5 Personal Lessons Learned In 2009

This was a big year for me. The Ws outweighed the Ls by a long shot. I met a lotta people who helped aid in my personal growth and went through situations that I learned from. Graduating college was probably the biggest accomplishment this year. I also lost my grandmother and best friend from growing up. All in all, this year was full of wins and here's the 5 lessons I learned from this year:

5. Network doesn't necessarily equal net worth. You can hand out business cards and emails all you want, but if you don't master the art of knowing how to cultivate win win relationships, it's all for naught. I've particularly learned to avoid name dropping when I initially meet people (depending on most circumstances). It's an annoying habit; when people name drop to me and I know the person who didn't mention them, I wonder what else is going on that I don't know about. No use in claiming you know people if you don't have a mutually beneficial relationship with them. Work on showing why you're someone people should be affiliated with.

4. Be humble. You never know what the future holds. It's funny because I went to church all those years, but the lesson didn't get ingrained in me until I got more experience in the industry. I've been through a lot where I could talk shit...but it's always best to be humble. Egomania is disguised insecurity. You NEVER know where you're gonna end up and who you might need to turn to for help. Keep yourself grounded and make sure you can take advice from those who can school you correctly.

3. The strong move silent. People have a natural curiosity. It's human nature. My personal MO is that I'll hammer out the details and then will make an announcement. 1.) I hate forecasting things that don't come to pass, then I gotta save face and 2.) anticipation builds buzz. Marketing 101. Besides, mystery intrigues people. If there's anything I've learned about people I learned from, they all had a common trait-they were important people, yet unassuming...but when they spoke, you felt the need to have them speak more and more on the topic at hand. Besides, no one likes a loud mouth.

2. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Honesty can take you a long way and people will ultimately respect you. Even if it's not what they immediately want to hear, people can appreciate you keeping it 100. We live in a society where people thrive on immediate gratification and the word "yes". Learn how to speak your piece...and stand your ground.

1. Be a man/woman before anything else. A job doesn't make you what you are in my opinion. Neither does a degree. Neither does your house or car or significant other. You must be someone with integrity before anything. This also goes back to honesty. You must be able to be honest with yourself about the situations you go through and your intentions. I recently had a personal crisis where I was faced with a decision...it's one that I've made for the time being that'll ruffle a few feathers, but the fact that I know I'm upfront about it doesn't hold anyone in a position they don't want to be in.

Best wishes of success and blessings in 2010 to you all. Thanks for reading. Peace.

"Reflection Eternal: The Re-Union"-Talib Kweli and Hi Tek

1. Intro
2. Revolutions Per Minute
3. In This World
4. Hip-Hop (Unreleased)
5. Back Again
6. Wishing On A Black Star
7. Just Begun ft. Jay Electronica, J. Cole, & Mos Def
8. Come Around ft. Termanology & Royce da 5′9 (produced by Statik Selektah)
9. Internet Connection
10. Let It Go ft. Dion
11. Testify ft. Styles P
12. Time
13. The Thrill Is Gone ft. Styles P (produced by Statik Selektah)
14. Can We Go Back The Reflection Eternal Classics:
15. Fortified Live ft. Mos Def & Mr Man
16. Chaos ft Bahamadia
17. The Express
18. Respiration ft. Common & Mos Def
19. Definition ft. Mos Def
20. RE:Defininition ft. Mos Def
21. Move Something
22. Ghetto Afterlife ft Kool G Rap
23. The Blast RMX ft. Erykah Badu
24. Good To You (produced by Kanye West)
25. Get By REMIX ft. Jay-Z, Mos Def, Kanye West, & Busta Rhymes (produced by Kanye west)
26. Back Up Offa Me
27. Piano (Hi Tek ft. Ghostface)
28. Music is Life (Hi Tek ft. Nas)
29. Hang Ups (NEW Reflection Eternal not on album)
30. Outro

Qualmes vs. Biff Lawson Roast

I told you about my dude Qualmes before. Now it seems like he got into in with the homie Biff Lawson. Take my word for it....this roast is hilarious....

Ill Banger @ Alibi NYE Party

Details on Flyer. Holla. 

"14 Blades" (Trailer)

Looks like a  must watch!!!

50 Cent's Esquire Interview Is Genius

This is from a while back, but I was just re reading it...dude is an interesting individual. I'd definitely want to pick his brain. Gonna cop The 50th Law next week. Peep Game:

It's Fifty, not Fiddy. 

My mom chose the lifestyle because she didn't choose welfare. Every time I seen her, it felt like Christmas. Everything that was nice in my life was gone when she left, and the only people I saw that had nice things were people from the lifestyle. And they'd look at me and go, Why you look like that? Why your shoes run-down?

What led my mom into the lifestyle that got her killed was what led me into the lifestyle: to prevent needing things so much. 

If I'd had a choice, I would've been a college kid. I would've majored in business.

Sometimes you do need to convince yourself through convincing others. 

I never saw drug use as a good option. I'd rather have an additional ten dollars than smoke. It wasn't a decision to not smoke weed. It was a decision to hustle. It was a business decision.

Hustling was my internship. 

Being shot defines how strong I am. It prepares you for the confusion of being an artist.

The adrenaline doesn't allow the bullets to hurt as much as being afraid hurts. 

Columbia Records shied away from me. They were afraid of someone who would actually come from the real shit. You know what happens right after you assess me being shot? You go, Wow, so he's really down there with the people who will just shoot you nine times? Will they shoot me, too? Why sell 50 when we can sell Kanye?

There's people who are considered intelligent who are idiots.

People who raise their hands deserve to be ahead of people who don't. 

Money is freedom. Money is a private plane. Money is no metal detection. 

I sign autographs because there will be a moment when no one asks me to. 

Don't wait for them to tell you. Tell them. 

There are too many entrepreneurs. We need the worker to make the process function properly. 

The first time I felt rich was when I had $80,000 inside my house. I saw it as a means to more money. 

Money is not going to make you happy. A new idea is what makes you happy. 

When I got shot, it was a $5,000 exchange. The price of a life is cheap.

Obama takes away the excuses. 

