-Summer's been aight so far....just workin on wrapping up the Reggae Carifest campaign..it's mostly online right now with us abusing the add friends feature on myspace and looking for press material online to submit.
-I'm gonna stop fucking around and get to work. there's $ to be made and niggas get the picture.
-I have to get the 16/7 Jordan Package at all costs. I'm OBSESSED with both pairs

-Went to the Carifest Press Conference last night. that shit might as well have been a Flatbush bashment. had to have been the most niggerish shit ever. The Carifest assholes we work with took our video and didnt even acknowledge that it was us who did it. I just used that shit to network. Got some contacts of photographers who we might need for our next client. There were some FINE chicks there. I can get used to that shit. It was @ 40/40 so...but it was just so poorly executed. One guy was interrupting Maria Davis' speech (the club host on Reasonable Doubt's "22 Twos") and was just going off on some "Bloodclaaaat this, Pussyclaaat that"..just fucking up the vibe...then what threw EVERYONE for a loop was that when this guy went on stage and was a artist named Eek a Mouse. the way duke was going on, i/others thought he was ZOOTED or drunk. this dude didnt have a hit since ever ("cult following", riiiiiiiiiiiight) and he had a beef with the white artists who were performing saying some bullshit about white artists shouldnt perform conscious reggae. Then he goes on some weird ass chant thing that's his signature sound.Had some next nigga who WASNT EVEN on the list of performances sing some wack ass bullshit song about his moms. it was just a big mess. and we took note because these are all things we dont want to go down at our launch party. it was good for networking. i met Ms Davis and slid a bunch of other people our business cards. Then we're leaving and duke with the wack ass song creeps up on us and gives us his CD. this nigga musta recorded the "Mama" song like 4 times over with a dirty version included. Like who the fuck sings about their mom and has a dirty version of a song !!!!!

We learned a lot. good/bad. The faggot ass dude we work with from Carifest didnt even have us on VIP, just so happened that I saw him and he told the security to let us in...then he didnt have our logo on the background for the photo shoots. so its a lotta fuckry we're dealing with. but the contract's done on June 30th. then on to Justin.
-I JUST realized how different males/females think! i have a forceful, direct personality. might not work out in the long run. i MIGHT have to be more tongue in cheek and more sarcastic which might be overbearing since i'm a MASTER of sarcasm. lmao
-i'm obsessed with the Busta Rhymes song off GTA "Where' My Money"