Top 5 Disappointments of Recent Years


I'm a Knicks fan. I used to being let down *cue violins*. I don't take it personal. Ever. 

This entry will deal with what I consider to be my top 5 disappointments of the past few years. Sometimes, you just feel like something coulda been better than what it was. Damn us for having expectations. I hate(d) blue balls and these things are the equivalent of such. Here goes:

5: "Kingdom Come" by Jay-z: Amazed and in awe. If you all search through my old blog posts, you'll stumble across footage of Jay-z @ Hot 97 spitting to the "Grammy Family" instrumental. This was right before KC dropped. I consider it to be Jay-z's best freestyle even with Flex making his usual shrieking fellatious noises in the background. 

Enter Kingdom Come with a first single of "Show Me What You Got". Budweiser connects. The Monday Night Football slot. A Danica Patrick cameo in the vid. Hova talkin fly shit as usual, but with even more bravado, as he became more of a BUSINESSman. 

Ya'll know by now that I'm a die hard Jay fan, but I gotta call it like it is. This album was bad. I know what it takes for an album to be made. You have to A&R it, the legal with sample clearances and such, deadlines, the marketing and artwork and the whole process. It's tougher than it is to the eye of the general public. This is his weakest body of work to me (I personally dont see how people shit on Volume III). It just seems like forced and not genuine. Like "Hey, look at me, I'm more 'mature' and cultured". ....Don't get me wrong, there's some serious bangers on there like "Oh My God" and some nice introspective joints like "Beach Chair" and "Lost Ones", but the overall album is just enh, especially when you add the fact that it's a "comeback album". I put the "Grammy Family" Freestyle as a bonus track and it kinda helps the album out. It's definitely my least listened to Jay-z album and I wasnt a big fan of Vol II either.....

4. "Wolverine": Huge Wolverine fan. The "do it myself" attitude. The healing factor. The claws. The yellow and brown ensemble. The eternal beef with Sabretooth, who is one of my favorite supervillains as he's a direct mirror of Logan's dark side. So when I get a chance to hear that they're making a Wolverine solo flick, I'm happy as shit. That was my bad. When the unfinished version (with stunt wires and incomplete animations) of the flick hit the net, I got a chance to view the flick and I was disillusioned with the storyline:

  • It took them that long for a Gambit cameo? And his scenes in the flick werent that mindblowing to being with (pause)......
  • Liev Schrieber made a GREAT Sabretooth so what were they thinking casting Tyler "Cowardly Lion" Mane in the first X-Men flick?....
  • Deadpool ends up being an experiment with different powers? Really? Ryan Reynolds was a perfect Wade Wilson and reportedly, they're doing a DP flick, but they butchered the shit outta "Deadpool"
  • They coulda saved Lady Deathstrike for this film instead of having her in X2.

I'm not really a big fan of DLing movies before they come out. If I like what I see in commercials, I will support the flick. I usually dont go by word of mouth because it's all relative anyway. However, in the case of this flick, I'm glad I didnt waste any money watching it in theaters. Shoutouts to torrents.

3. "The Last Kiss" by Jadakiss: This album was extremely disappointing as it had no particular theme. People can talk shit about Ross but his album had a consistent thread, even if he was exposed. For all the hoopla about Jada signing to the Roc, I had higher expectations for this joint. A verse from Beans or Hov, nah, let's not do that. An actual impactful lead single, scratch that too. I have it! Let's put out a mixtape that's actually better than the album!! And there you have "The Champ Is Here II" mixtape which was actually weaker than "The Champ Is Here", but I digress.....

We all shoulda known that with "We Run This" (a song that featured a Hov diatribe and not an actual verse) and the weak "lead" singles "Can't Stop Me" and "By My Side" featuring Ne-yo, we were in for some shit. I do recall that "By My Side" didn't get a big reaction in clubs (as least as far as I've seen). The video seemed like "Make Me Better Part II" with a Nuvo and Gucci sponsorship. I will credit Pharrell for giving Kiss two solid songs in "Stress Ya" and "Rockin' With The Best", but the album didn't seem cohesive enough to stay in my rotation. "Cartel Gathering" was pretty dope, but over all the album's lack of an overall theme makes it Jada's weakest album to me. For someone who's "top 5 DOA", I honestly consider Jadakiss on mixtapes to be better than Jadakiss on solo albums; I also think Styles is a more complete artist than Kiss is. His best work is still "Kiss The Game Goodbye"......