The best businessmen in the world make a bad deal sometimes. And it's not usually in a boardroom. Most of them marry the wrong woman. That business deal is the worst business deal of all. 

All the women have contributed to my success. Every one. 

In my house, Carmelo Anthony is bigger than 50 Cent.

My son is more important to me than I am to him. 

Always have bail money. 

Curtis Jackson. I identify with the name. When I look in the mirror, I see Curtis. 

Am I an honest man? I'm a selectively honest man. 

Am I being honest right now? Yeah. Most people would answer that question with a yes. Even the liars.

Jay-Z is as politically correct as some of the politicians. He's safe. There's points when you're acquiring financing, you make adjustments. He's made those adjustments. It's his choice. For me, it's not a necessity. 

When you're safe, people start walking on the stage because they feel safe with you. People don't walk on the stage at my shows. 

Air Jordan. Tiger Woods. You know how a person is made for something? Eminem is made for hip-hop. The best rapper is a white man.

My music is a soundtrack. The film is my life. My music matches things I've experienced or felt. Even if the whole thing is made up.

When you get hurt as bad as I got hurt, the idea of hurting someone as bad as they hurt you is no longer out of the question.

Depression is a luxury I still can't afford.

I like generals. I like Napoleon. I like strategy. The majority of them are praised for mass destruction, but it's exciting to see how it comes to the mind mentally. 

Is Charles Manson a serial killer? No, he isn't, because he ain't do no killing. He's a coward. He was just crazy enough to influence people to kill for him. There were a lot of Charles Mansons in my neighborhood. There were no Napoleons.

Hip-hop is arrogant because people are arrogant.

Rap artists are like fighters. They don't need a coach to call them champ for them to believe it. 

You need a respectable opponent, but you don't have to respect 'em. In the end you're gonna finish 'em anyway, right?

Marriage and Successful Black Women

Ya'll may have seen this one floating around the internet. I found this extremely interesting. I gave my thoughts elsewhere and decided to compile them here:
  • Honestly, to be fair, you can't knock them for having standards. If you step your game up, its only natural for you to want someone on your level. I personally think women look to be upgraded by the men they date. My problem is when they expect things of their mate that they don't even have themselves. Like I date women and some of the preferences they have for men don't even make sense to me.
  • Its like you're @ the point where if you can find a woman who can cook, clean, be smart and is educated you'd better wife her asap. Some women have been brainwashed to have ridiculous standards for their mates. Cool. But if you don't even have your shit right, WHY should I downgrade? Its like someone telling you to fix a car and they don't understand the mechanical system.I've gone on dates with women and asked them what they look for in a man then I ask what they bring to the table...the same generic script that their actions show they don't even live by. I do think that money shouldn't change you..but be real..if you got 50 mil, your standards in a mate would immediately shoot up. IMO, a relationship is balanced when a man knows how to be a man. We think in terms of survival and wanting to be the best at what we do. At least we should. Women IMO think in terms of security. When a woman can find a man that will be a real man, they'll stick with him. Another problem is that women sometimes waste their youth messing with no good men. When I date a woman and she starts talking about dating a thug or someone who sells weed, its a turnoff. Number one, that's a low level hustle and I beieve in going all out. Number 2, I don't wanna deal with no baggage or some hot head down the block trying to kill me over some box .
  • When we're on the comeup, women recognize it and are really attracted to it. They know that an ambitious hard working man will eventually come up. It is what it is. Women will give men more play of potential than vice versa. Men we look for loyalty, trust and if a chick has our back. I trained myself to find a hardworking female...but my main issue is that I want the credit for my hard work. I've seen it with some of my friends that they'd come up and their girl wasn't supportive at all till they hit big. And honestly, when you're working hard, you want companionship of the opposite sex who can understand that your time is valuable. I talked about my commitment issues but that's something I pointed out. When you want companionship and you're hustling, sometimes you want it at your convenience. If you're upfront about it. No harm, no foul. We're all adults here.
  • Another issue is that professionalism doesn't define you as a person IMO. Your job/degrees don't make you all of who you are. They are assets and things that you possess...credentials..but end of the day, some of the smartest people do the ugliest things to humanity. Either you're a man/woman first, or you're not. No way around it. As a college graduate, I can say that its something to be proud of no doubt..but it doesn't define me. I define myself by who I am, what has shaped me, my strengths/weaknesses and my belief system. I think as Black folks, we put a high value on education. Definitely no problem with that...but at the same time, social skills are needed to interact with people and to relate to them on a human level. I don't give a damn how many degrees a woman will have if she's a snobby, arrogant person. And mark my words, a lotta the women ya'll think are tough and hard to talk to....a lotta these women just wanna be understood and meet a guy who can talk bout a wide range of subjects. They may make a lot a year, but ya'll lying to yourselves if you don't think they want a dude in their beds @ night. I also don't think women see money like how we males do.
  • Dating, especially in a city like NYC, is a ridiculous numbers game. The days of settling with the first person you meet are done. Remember, your dating options are limited to what YOU will go out and pursue. That's my attitude. Call it not settling. Its a big world. Then again, women are faced with the double standard of sexual experiences. If a dude goes overseas, 9/10 he's gonna look for some box and doesn't need to feel a type of way. If a chick goes overseas, and gets some pipe, she may initially feel guilty or say some shit like "a lady never tells" or some shit like that.
  • At some point it goes beyond the blame game and into personal accountability.

Edit: also wanted to add that not every woman is wife material nor man husband material, regardless of social class, education level, etc. :-)

'The Rest of Kayne West"/"Rest of The Neptunes" Mixtapes

Two very good compilations by the big homie Half Amazin over there @ givethedrummasome.com.

Peep the links for the Neptunes compilation here and here

and Ye's right's here

"Secret Society" Mixtape

The less you know, the better...but the "Secret Society" will be releasing a mixtape straight for your ears this New Years Day. Featured on the tape are such familiar names as Wale, Hijynx, Blu, Fashawn, Cashtro Crosby and G.O.D. Jewels.

