amazed. Not one to hold back about his encounters with females, Cam address STDs on "On Fire Tonight" and smutting unfaithful women on "Stop Calling". The album ended too soon for my tastes with "Tomorrow" providing introspection. Platnum+

Dame went on to produce a film called "Paid in Full" based on the story of Harlem hustlers Rich, Alpo and AZ. Cam was cast as Rico and killed his role. For a guy who "can't act and turned down three movies", Cam had enough cajones to steal the show with his on screen antics (including dragging people out of cars at gunpoint, having them strip and running them down the block and showing homemade porn at social events). Not Oscar worthy, but decent enough. Big fan of the flick. Cult classic.

"Diplomatic Immunity" cemented The Diplomats as a force in hip-hop music. The bandannas. I HATE the word "swagger", but these guys had it. Cam made it cool to wear pink. The wearing of multiple chains at one time (Cam wasn't the first to do it, but he did it more than anyone else at the time according to my memory). The chicks loved em, especially Cam and Juelz. The album was a double disc of Harlem tales that resonated with you ("Who I Am") and served as straight up bangers/anthems ("I Really Mean It", "Gangsta Music","What's Really Good","Bout It, Bout It III). Good shit. Great production from the Heatmakerz specifically and minimal filler. GREAT fuckin' formula. It was like the Dips and Heatmakerz were the perfect marriage and with the Roc signing the checks, it was all good. Gold. "Diplomatic Immunity II"...enh. It was ass. Still went gold off the strength of "Crunk Muzik". "Purple Haze"also came around. Cam got a gold plaque off the strength of "Down and Out" and a handful of other singles, but felt that the Roc didnt really support the project on the promotional tip.

(Not saying the fact that Dame made Cam a VP in the company WHILE Jay was on vaca had anything to do with that.....)

Cam then joined Asylum Records in '05. He released the hilarious (depending on who you ask) Killa Season. The movie was Cam's first as a director/writer. Leave it up to Cam do have wild shit in the movie like him spitting on a little girl and people shitting out "fingers" (do the knowledge). I suggest you get under the influence and watch that flick. That's all I'ma say. "Killa Season" (album) drops and features "U Gotta Love It", a direct shot at Jay-z. Hova responds with "Dig A Hole". If for nothing else, listen to "UGLI" (wow didnt even intend to do that...Cam was calling Hov ugly a couple of times lmao) for his ad-libs. Them shits are MAD funny. Cam was shot in a robbery attempt in DC and swore Hov had hired the gunman. Enh. Down the line, Cam recieved flack for saying on "60 Minutes" that he would no cooperate with police and that "he's not a snitch".....

This year was sort of crazy. Cam was being mentioned everywhere. His buzz was ridiculous as he'd taken some time off from the game to tend to his moms and sent shots back and forth to 50 Cent. Everyone wanted to know where he was and how he planned to come back. All of this led to "Crime Pays"...which I will go on record as saying is his worst album. Like bad. "Get It In Ohio" and "Cookin' Up" had me gassed...then boom...let down. EXCELLENT viral marketing campaigns....just terrible beat selection and lack of a surefire singl hurt the album. Beats sucked sooo badly.....

He recently dropped the "Boss of All Bosses" mixtape that featured new artist Vado and is "working on" Pt. II.

All in all, I fux with Killa. He might have lost a step lyrically but that's that dude right there.

Fight In Times Square

Peeped this on WorldStar...