My Head Hurts

I have had headaches all of last week into this week…I need a MRI scan or something.

Yesterday was my nightmare day..the train was backed up from 6th Avenue in Manhattan all the way back to round my way. I left earlier to get to a class I’m always late for then end up late by 40 minutes. I had to lead my group to discuss the direction we’re gonna go in for our paper due on Thursday, and people couldn’t/didn’t make it. I gotta redo this marketing plan for this artist.I got my marketing plan reviewed @ work…I was expecting worse…

We’ve been working on a shitload of stuff @ IMG…ill shit….i’ve just been on overdrive for the last week…feeling spaced the fuck out… last week was hectic with me having 3 days off school outta the week and having meetings like the whole week. I’m tired as fuck mentally and it feels like my brain is tightening up…literally…

Shoutouts to the boy ‘Mel..we was up in Strata for his b-day..dude was smacked!!!..politicked with some of his lady friends…people came out and showed the god love…that’s what it’s all about..that party was a lifesaver with the way shit’s been going.

I strongly dislike the bullshit right now. I’m running a company, interning @ DJ and going to school…in addition to handling my business around house. I’m tired. And frustrated. And averse to wasting/disrespect of my muthafuckin’ time.

The boy Mike Beasley with 16/6 off the bench…fuck what ya heard…my dude is gonna be a problem. Giants 4-0.

This VHI Hip-Hop Honors Show is FIRE.

Signing off.

Listening to "This Life Forever", Jay-z