1. Intro (J. Diction and Hi-Jynx Prod. By Plan)
2. Special Bond (Pharoah)
3. Gym Class (The MECCA of Rhymes)
4. Never Fail (Hi-Jynx Prod. by Half Amazin)
5. Takeover (F.A. the Squad)
6. Sunroof Missin (How E. Stacks Prod. By Keen-¥)
7. Yea That's Me (Wes Duce Prod. By Half Amazin)
8. Mary Jane (Keyel)
9. The Come Up (Epiphany)
10. Drinks Up (Wale)
11. Change the Game (EDF and Hollywood Floss Prod. By Nemesis)
12. Lose Control (Qualmes)
13. Coordinates Remix (M. Will the Shogun)
14. I'm the Business (YP)
15. More (Mr. Jefferson Prod. By Mighty 1ne and Time)
16. Jordans And A Gold Chain (Hi-Jynx and G.o.D. Jewels)
17. Samsonite Man (Fashawn feat. Blu)
18. Imagination (Hi-Jynx and Mr. Jefferson Prod. By Keen-¥)
19. 2 Clean Flow (Epiphany)
20. G.O. (G.o.D. Jewels feat. Louchiano Prod. By Half Amazin)
21 Cash Moody: Always Be Me (Cashtro Crosby)
22. Outro (Time Prod. Plan)

"Distant Relatives"

One of my personally anticipated music releases for the next year. I hope Nas can come in the vein on "Untitled" (not LIKE the album, but keep his depth and gravity nearly the same). The features also look pretty interesting as well. I'm also interested in the marketing campaign behind an album with such subject matter. Can't wait to BUY this on March 16th (if all goes well).

01 Intro (Something New) (prod. Damian Marley)
02 As We Enter (prod. Damian Marley)
03 Revolutionary (prod. Damian Marley)
04 Count Your Blessings (prod. Damian & Stephen Marley)
05 Belief is Key (prod. Damian Marley)
06 Africa Must Wake Up f. K’naan (prod. Nas, Damian & Stephen Marley)
07 Black Horizon f. K’naan (prod. Damian Marley)
08 Only the Strong (prod. Damian & Stephen Marley)
09 Our Generation f. Joss Stone & Stevie Wonder (prod. Damian Marley)
10 Empowerment (prod. Stephen Marley)
11 AID (prod. K’naan & Nas)
12 Let’s End It (Poverty) f. K’naan (prod. 9th Wonder & Damian Marley)
13 The Earth f. Bob Marley (prod. Salaam Remix, Damian & Stephen Marley)
14 Black Man’s Paper f. Erykah Badu (prod. Afry) [UK Bonus]
15 Weed On f. Snoop Dogg (prod. Damian Marley) [iTunes Bonus]


Just wanted to post this video on the N-Word by the homie AV Rockwell. I was one of the people featured along with my friend Anastasia and my homegirl Nesha. It was an interesting experience filming this. Check it out.


Another recollection of Tweets that I thought I'd share on here:

  • #09memories graduating college. Black man with a degree for the win!! #fistpump
  • #09memories dodging numerous "bullets". Ha!!!!
  • #09memories being a member of the Tough Guys. @thedynamics @6fif @Henz0 @jwb_ent @jdotofresh
  • #09memories mastering the ability to sift through people's bullshit.
  • #09memories @frshpulp and www.frshpulp.com
  • #09memories @therealstylesp tearing down Southpaw with Kiss and Sheek
  • #09memories learning and developing relationships with numerous industry OGs. You know who you are.
  • #09memories RIP Grandma and Big Ant
  • #09memories try to pull mad strings till the homie @Urkelbotbrian got me into the sold out @Raekwonicewater release event @ SOBs.
  • #09memories meeting this dude @Qualmes. My son had me in tears from the roast sessions we had at my mans crib.
  • #09memories Moomia, party crashing with the team and bsing with @MDfranchize and @soulfyne
  • #09memories meeting a couple of my favorite new artists.
  • #09memories. Partyhopping from 10 PM to 6 AM. Did like 6 spots.
  • #09memories "from birds on my nerves to chicks on my dick" (c) @ludajuice
  • #09memories BYOB @ PNC hosted by @FYMTG @Combat_Jack and AKingPNCRadio. That shit was epic
  • #09memories getting into @Raekwonicewater's rooftop listening session @ EMI with@MDFranchize
  • #09memories taking life for what it is.
  • #09memories that dance @Blue831 gave me @ Moomia. If I was a trick, she coulda had my cash. ;-)
  • #09memories: solid releases from @GoDJewels @wordspit @theboyillinois @jynxurself and some others I can't remember off top.
  • #09memories developing an ability to look out for my interests without being an asshole (unless provoked)
  • #09memories crushing on lightskinned girl(s) more than usual. I'm usually indiscriminate as hell.
  • #09memories being more selective about my friends and associates.
  • #09memories learning how to be humble and keep my mouth shut.

What I Learned From My Dating Experiences in 2009.

"It aint like I aint tell you from Day One/I aint shit when it comes to relationships, I don't have the patience"-Jay-z

The cat's out the bag…….

This entry was inspired by something I read Friday. I was with some company and we eventually started talking about our signs. I'm a Taurus, so when the ladies found that out, I got a sorta "ennhhh" reaction (in addition to being a Jamaican young man :-/) We ended up reading this natal chart that broke down your signs and all this. Here's some of what mine read concerning the opposite sex:

"Your need for friendship/intellectual stimulus from your partner equals/surpasses your need for love. Your need to rove may hurt those who get involved with you. This high state of energy ends quickly and boredom sets in. Your need for freedom makes a traditional relationship feel oppressive."

I denied all of this with a slick grin. It's a horoscope; all of that is coincidental-or is it? I don't like my life being dictated to me...but that was too on point....

I was thinking about this today as I reflected on the females I’ve dated in ‘09: I get bored EXTREMELY fast and can't/won't commit for SHIT. I've always been like that. Its like "Ok, I like you, you like me, we kick it. What else is there?" My friends always tell me that maybe its the females I'm meeting that only intrigue me on a superficial level. Whatever the case, I need to be mentally stimulated, even if it is short term. I’d like to think my standards are fine: in school/college graduate (preferred) or working, witty, attractive to me, not up in the face of every dude she meets, and at least remotely intelligent with good convo. But why the constant intrigue and curiosity for what else is out there?

