I'm Mad Late

Ya'll already know. I'm back after a hiatus...

We in the Building....
History was made as Mr. Barack Obama was the winner of the Presidential Race. Our 44th President will enter the White House as the victor of the most publicized and dynamic campaign that this country has ever seen.

An African American man is now the most powerful man and the leader of the "free world". There is much work to be done and Mr. Obama will be put to the test almost as soon as he steps into office, but I support him and believe in his ability.

Shit is real. His victory speech was given as he was surrounded by bulletproof glass.

Congrats to Mr. Obama. I'm late as hell but I just had to speak my piece...

Now onto the proceedings this afternoon....

I finally finished DLing Ronin Warriors from a torrent site..childhood memories..used to wake up @ 5 AM to watch this show before school...cool

Wrapping up the promotional campaign for the "Poetry Meets Hip Hop" Showcase on Tuesday, November 18th. Couldnt make it to Binghampton Carnival Weekend for that reason. I never really bought into the Bing hype because

-I heard all these wonderful "ambitions" (hint hint) and most of the people planning never end up doing them. if that's what you do, you should be able to do it in your regular surroundings and not just for one weekend
-I've always had a scheduling conflict or other REAL obligations

So these guys are going and I'm the odd man out again. Business > pleasure.

I'm affected by a severe case of senioritis. Word to my boring ass Management class.

The Ami Networking Event went well. Was expecting more people but it turned out to be small and intimate. Connects were made and we're gonna keep doing our muthafuckin' thing.

My mind's been all over the place. I need to stabilize it.

I'm terribly outta shape and need to hit the gym. I played ball last week and I was outta breath after the first game. My knees also started hurting.

When the past saw the present, it turned out to be funny. Ice grills and loud talk were demonstrated but nothing occurred. It is what it is.

Aced the oral part of my Black Studies exam. I bullshitted soooo much. The class is a capstone so the exam was given in front of the chairman of the BLS department. I charmed my way outta that one....

I desperately need to go out and see what I can get into. I just need to get away from NYC for a while.

No emotions. just blank slate. I'm disappointed in myself. I need a L