2. "Transformers II": Major disappointment. I'm a huge fan of Transformers. I like seeing Megan Fox (preferably on mute). I like explosions and guns and fast cars. Heres a way for you all to see how I felt and for me to increase my hits. Mhuauauahahha.Enjoy.

1. "Loso's Way" by Fabolous: This is gonna be fun.....

I'm a HUGE "Carlito's Way" fan. It's a tale of conscience. A tale of a man being pulled in two directions: the streets and being a better human. It's just a great film. It ends tragically and if you haven't seen it, you suck at life. *end elitist rant* but for real.....

So....Fabolous announces that he's making an album called "Loso's Way" and we, the general public, assume it'll be a riveting album rife with street tales over dope beats. Fab's always had a decent ear for instrumentals and I saw footage of him in the studio with Sean C and LV vibing to what would later become "Bang Bang". What more do could we expect? Label formula states that every album needs a song for females, so personally I wanted something with a "Bonnie and Clyde"/"She'll put pistols in her panties like Karen Hill" direction for the ladies.....


I expected more "grime" with this album. I mean, with it taking direct inspiration from a movie about the street and how it can affect a man's morality, is that too much to want? Shoot, call Styles P or Beans in...they woulda been perfect on this joint for some hood balance.Hell, even Kiss is versatile enough...

"The Way (Intro)" is one of the most scathing tracks I've heard this year, with Fab being more aggressive than he usually is....then you have songs like "Throw It In The Bag" (it's catchy as fuck though) and "Makin' Love" featuring Ne-Yo (-__-) that have NO correlation to "CW" at all (FYI: "Last Kiss", "Deeper Than Rap" and "Loso's Way" ALL feature misplaced songs featuring Ne-yo). The reworked "When The Money Goes" isnt too bad, but it probably wouldve been better if I didn't hear Hova on it first. I will say that Fab was more personal on this album with tracks like "Pachanga","Stay" and "Lullaby" and even displays some storytelling ability on "I Miss My Love"; that's ALWAYS a plus especially when you consider his flashy playboy persona. I just dont get how some of these softer sounding songs made the album. I understand that it's a business first and you have to admit that Fab's probably top 5 right now in balancing the street/"commercial" line, but c'mon...Even the posse cut with Freck and Red Cafe was underwhelming (no shock there). For good measure, I added 3 bonus tracks that affected my second initial decision to like the album: "Bang Bang", "Toast To The Good Life" and "Welcome To My Workplace" (<-----is one of the hardest "coke raps" in recent times). Why these tracks didnt make an album with a theme like this one is beyond me but I dont make label decisions. For real though , The Dream on an album that takes inspiration from "Carlito's Way"?

I didn't like the album, then I liked after a few more I must say it was a bit disappointing in retrospect. I think Ghetto Fabolous is his best album. 

*Loso's tweets did not affect any decisions in my rating this album #1 disappointment of recent times.*

Honorable Mention: promotional efforts for Clipse albums, The NY Knicks, Christina Milian post Def Jam, NBA Live, "The Solution", "Brothers From Another", Air Jordan Retros, Spiderman 3

Cuffin' Season 2K9

*This entry was inspired by a phone call I got the other day from a girl I dated a WHILE back asking me a ton of FBI ish questions about my life and then some. The timing of it all is TOO coincidental so....Thanks for the inspiration!*

This blog will address the phenomenon of "cuffin season".

Ive seen some of my friends, both male and female, go into a frenzy around this time of year trying to find someone to snuggle up with for the winter. They usually have "done them"/were looking to "do them" in the summer, and once it gets a little windy, they suddenly feel the need to "settle down". Like they cant even put on a hoodie before looking for someone to shack down with. The logic makes sense: 

  • You dont wanna be running around to see your jumpoffs. (if that's what you're into, that's what you're into #imjustsayin...). The convenience of one person is just that. Convenient.
  • There's nothing like being under covers with "that person". Even better if they have heat and it's dumb cold outside.Nevermind.......
  • There is a time and place for everything when you think about it. So why not?
  • Familiarity and those long talks on the phone during the snowstorms when ya'll aint going anywhere while you're drinking hot chocolate with marshmellows in them....

However, make sure you settle down off your own recognizance, not just because you see that you're lonely and you need some "winter company". Not only will you drop your standards, but you wont even be happy with the person you're with, especially if they dont fit the description of what you're looking for. Hence my point a while back about not having a "dream girl" and just taking things how they come. It's saved me a lotta headaches and gotten me out of suspect situations.