Out of respect for people's time, Im upfront and honest. But here’s MY deal: I admit to you all that I’m a commitment-phobe. There. It’s off my chest. Whatever female I date from here on out can read this and use it as evidence. Fine. It got so “hot”…that I went on a lunch date with a female I’d been digging for a while (who didnt know me beyond pleasantries) and out of the light convo we had, she said “You seem like you get bored with situations fast…you don’t have a girl, do you?” 

Its like:
• I date around. I like female company. I like picking the female psychology apart with conversation. The way they think is so different from us males. It’s intriguing. I've been told I have a personality that brings people to open up to me. From the females I've dated telling me that and just the way people relate to me on a day to day level, I can say it's true. I’ve also been told I’m an enigma..and that is always charismatic to people on a “get to know you” stage. Plus, dating in NYC is a numbers game. You have to sift out the trash from the treasure. I do think it’s more extreme for females than for males, but still and all, the days of just finding that person on one try seem to be over with. Besides, you’ll know what to look for when/if you wanna settle down. May be a bad excuse, but it’s true. In my opinion of course.
• I haven't even hit my "prime" yet. There's money to be made, people to meet,. I get a lotta flack for it, but I mean...as you explore the world and your options, you reserve the right to be a bit choosy and selective, right? I went to England last year and met some nice females who were cool as shit. I come back to NYC and was just like "Man, this shit is wack over here." Literally. It was like a black mood followed me. So it’s like if you have the world at your disposal, why not just use it for what it is and see what the future holds? 
• I mean....at least I'm honest right? That has to count for something. Other guys would tell a chick anything for some ass. I can't (end self righteous rant). No harm, no foul. That way, we're in the clear. No gun to her (their) heads. No one forcing anyone to do anything. No lying. Its the mature approach.
• The knock on me: I’ve been told I make minimal effort, whatever that means. It’s like “I like you, you like me. I’m NOT chasing you”. I’ve never been one to hound women to like me. It’s like either you’re with it or not. No harm, no foul. If you don’t like me, you reserve the right to talk to the next man. Cool. But at the same time, I don’t feel like hounding a girl to kick it with me and if you see me with another girl, read the signs. If we're not committed, I dont owe you anything unless you ask something like "I like you but would like to know if you're seeing anyone else." I’m more of the “Lets do dinner on Friday night @ 7 PM at _____..oh you can’t make it? Fine, we can always reschedule”. W/e they do is their business. I’ll prolly be out anyway or some shit.

They say you are who you date. Well this year’s been interesting. I’m the “fool me once type”; between that and the fact that I know a TON of females, I get a lotta bullshit. Just talked about it ith a friend of mine who knows me well and she said I seem like the “married to my work” type anyway. I've been told that people "like this" date at their own convenience and schedule. No comment.

I figured the the root of it all probably in September and this is probably as personal as I’ll get. This is why I fight for my own identity: I REALLY struggle with letting my parents failed marriage define me and the types of women I date or allow into my life. Beyond what I can put into words. It’s really a pathetic, pitiful state of mind to be in, especially for someone as mentally resilient as myself. I saw how my mom reacted. I just wish she’d had something outside of the marriage besides church. I saw the efforts my pops made, but to no avail. So it’s like “Why commit and take the risk of having someone you love and spend some much time, money and emotions on leave you?” On my life…I feel like I’ve achieved a lot, but that’s gonna be one major thing that haunts me till I get over it. Then there’s the process of loving someone who meets your standards despite their flaws and being at the point where you’ll do anything for them. With me, I've only been in one situation when I've liked a girl, the shit didnt work out and I felt like it was my loss. The other times, it was more like "Ok, we're done talking, I'll go my way and you go to yours." A week later, we'd both be talking to someone new or I'd be bugging out at some party of another or locked up working on my laptop on something. So those outlets cushion any emotional pain from a potential loss. Not only that, but I dont even think my best days are here, so it's like "Fuck it, there'll be more anyway". I've had that mentality since college. In fact, my boys used to make fun of me and say that my catchphrase was "There's more where that came from". I'm proactive if I feel that I can do better...the problem is that thinking dominates my mind 99.9% of the time.

Here's to better women and more growth in 2010. Knowing my luck, something big's right around the corner. Lord willing, we'll see what the future holds. Thanks for reading.

"Just Begun"-Reflection Eternal feat. Mos Def and Jay Electronica

From the upcoming Reflection Eternal album. Cool to see J. Cole eating this track, Mos Def spitting flames and Jay Electronica getting some shine. 

Iron Man II Trailer

Not too sold on Whiplash as a main villain, but this will be a blockbuster. More sarcastic quips from Tony Starks and the first appearance of War Machine.

"Legal Money"-Styles P (Video)/Broken Safety

New video from The Ghost as he prepares "The Green Ghost" project for a release on February 2nd, 2010

While you're at it, DL this superb Styles P mixtape. I've been bumping "Broken Safety" steadily. Pinerooooo

"Pyrex Vision"-Raekwon (Video) (NSFW)

Ahhh yes...another video for one of the best songs off of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II. Good to see The Chef making moves and getting critical acclaim. Shoutouts to Onsmash.

My Favorite Hip Hop Releases of 2009

In retrospect, 2009 was a stellar year for hip hop. Newcomers burst onto the scene and established themselves as the new generation and veterans gave us solid releases. I spent the majority of my night listening to some music I got into my Ipod this year and here’s my top 10. This is all opinion but the first three are sureshot. The others are in no particular order. Without further ado:


The TOP album of the year goes to Only Built For Cuban Linx II. They say you cannot rush greatness and in this case that proved extremely true. This album was 14 years in the making and featured production from Dr. Dre, J. Dilla, RZA, Marley Marl and Alchemist. It had three of the year’s most RIDICULOUS instrumentals: “Surgical Gloves”, a straight SINISTER Alchemist creation; “House of Flying Daggers”, a militant, driving, metallic sonic backdrop from J. Dilla; and “10 Bricks”, another hypnotic J. Dilla creation with a guitar plucked yet thumping instrumental. The album was released to great critical acclaim and recently gained the #7 spot on Time Magazine’s Top 10 albums of 2009. If you haven’t copped this album, please be sure to do so. You wont be disappointed.


