Us Against The World....

VERY interesting topic in class came up yesterday in Profo's class. Basically, a scholar came to the conclusion that from her research and surveys, people tend to think Jamaicans have an "us against the world" mentality.


I DEFINITELY can agree,and I have seen examples of this in my family and own personal life. LMAO! With my family especially (my aunts on my dad side take the cake. we need to do a reality show.), shit is always over dramatized and blown outta proportion. It's hilarious because they tend to make themselves the center of attention even when the shit aint focused on them.

Personally, especially at this stage in my life, with certain things that have gone down/been going down, i feel the same way. It's psychologically warping, because you know you have friends and people to hold you down, but it's like one instance will make you more wary of who you put your trust in. ESPECIALLY with females. In that department, I've seen a lotta stuff that would WARP anybody...but what i'm learning is to treat the shit as relative and not the norm. People in general will protect their best interests at any cost so......

Maybe it's me being mentally worn out or moreso, going through a mental regression (lmao when they say that females mature faster than us, i REALLY dont think they were lying).... Sarcastic to the T (SERIOUSLY). Quick to state my opinion, right or wrong. Ig'nant when I wanna be (ask about me SMH). Maybe it's being in a cutthroat industry.The little kid who swore pops could do no wrong until he learned other wise. Forced to grow up too fast.Instead of doing something for someoneas a favor(barring people i can count on one hand), I'm more likely to propose an exchange....

Why do I get the feeling that I'm TOO good at burning bridges?

"Don't trust niggas no further than you could throw em"-Styles P.."Us against the world, we dont need him, right"-Hova. "Born alone, die alone, no crew to keep my crown or throne....I need a new nigga for this black cloud to follow."-Nas. "It's hard fuckin' with niggas you hope you could trust/You a fool if your main bitch is easy to fuck."-Nas The paranoid lyrics of some of the artists i listen to dont help either. I take it as entertainment of course (being in a industry built on image), but if anyone says something I feel is true, it is what it is.

That's why I value loyalty and friendship. I can shit on people just as easily and i'm extremely good @ deading people. I've had my trust violated horribly by someone close to me, and that was just a genesis of my process of screening out people to see if I could poly with them.

In particular, I think I've been immature regarding a certain situation that I've been going through. Time to grow up. Reciprocity and equality. this is a world of action/reaction.

Shout outs to my dude Chris. I know you're reading this. Any publicity is good publicity. (Inside joke)

So pardon the rantings of a madman and enjoy your day. Raining and I'm about to take my ass to Def Jam.

PS: Furthermore, if ya'll see any typos (and they've been nomerus (lol) in times past), please excuse them. I often write on the run and hate coming back to correct them.

PPS: Profo also raised a point of learning views and opinions contrary to your own. I'm gonna start doing that. I'd hate to live in a world where everyone agreed.

PPPS: Jeezy's CD was aight to me, but I get the feeling Paper Trail will be better. T.I. went in on some of the tracks i've heard so far.

Listening to: "The World Is Yours"-Nas


-So yesterday, Tag Records artist Q Da Kid came through to the office to introduce himself to us. Jermaine Dupri was also there. Dude was pretty decent.
-One thing I notice, LA Reid always has a power suit on. notes taken
-Why is ______ trying to go through my phone and asking if i love her? Going through my notebook and drawing heart shapes? :-O...PSYCHO ALERT!!!!
-They shitted on my marketing plan. I wanna know why

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