Now, dont get me wrong. If both parties are upfront about it and keep it 100, so be it. But if you're a girl talking about you're in a relationship and you STILL up in dudes faces, or vice versa, it's a bad representation. If you cant trust you to shut someone down when you're with someone, why should they even bother to "claim" you as their S/O? Ya'll might as well establish that you're gonna be seeing other people. That way everyone wins and it's honest and there's no bullshit involved.

For anyone who knows me, I'm probably one of the most upfront people ever. I dont believe in wasting people's time because I dont like my time wasted. 

This cat I follow on Twitter raised a major point: 

"FEMALES ON TWITTER: if you got a man, better act right. Niggas really mad out here. Fakin like u single. #DuetAssBitch

In a relationship on Facebook for your bougie friends. Wholetime smuttin and twerking on Twitter. Yall better stop."

LOL.I personally have seen mad chicks on Twitter talk about they're in a relationship, but then continually flirt with their male followers for attention. Their man finds out and then it's Armaggeddon. Twitter does have "that" undertone to it though now that I think about it. 

You cant "cuff" people like this; their issues are bigger than you at the current moment. (Special shoutouts to females who only know how to relate to dudes on a sexual level and think that flaunting/blatantly flirting their bodies is the best way to get a guy to relate to them. We relate to them alright......). Gotta know where your and their head is at before you make an investment in them. And yes, relationships and getting to know someone is an investment/business. You spend time, money and if it goes well emotions into another person. 

"Before the lovebirds get moved to the suburbs, I gotta double check your story" (O_0)

Social networking (esp Twitter) is sorta like High School in the respect that if you have the same social circle as your SO/JO/GF, it's guaranteed someone will be in your business. PDAs belong where they belong. Relationships aside, I personally dont think it's practical to put your life online. Im not one for all that attention. Dont like people in my shit. I use a lot of the internet for business, leisure, etc but people only need to know so much. Besides, when you put your whole life online, you look extremely corny. No one really cares about your pastrami sandwich or your pipe dreams or where you live (That Ubertwitter can show locations is a muthafucka). It just looks REALLY lame. Even having a blog, I have learned to be discrete about certain stuff I post up. Much less, talking about my sex life online which I think is extremely dumb. Guess I'm just a private person....*shrugs*

Anyway, I'm the first one to advocate doing something just for the hell of it. However with relationships or "situations", you gotta be a bit more strategic. Know what you're getting into. Cue convo:

Me: I heard about you....

Her:None of my other friends know you, so I have nothing to worry about....

Me: (O_o)...*sideye*

People will always play their cards if you learn their decks. "The best way to see someone is not to look at them"(c) Jay-z......

Fellas, take it from me, you gotta be more discrete in who you lay up with, ESPECIALLY if you have something going on for yourself. Sure, we're all young and allowed to be shallow at one point or another in your life, but still.........

Im speaking all of this from experience, so it aint like I aint make a mistake here and there. I just learn from them. Dont be thirsty. Things will be as they are going to be.

My Top 5 NBA Players To Watch Out For This Season

Huge Basketball junkie. Like seriously. I just love the sport. The constant motion, the designs of certain signature shoes (Shoutouts to the Atlantic Penny II and Black/Red AJ XI), the tension of a close game and the excitement of nailing the game winning shot at the buzzer. I just LOVE the game. By identity, I'm a Knicks fan (insert joke here) and I'm not really expecting big things from them this season, but I will admit that they will have entertaining games in Mike D'Antoni's freelance offensive attack. Even so, I'll be enjoying this season. Intriguing draft picks on certain teams, storylines to follow and veterans who changed their zip codes this off season. Ya'll can catch games here.

(I dont advocate slacking off in college especially if you paid for your classes like I did, but that site was a lifesaver many a boring lecture class. Muahaha)

Here's my personal list of players that I will be on the lookout for this season:

Stephen Curry, #30, G for the Golden State Warriors: This kid is gonna be a problem. I'm calling it now. Sure, playing for a coach like Don Nelson wont exactly discipline a young player or hide their defensive shortcomings, but I'm hearing this kid is the BUSINESS. According to reports, he's been giving Monta Ellis (his main competition at the 1 spot) buckets, pulling from long and midrange. Son is a certified gunner. According to Nelson, his PG skills are underrated as he's been said to have the ability to feed the player with the hot hand. The Warriors need that on the floor as much as possible. I'm also hearing Steph and Anthony Morrow (who is a TOP three point threat) have great chemistry together and create a helluva matchup problem, so that's always gonna be interesting. About time. I hate watching Warriors games and Corey Maggette is just bullying his way through the lane. The media fueled "feud" between Steph and Monta Ellis for the PG spot will be interesting to watch as well.