The second favorite release of 2009 goes to J. Cole’s The Warm Up. I first heard about Cole when I was interning at Def Jam. My man Vic put me onto the kid and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made to listen to a new artist. I liked The Come Up, his previous mixtape and really looked forward to this release. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times and he’s been cool and humble. He also got my respect; at his release part for The Warm Up, he stood outside with members of his team and handed out promotional copies of the mixtape and chatted with attendees. That’s the type of hunger you rarely see from a lotta artists. He’s on Roc Nation and with his verses on “Star Is Born” and “Beautiful Bliss” (he TOTALLY blacked out on this shit) , he’s made himself stand out amongst the newer class of MCs. This kid is a problem; I think what separates him from a lotta artists is his obvious hunger and also that he’s relatable. Definitely will look forward to any new releases from him. Download here.


The Blueprint III marks the third best release this year. Little known fact: part of the reason that I took the internship at Def Jam was to do anything to contribute to this album as S.C is my favorite all time rapper. Copying, filing, WHATEVER. Literally. Stan status . Fuck it. Dude ends up going to Atlantic to wrap up his “last” album and drops this on September 8th. Honestly, it took a few spins to grow on me; NO I.D., Timbo and Ye produced the majority of the album, but it coulda used some more audio heat from Just Blaze. I also wasn’t too big a fan of some of the features (Rihanna on “Run This Town”, Drake on “Off That”) , but I must say that Cudi’s appearance on “Already Home” wasn’t as bad as I expected. It’s strategically different from Hov’s previous releases and he knows it, blatantly telling us “niggas want my old shit, buy my old albums”. With the exception of the gratingly annoying “On To The Next One” and the clichéd “Reminder” (where Jay reminds us for the 1,000,000th time why he’s that good), I’ve grown to like the album. Sidenote: For the record, the best “cocky” Jay-z incarnation came on Volume III. In any case, “Empire State of Mind” has proven to be the undisputed NY anthem and “Venus vs. Mars” is a clever take on the male/female dynamic. THE standout track to me that captures Jay is “So Ambitious”. Pharell and Jay gave us a BANGER. Shawn’s more like the elder statesman of hip hop right now, so I can appreciate the mature direction the album took.


So Far Gone made Drake a superstar without any major label backing. It’s a strategic release with more of an R&B undertone than a hip hop one that worked extremely well for the Toronto representative. It spawned two of the biggest hits this year in the Trey Songz assisted “Successful” and “Best I Ever Had” with “Unstoppable” featuring Lil’ Wayne and SantoGold running a close third. This kid can flat out spit as demonstrated on Comeback Season and Room for Improvement, but with Drake displaying his singing talent, SFG really showedanother dimension to his artistry. Drake holds his own with Lil’ Wayne on “Ignant Shit”, spitting lines like “But I never get attracted to fans, cuz an eager beaver could be the collapse of a dam/Always knew that I could figure, how to get these label heads to offer him good figures and me doing the shows getting everyone nervous, cuz them hipsters gon’ have to get along with them hood niggas”. The kid has a distinct ability to pick instrumentals that just bring out the strengths in his delivery. I can’t put my finger on it. It’s just like his instrumentals compliment his lyrics VERY well. Aside, from this, Drake’s been killing damn near every feature/"loose song" he’s been on (see: “Every Girl”, “More Milli”, etc). I am worried about overexposure, but I think when it's all said and done, Drake will give us a quality album.


      The Thornton Brothers provide us with Till The Casket Drops, the last "major" release of 2009. This Columbia Records sponsored album gave them a chance to work with the likes of Rick Rubin; the Neptunes, DJ Khalil and Sean C and LV provided the audio heroin for us. My favorite tracks are "Popular Demand" featuring Cam'ron (this shit KNOCKS), "Freedom" and "Life Change". The album seems to give us a look into the "renewed" Clipse. It seems they got away from the "Nightmares" of Hell Hath No Fury and have a new lease on life, especially on "Life Change" which provides a somewhat triuphant end to the album. Malice sees the light: “Money, hoes and clothes is Malice’s past tense/All sins forgiven, all you do is ask Him”. I really think “Eyes on Me” featuring Keri Hilson has crossover radio potential and could be heavy in the clubs. “Doorman” is gonna have to grow on me, but it’s good to see that they finally were able to put out a solid album with all of the label BS that has affected their career.

6    6.The LeftoverUnmixedtape was more of a compilation of old Elzhi tracks featuring featured and unreleased works. The production ranged from Black Milk to Jake One to Moss and provided a great sonic backdrop for Elz to paint his vivd pictures on. The tape literally dropped last week so you can get it here.


Deeper Than Rap was an interesting album. Despite the conflict with Fif. Despite the pictures and denials. Despite the baby mama smuttery. Ross put together a surprisingly cohesive album. If anything, the man’s imagination deserves a lot of credit. “Mafia Music” has to be one of the most assertive tracks released this year with "Magnificent" being a certified problem as well. My main gripe with this album was that "Cigar Music" was left off of it as well as the misplaced tracks featuring The Dream and Ne-yo respectively. All in all, I liked this album. Cant ever forget about "Maybach Music II" either.


8.  The Boss of All Bosses mixtape. Good release from Killa Cam. Featured Harlem new jack Vado and DJ Drama. After the atrocity that was Crime Pays, the streets wanted something even slightly resembling vintage Killa. We got it with this release. Check it out.

8   9.

      I think a lot. I liked to be entertained but can appreciate music that can make me think. Manifest Destiny did just that for me. I admittedly don’t go to church anymore and this release made me question some of the decisions I’ve made regarding religion, even if it were for a brief moment of time. It’s definitely not a “gospel rap” record (at all), but it addressed the innate human need to connect to a Higher Power quite well. I will say that Poe is a very “aggressive” artist and you’ll see why when you listen to “Bask in My Glory”. Overall, if you’d like your thoughts provoked check this out.


