More Fun from VH1: "Basketball Wives"

Of course, as the monopolizer of the "reality TV" market, VH1 now exapnds its programming to include "Basketball Wives", a look into the "lives" of the wives and "girlfriends" of certain NBA players. As expected, these women are ALL stunners, so of course I'll be watching it. Throw in EXTRA cattiness and I'm convinced that I'll be in my crib every Sunday night towatch this shit. The show features
  • Shaunie O'Neal, ex wife of Shaq and the show's exec producer
  • Evelyn Lozada, ex fiancee of ex NBA player Antoine Walker
  • Royce Lindsey Reed, Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard's BM
  • Faith Rain, Udonis Haslem's GF
  • Jennifer Williams, wife of former NBA player Eric Williams
  • Gloria, fiancee of Orlando Magic's Matt Barnes

Check out the trailer

I'm hard to entertain. Lets Talk About Pep did draw me in....but it didn't have the cattiness amongst the females that I would have liked to see. They were all "friends", so it really lacked in that regard. THIS shit right here? You got these chicks ganging up on Howard's BM and talking about who slept with Shaq, which Shaunie musta felt some way about.
Rich and attractive women cat fighting about who's a groupie and golddigger amongst them. I like.

"Lightning Strikes Before You Do"

"Sometimes you gotta go away to make a comeback."-Beanie Sigel, "Don't Realize"

Sup ya'll. Long time no see. Aside from the Eric Sosa post, it's been a helluva long time since I've updated. A lot's been happening both good and bad....

First off, this week, I was dealt a blow. I was laid off from my job at the music publishing company where I was working. I'm honestly not upset that I was laid off, particularly since I learned a lot + the fact that I felt like leaving anyway, but it's just the fact that the shit happened before I expected. I've been weighing the pros and cons in my mind and there's still some negative feelings but end of the day, I learned a lot that'll help me out regarding my own initiatives.

I'm not one of those dudes who identifies himself with his occupation (ie, take away a job and you're left with an empty shell of a man), particularly because I have other sources and options of getting $'s just the fact that I've NEVER been laid off. Every job or internship that I've had, I always left on my own accord. I like having that option, control and leverage, especially knowing that my level of work. I'm not gonna say my whole thoughts on the situation, but I will say that when one door closes, another one opens. It is an alien feeling to me though....

Things are looking up with Eric and we'll be hitting the ground running for his "One You" Tour. Check out the latest newsletter here. If you havent been following me on Twitter, you can check me out for updates or just send your email to for newsletter updates. Shameless plug and all that, but it's MY blog :-)

Ladies wise, I've been doing OK. It's a straight "numbers game" out here to me, and I really dont beat around the bush about that. I've accepted that I'm probably not going to be the "ideal boyfriend" and I can be a bit self centered when I get in my zone, but when you have me, you have me 100%. I'm probably too upfront about certain things but me (as someone who likes to know all the facts about shit before I jump in a situation), I dont think it's right to not let a girl I like know those things. I also dont look at it as having anything to lose ANYWAY so......I've never been one to restrict someone's emotional freedom. So it's like "I like you, you like me, we click, but _________. The decision is now yours". My moms been bugging me about "getting married" (????), which I translate as "I want some grand kids"...considering that she's a bit older. I'm really not shit in certain regards...but it doesn't really bother me. You all probably wouldnt believe some of the stuff I've encountered in the past two or three months, so I'm not even gonna go there. You know when they say "skeletons in the closet"? I'm talking fucking bone collections here. I aint one to judge (too harshly anyway) particularly since I aint rushing into a relationship, but I just choose not to deal with it because it's really not my problem.....

Then, there's "her". I recently told a friend that we were "overdue" to get with each other. "Get with" as in a sense of a committed relationship where we can take over the world together, no bullshit (from my end at least). The only girl I probably really ever wanted. I've been described as a pessimist, but I deal with facts...and I've come to accept that 1.) I hate "the chase", 2.) I suck at "closure", and 3.) I'm really impatient. My dad recently asked me if I had a girl and "what happened to this one and that one"...I always change the subject. We BOTH know what time it is. I noticed that I've NEVER brought a girl home to meet my family...and I think that fucks with them as parents. I dont even have friends that I'd hook my single female friends with....

Other than that, things've been looking up. One.

Eric Sosa at Format This Wednesday!

Peep game! Eric Sosa will be at Format in Queens this Wednesday to kick off his "One You" Tour. check the flyer below for details. See you all there!