Danilo Gallinari, #8, F for the New York Knicks: I cant front. I have little to no faith in European players. Lately, cats like Rudy Fernandez, Marc Gasol and Tony Parker have proven me wrong, but I think that in general a lotta these guys are overhyped (Knicks fans have conveniently forgetten about Mr. Lampe *shudders*). Not to say that some American/(insert nationality) players aint, but ya'll get my drift.

This kid is playing in the perfect system for someone with his talent. Dude is 6'9 (probably had another growth spurt that pushed his height up 2"). His jumper is legit (especially from outside) and dude has a remarkable handle for someone of his height. I've seen him pull the "Shamgod" out (scrimmage game or not, WOW).

The Knicks are a bit crowded at the forward spots so it's gonna be interesting to see him play on a team with guys like Al Harrington and Larry Hughes. His court vision is also pretty decent as well. His back problems seem to have gone away so here's hoping The Rooster has a good season.

Gilbert Arenas, #0, PG for the Washington Wizards: Not a "fan" of Mr. Arenas per se, but the man is a killer. He lives for the big shot and is always entertaining to watch as he plays with supreme confidence.


He was injured for a critical amount of time last season and I've seen this footage of him training with the legendary Tim Grover (who gets results), so I think it's safe to say that Gil will be coming back in full force.

Reportedly, he's cut back on the funny gimmicks and is more focused on being a leader for the Wizards, a team that added offensive weapons Randy Foye and Mike Miller in the offseason. His numbers may take a slight hit as he has more options, but you can bet on Gil to be a beast this season.

AI, #3, G; OJ Mayo, #32, G; Rudy Gay, #22, SF; Zach Randolph, #50, PF for the Memphis Grizzlies: This is gonna be the season where Memphis will achieve the attention it has lacked in the past. The addition of AI automatically sells jerseys and will add another 22 or so points a game if not more: AI's a volume scorer and needs the ball in his hands to make an impact. With OJ, Rudy and Zach, time will tell how this season will turn out for the Griz but it will be VERY interesting. Zach was a quiet addition and will add another 18-20 and 10 to the scoreboard for the Grizzles; there's not denying his talent, but we'll see if he even GETS the ball for his signature isolation play in the post: he clears out the baseline and pops a lefty J or backs down for a hook. OJ's a gunner. Rudy's a gunner as well. Those two reportedly had Alpha Dog battles on the court last season so when you throw two of the most noted Black Holes in the NBA on the team, you have a recipe for an "interesting" season. (I still think AI's best off the bench, where he can lead scoring for the second unit. Possible 6th Man of The Year?)

Ron Artest, #37, SF for the Los Angeles Lakers: Very interesting pick up for the Lakers. Phil Jack has the ability to get the most out of "misunderstood" players and is a master psychologist. LA by itself is lights, camera, action and adding one of the most "unique" players in the NBA to the mix is going to be interesting to watch. I remember reading a story of how Ron applied to Circuit City for the employee discount during a season in Circuit City. Intriguing.

Adding Ron to the mix lets Lamar come off the bench where he can do what he does on opposing second units; hell, it gives LA a LOT of versatility. Between Kobe and Ron, the perimeter and post defense at the SG/SF positions will be superb and Kobe will have some more defensive insurance. Ron is a bit of a chuck but his bullish strength and post game will be something to look for in the triangle offense. Not to mention, you can bet your top dollar dude will be a helluva entertainer off the court. If Phil could deal with Shaq/Kobe AND Rodman, dont worry about his relationship with Ron.

Honorable Mention: Courtney Lee, Shawn Marion, Demar Derozan, Vince Carter (defense??), Richard Jefferson, Ben Gordon, Rasheed Wallace, Andre Miller/Brandon Roy, Kevin Durant/Jeff Green, Michael Beasley.

Welcome Home Shyne Po!

Shyne will be back home later today. Foster and 24th Stand up!!!

Rumors have swirled about his signing to Roc Nation and his meetings with Hova and all that but he's paid his dues. Reportedly he has ALBUMS worth of lyrics so it's gonna be interesting to see if he continues to rhyme or if he chooses another path. Regardless, his story will be an interesting one. Definitely keeping an eye out for my dude....

Stole the first CD from my cousin and been a fan since:

If you havent, check out this mixtape

Ari Gold Is The Man

Great ending to Season 6 of Entourage. I love this show.

COD Modern Warfare II Trailer

I need this ASAP.