      The Network was a solid release from Young Chris. After peeping The Newprint and a couple of other mixtape releases from the Philly native, I was geeked to get my hand on this. Chris is arguably the second best from State Property (or whatever’s left of it) and this mixtape served as something to hold us over till “Now or Never” comes out (not that I’m holding my breath). “Last Two”? Silly. DL here.

Corey Brewer Baptizes Derek Fisher

So disrespectful.

"Brooklyn's Finest" Trailer

Directed by Antoine Fuqua of "Training Day" fame. Wesley Snipes is in this; that's intriguing in itself. Michael K Williams, Richard Gere, Don Cheadle and Ethan Hawke round out the rest of the star power in this one. If it's anything like "Training Day", we might be in for a future cult classic.

"Pre-Crosbyfication:The Web Series Vol 1"

New ish from my man @Cashtro!! Enjoy!

Triple B Records: Cashtrofication - Episode 1 from Alexander Vlad on Vimeo.

"100 Quotes From The Wire" Pt. II

Taken from TSS 

More great quotes from The Wire

Side Chicks=Fuckery

What I will address has been happening from the beginning of time and can lead to questions such as "Are human beings built for monogamy?"..but that's another blog entry...It's just that this year seems to have had extreme cases of the topic at hand-side chicks.

As usual, you can thank Twitter for a myriad of Trending Topics, namely #sidechickawareness, #whymencheat and #whywomencheat. Looks like people were doing a lotta dry snitchin' on themselves with some of the Tweets I saw; you can also factor in the usual social networking frontin and it made for an interesting day.

Anyway here's the definition of a side chick as I know it: a woman who's knowingly involved with a man already in a relationship. Usually there because she does all the things the main chick can't/won't do. Can be there for emotional "support" if things go wrong with the main chick (totally ass backwards). Usually has nothing to lose. Directly proportional to a "Boyfriend #2".

There have been women who were involved in "dating" involved men, but once they found out the situation, they ended it. Applause. This doesnt apply to them.

The latest case: you got Tiger Woods basically being exposed as having been involved in numerous extramarital affairs. Texts, voicemails and all. If I really didnt think he a human being, I would be shocked. Near billionaire athlete= a HIGH rate of pussy being thrown at you. Not that I advocate creeping, but if you do it, you dont leave a "paper trail". 

Then you add the racial undertone being that Tiger is married to a White woman. Heh, that makes it WAY more interesting because Tiger's never really been considered "one of the brothas". And ya'll know how the mass media can be with Black men who fuck up in public spotlight....I just hope he's lawyered up......

Good point he raised in his release: "Personal sins should not require press releases and problems within a family shouldn't have to mean public confessions."

Shoot, we already lost Steve McNair to side chick fuckery. Dude got shot 4 times in his sleep by the side chick that ends up shooting herself. There were reports of her being mentally unstable as well. Damn. Dying over a side chick...and a crazy one at that.

I dont see the point in all this side chick shit. I understand that people like having their cake and eating it to. I really do. If that's the case, don't commit. I've personally seen up close what side chicks can do to a family. I dont understand it. Too much variables and uncalculated risks. Having a side chick is a waste of time because 

  • Women are naturally competitive, more than we males sometimes give em credit for. This is why they sometimes look at your new chick and size her up to find out if she has anything that they don't have. This is why the side chick will do ALL the nasty shit a dude wants just to spite the main chick and to have "her man". They say if a female wants a man, she can have him....
  • You cant keep your side chick in pocket. She has nothing to lose. If someone has nothing to lose, they can act as outta pocket and wreckless as they want and it'll just seem as if they're reacting to their circumstances. Especially if they have money, noteriety and possible book deals? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned....
  • Commitment. I take marriage and commitment seriously. You're as good as your word and your bond. If your woman aint cutting it anymore, feel free to break up with her. Sure there's cases of people with kids and joint accounts, etc, but that's something you'll have to measure and decide if you're in that situation. I'm not so I can talk as much shit as I want. :-p
  • "You feed a sucker, it'll grow to be a bigger leech": I've heard of stories where dudes trick on their side chicks and have seen this with my own two eyes. The greed of these women is bottomless. They have "everything to gain"...and if you develop that habit of feeding them, who's to say they wont blackmail you if they demand a debt you can't pay?

Part of being an adult is knowing how to be upfront and mature. If you wanna live a playboy lifestyle, so be it. It's your choice and you shouldn't feel bad just because some girl you're trying to deal with thinks you're "out there". Just be a responsbile adult (ie regular checkups at the clinic and use of protection) and keep it 100. If a female doesn't wanna be down, that's her choice. There's some who will be down (more than you think). Having a side chick is a coward's way out in my opinion. Besides, they might not like your lifestyle choice...but they'll respect the honesty. A lotta dudes will lie their ass off for some butt. Totally against the rules of the game. If you're gonna play, play fair.

"Surgical Gloves" (Video)-Raekwon

About time the full length vid for this song came out. Arguably one of the most seizure inducing instrumentals put on wax this year provided by Alchemist. Rae plans the perfect heist with "47 quick claps..."

Dec 1st is World AIDS Day

Knowledge is power. Be responsible and get tested. 


"Wu Massacre" Pt III (Video)

Taken from three21media.com...the most highly anticipated release of Q1 2K10?
According to David Fincher’s “Se7en” Deadly Sins, we’ve seen the sin of PRIDE (the high sense of worth for oneself) and SLOTH (spiritual and emotional apathy) and how the Wu deals with such vices. Well now it’s Raekwon’s turn and guess which capital sin pisses him off the most. Three/21 presents the final installment: “The Wu-Massacre” Part III. Directed by Rik Cordero. Album is now due on February 9, save the date!

"Music Monday"-HiJynx

New music from my man HiJynx. DL this or perish!!!!!

He'll also be performing @ White Rabbit again Tuesday night at a show scheduled from 9-1. 145 E. Houston Street. 

"Think Big"-Beanie Sigel (Jay-z Diss)

I LIKE this. Sounds like "Public Enemy #1" era Beans....warmup track

"8 Billion Lives With Young Chris"

Interesting mini documentary on Young Chris. 

"Microphone" (Video)-Slaughterhouse

"Venus Vs Mars Freeverse"-HiJynx

Shoutouts to the homie HiJynx...

