Twitfam got the #DontSaveHoes trending topic poppin so we all joined in on the hilarity.. Hoes exist, just like good girls do. So here's to them.....

Here's my top 5 #DontSaveHoes tweets along with some ones I thought were hilarious:

5: NONE of MY female friends like you #dontsavehoes.

4. You just happen to be friends with numerous "rappers" and "ballplayers"....and they wouldnt look your way twice in public #dontsavehoes

3.You openly brag about your sexual skills on social networking sites with pictures in your albums #dontsavehoes

2. You look down on women who get dudes to trick on them but youre broke and dont get nothing out of your own smuttery #dontsavehoes.....

1b. In a convo about your past, you say "You dont know any of my other friends so I have nothing to hide" #dontsavehoes

1a. You swear every other female in your life hates you and you make male friends faster than rabbits breed. #dontsavehoes

1. We aint talk in like 5-6 months ..."Howre you doing? You still have your company sweetie?" #dontsavehoes......

Some of the more hilarious ones my Twitfam posted. Shoutouts to: @GJones712 @southsidePAS @IM_GOIN_HAM @DomdotSKEET @trapmuzik617 @inspectahdeck @HilHolla @Half_Amazin 

  • Oh u was in Las Vegas with Too Short huh? #dontsavehoes (I was in tears)
  • Wow, u were a football trainer/manager in highschool? #dontsavehoes
  • Oh you just get high and drunk with them? #dontsavehoes
  • You say you're the baddest bitch in (insert area)? #dontsavehoes
  • You think girls are always talkin bout u behind your back? They are. #dontsavehoes
  • Oh you aint got no girl friends cuz they are too much drama #dontsavehoes
  • You moved to NYC with NO money and already have a spot to stay? #dontsavehoes
  • If u see her walkin wit 6+ dudes #dontsavehoes (I died of laughter from this one) 
  • Oh, you get free drinks at the bar? #dontsavehoes (LMAO)
  • You: Whose ya favorite player on the Knicks? Her: The cute one #dontsavehoes (LOL)
  • When they play Akinyele in the Club you jump the hell and recite the lyrics verbatim? #dontsavehoes
  • You got a varsity jacket and you didn't play? #dontsavehoes (LMFAO)
  • Wat u mean u in Dallas for NBA All Star Weekend talkin' bout 'I luv Tom Brady?' #dontsavehoes
  • Her: "What do you do?" You: "What do you mean?" Her: "Rap? Sing?Clothing? Sports?" #dontsavehoes (personally been through this so it's dumb funny)
  • Room of niggas you HAVEN'T let smash lookin like the final round of musical chairs? #dontsavehoes
  • Been here 5 minutes and you "JUST KNOW" the bouncer, the club owner, DJ, the 4 drunk niggas in the corner & the dudes in VIP? #dontsavehoes (O_o)
  • Gathering of possible fathers look like a town hall meeting? #dontsavehoes
  • You always got a big ass hoodie on? #dontsavehoes (My son Half explained that the hoodie belonged to the gentleMEN that smashed. LMFAO)

As far as I've seen from hoes and interacted with them, they've exhibited a lot of these behaviors or said a lot of these things. One of the more funny trending topics in a while. Truth is said in jest so take it how you want. Lighten up. The shoe only fits if you can wear it. :-)