Venus vs Mars

It's On: Beans(/50) vs. Jay

"Negro please, you no mustache, havin' whiskers like a rat/Compared to Beans, you wack..."-Nas

Something incredible is about to happen in the hip hop game. We might be on the verge of an epic showdown.

Last week, Beans released "I Go Off" featuring 50 Cent. Recycled first verse aside (it was from "Last Two"), the song featured 50 Cent talking a WHOLE gang of shit as the end. Peep for yourselves.

Combat Jack wrote an excellent post the other day about the whole situation. 50 and Jay have thrown  barbs at each other in past times, but nothing too severe. All that MIGHT end with this track. It seems that 50 is challenging Hov for the NY throne with his guerilla alpha male tactics. I like it. Jay's my favorite artist...but I said a while back how "Kingdom Come" and its whole "I'm sophisticated" approach was kinda forced to me. I understand artistic growth....but a HUGE part of me misses the niggerishness of Vol III Hov where he talks about popping bottles on the White House lawn. How could you NOT miss that. Blueprint III was cool...but it's like he's outgrown the hip hop game. He's more of an elder statesman now. 

 Enter Beans. He's been on a gang of interviews and each time I hear the guy, I just feel bad for him...but at the same time, he's OBVIOUSLY a pawn. It's all just entertainment, but 50 is a master manipulator. Dude will get at anyone using anything they hold dear (ie this ).

Beans claims to have some heatrocks for Hov...and here's a sampler...

This might be what we've wanted. The General vs. The President. I don't think 50 has the lyrical prowess to say anything to make fans question Hov (at least not me)..but Beans does. Besides matching him bar for bar/outshining him on the MAJORITY of songs they've done together (IMO), Beans claimed to know things "that would make B look at you different". C'mon Hov...SAY SOMETHING.........

Once again it's on...(if Hov responds...)

Classic: 100 Greatest "The Wire" Quotes

I fux with "The Wire" heavy. Arguably the greatest prime time drama series of our time. Whoever compiled this needs to be rewarded handsomely. Enjoy.

Cam: Dipset Is OVER (LOL)


He aint need them cats anyway (II). I like when people get rid of dead weight. It was good while it lasted people. Let my nigga live. Boss of All Bosses II coming soon.

This Is Why I Fux With 50 Cent

Say what you want about the man's rap skills...but when it's on it's on. Some say he's crossing the line by involving Ross' BM and pickneys in this whole fiasco but: If you're gonna wreck a hater, wreck the muthafucka to the point where they're completely at your mercy. Dude is an evil genius. Before ya'll say how Fif is buggin out...remember "Mafia Music" started this whole shit with Ross' comments on 50s BM and the crib burning down.

Clipse: "Cussed Em Out" (Video)

I might be bugging but aint that former Dipset affiliate Big Joe? LOL

I Cussed Em Out A Little from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

"Popular Demand (Popeyes)"-Clipse feat. Cam'ron (Video)

My favorite of the new Clipse songs FINALLY has a video. Till The Casket Drops. December 8th. Thornton Brothers. Act like you know. Killla!!!! Shoutouts to Onsmash as well.

I see they shot part of the vid over in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Yessirrrrrrr

Wordspit x Shortypop

Good to see the homies CE of Shortypop and Wordspit link up. Soundtrack for this photoshoot was "Lights Camera Action" from The Coolest B-Boi Stance

Brandon Jennings 55 Pt. Game

Shoutouts to the Knicks for passing on him. Not to mention, Im a fan of skilled lefty guards...

"Booty Pop"

I swear "The Isis Papers" touched on this type of shit somewhere in one of its chapters.....

Cuffin' Season II: "You The Type That Need A Wife"....

*All names will not be revealed so as to not embarrass the guilty*

Re: my first "Cuffin Season" entry: A lotta people hit me up asking about my personal situation. I like women. That's all I'll reveal. I'm not one to broadcast my business, much less online. Not that I wouldnt claim a girl I like...I just dont like nosy people. I'm not opposed to having a partner...but it's gonna be based on "game recognize game" and not just because I need a bosom to snuggle up on. All I can say is that I forsee a lotta Scrabble games and mozzarella and spinach stuffed meatloaf in my future. LOL.....

But this post was inspired by a LOT. It's FEVER fuckin' pitch out here, especially with Thanksgiving/Christmas right around the corner. Ya'll niggas prolly want someone to take home to your families. Recently, Ive been getting Facebook statuses dedicated to me. I'm not being conceited about it either. I'm probably one of the most humble, down to earth people you'll ever meet...but that doesnt mean I cant call it like I see it. Not even playing the game right...anything worth having is worth paying for. No one likes the cow if the milk is free. I dont understand how people can invite themselves out on other people's dime...but that's neither here nor there. 

The latest trend seems to be dudes acting like bitches because girls wont go out on dates with them. Bringing up other dudes a girl might be seeing. Acting catty and snippy. That's that bullshit. I was schooled that you aint supposed to even worry about other dudes because you and a female's time together is your and her time together. Unless you're trying to wife her and you wanna see if she's single or not should be the only time you even talk about another dude to her or unless its your boy and you dont wanna come between whatever they got going on. It's a ho trait to me. I dont understand why dudes have this obsession with other dudes. I dont. It's borderline disturbing. You cant force a woman to like you. Its like the scene in "Don't Be A Menace" where Marlon held a Tec to a girls head for her #. That's how some of ya'll dudes act when ya'll like a girl. Then ya'll wonder why she's ultimately turned off. A woman should choose you to be with you. If you cant read her body language when she's around you, that's your problem.

Rejection makes you stronger. Sure, you're a dude with an ego but not everyone is obligated to be romantically attracted to you. I dont see what's so hard about not accepting the fact that someone doesnt feel the same way about you as you do about them. That will hinder someone from finding someone who does care. A female, I can understand. Women arent used to rejection like how we are. It's been said that a woman who knows her powers can get anything she wants. I dont know how much I agree with that statement, but I've seen examples that confirm it. I have female friends who didn't have dudes feel the same way about them. It's funny but intriguing at the same time. The wide range of emotions expressed are "60 Minutes" worthy. Like a frenzy.....But as a dude, you should be mentally prepared for rejection. Problem is...a lotta cats are raised from single parent households with mothers who softened them by coddling them. They grow up meeting women expecting them to be all over them. I'm speaking about women who have jobs, school, other responsiblities besides massaging a fragile ego...

Fellas, I understand about women....I totally do. I've dealt with my share of raggamuffins in my day. I've dealt with a LOT in my 7 years of dating. You go through bumps and bruises. You meet someone and they got a shitload of baggage you dont wanna deal with. Or you're dating their "representative" until the real them comes out. It's basic economics: when the supply is down, the demand will skyrocket. And from what I'm hearing/seeing from people I'm close with, thats exactly what's happening. I'm hearing horror stories from females about ya'll dudes man. 

  • Dont be in a rush to lock a girl down. A lot of them are in their 20s and wont even know what they want/will appreciate in a man till later on in their lives.
  • You look desperate and pathetic. Even if you are, package yourself to at least appear mentally balance. Slobbering at the dinner table ass dudes.
  • Females don't like "the obvious". Unless you and shorty have a rapport before, you cant just take a girl out and spill all the beans right there. "Hey sweetie, I know this is our first date, but I think you're the best woman ever and I want us to be together". The fuck outta here. (I've said this in jest...but I know dudes who've done that with a straight face)....

See in a city like NY...the dating pool is what you make it IMO. If you're in the entertainment business, it gets even smaller. It's funny how many millions of ppl there are here, yet there's only 6 or so degrees of separation (1-2 if you're in the business). I've talked with female friends of mine who're on the grind...and ya'll dudes gotta know how to make women feel like women. It's bad enough they gotta deal with the 8404399859 dudes hollering all types of shit at them all day then to deal with work and then spend an hour on the phone or go on a date with a lame ass dude who's insecure. I sympathize with ya'll ladies....

And the plot thickens....

Damn shame. 

Post-College Life

Life after college...

To me....life after college has been pretty alright. Mainly because I've always worked/interned during my last two years in school, it was a relatively easy transition for me. I took a semester off to work and came back to knock out my last class in August, with an official graduation date of 2009. 

For the record, I hated Baruch. Too much of a "square" school for my liking.  Like literally. People would walk with a stick up their asses. I did meet a lotta incredible people and made some lifelong friendships though. One of my biggest regrets was that I didnt hit up enough bars and clubs. I became an absolute workaholic in my final two years once I figured out what I wanted to do and how to get there. I didnt drink or bug out as much...and now I'm realizing you need that balance. College is the best time for someone to do that because post college, you have more responsibilities...and as an entrepreneur, I can tell you that you have to monitor yourself because you have a brand to protect and uphold. My first two years, I bullshitted and used to play NBA Live and talk shit and all that...it was cool while it lasted...

I've been fortunate to get a job in the industry I've had experience in. The business I co-own does lifestyle marketing and promotions, but my "day job" is in the music publishing industry. I got it through a friend of mine that I've given advice to and that's a testament to the power of networking. There's no point in doing a job if you dont want to be the best @ it....so I've asked my boss if he can recommend me some books on publishing. I just want to stay on top of the game. Being at major labels and marketing firms has shown me a lot and I believe that everything happens for a reason. (I do have a tinge of regret that Sony didnt follow up with me for those three positions. I loved the environment and morale there). I HIGHLY doubt I'll anywhere forever, so I always keep an eye out as part of my exit strategy and it is my first job outta college so....I'm not the smartest person, but I've always been curious about how things work. I think that trait has gotten me farther than I could have if I didnt care. Its psychologically debiliatating to not have a job after college.Its like you spent all that $ for nothing...but you gotta think long term as well. 

My advice to college students is 

  • Stay informed. Go to seminars on campus. You'll meet a lotta people to network with and get good advice from.
  • Stay close with your professors. They can be good for recommendations, refer you to jobs or give you practical advice on the job industry you plan to get into. 
  • USE YOUR CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTER. I cant stress this enough. 
  • Moderation. Sure you need liquor, girls and "all that"...but you better make sure you dont mess up in class. Balance all that out.
  • Drink and party and "all that". The only time you'll be doing it post college is on the weekends (if you want to be an effective worker)...

I've been told that my resume will look official in a few years Lord willing. I hope it will. 

Remember O.D.B.

In remembrance of one of the most creative and unique musicians ever..."Return of the 36 Chambers" FTGDW...

Strongarming the Grammys

CLASSIC.... *dead* @ 1:40-1:47

Got My Money?

"Pop Shots"...one of my favorite ODB tracks ever...

Pay Homage.


I think Melo's dunk was way worse..but still Wade aint no slouch...

"Doorman"-The Clipse (video)


Clipse - Doorman Music Video - Til The Casket Drops Dec 8 from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

10 Deep Holiday Preview

Will Bynum Is Mad

Wow @ the hops

Outlaw On Gay

This NBA Season is FULL of poster materials. Cue Victim Three.

"Wu Massacre" Video II

Here's the second viral promo video for the Triple Threat Wu Tang album featuring Meth,Ghost and Rae. Album due on Dec 22nd, which means First Quarter next year. The last victim was done by Tical (Meth) and here's Ghost's turn...

Say Hello To My Dude Hi-Jynx (NSFW)

Enter Jynx. My dude is straight outta the Q-Boro and has dropped some tracks to warm up the world for "Hi-Jynx Presents: Music Monday", his release effort due out on the 22nd of November.

"Kid Robot" is third single from the upcoming mixtape to be released on the 22nd of November.

Here's "Stress" and "Tattoo".....He's also provided the soundtrack for....

"Shortypop Lookbook feat. Megamami"

"Shortypop Lookbook Preview II"

He's also performing later today at White Rabbit (145 Houston St) . The event is from 10PM-1AM. Tech Difficulties on the flyer...

Follow my son on Twitter @Jynxurself

Wow Again.....

Congrats to the Yankees...#27

Ladies...Get With This Dude

Chivalry isnt dead. :-)

"Prince of Persia" Trailer

Wow. Do ya'll recognize how epic this flick is gonna be?

50's A Clown