Minds Behind The Music Summit

And....we're back folks!!!

This Saturday, we'll be having our first Minds Behind The Music Summit! Once again I apologize to those of you who came out as it was scheduled to be @ the BK Hip Hop Festival. Rain didnt stop our game and we've rescheduled it for July 11th at PNC Studios in Dumbo, Brooklyn from 1-3 PM.

Featured panelists include:
  • Amy "Aimstar" Andrieux-Senior Editor/ General Manager, The Source Media Group
  • Amanda "Precise" McIntyre-Chavis-Executive of Mechanical Licensing/ Artist Development, EMI/ Capitol Music Group
  • Shukmei Wong-Co-Founder/ Publicist, WeRoqq Publicity & Promotion
  • Anslem Samuel-Music/ Entertainment Journalist
  • Souleo-Popular Culture & Entertainment Journalist/ Souleo Enterprises, Inc.
  • Justin Henry-Studio Engineer/ Producer, Chung King Studios
  • A King-Program Director/ On-Air Personality, PNC Radio
  • Jake Paine-Editor in Chief of HipHopDX.com
  • Wordspit-Artist/ MC

Ya'll can RSVP @ info@theimgway.com or http://mindsbehindthemusic.eventbrite.com/

I'm really excited about this as it's OUR event.

Pics Are Not Worth 1K Words

I'm regular. I'm a 23 year old who likes sports, kicks, clothes, music and women. I also happen to do my thing. I'm from Brooklyn with a Jamaican background. I'm always in some shit and I like that because I get bored easily. I'm just a normal dude...

So when i go places and people hit me up like "Yo, I heard you were doing your thing, How could I get down?"...i sorta get turned off.
  • Ya'll dont "know" me. A lotta people just see my random ass tweets or saw that I've been in the "industry" at some spots. At least ask me to see if what you think of me is true and adjust accordingly.
  • If you're interested in something, the next step is to research it. Why was i interested in Sony (my first stint ever)? Well, I've always had a love for music and wanted to "feel" my way around and get my foot in the door how I could. I then began to research Sony and relevant music sites etc...my point is research.
  • I LOVE networking and meeting new people. I also make it a point not to shit on anyone because i believe you never know where people can/will end up.
At the same time, you have to learn to approach people on some "real" shit. Not begging. Not dickriding. Not fiending. Just regular. People are used to being sweated all day long and when you appeal to their ego....they know there's usually an ulterior motive behind it.

I was @ a BBQ this weekend and a friend mentioned I do what I do and this dude who was ZOOTED just was trying to ask me all these questions about my company and shit. I was cordial about it and I dont knock anyone who smokes (as long as it doesnt interfere with their productivity) but it just didnt look good.

I got people telling me "Yo, I need to get down with ya'll"....with no one getting back about setting up an meeting where we all can feel each other out. I've been told I'm very perceptive of people. i'm the type to just size people up. I'll walk in a room, see the nearest exits and just scan faces.

So, people see the pics and shit of us @ parties and think it's something sweet. They dont see the real work it takes to run your own business and to do certain things.

I could care less usually, but I just wanted to vent.

The Whirlwind....

So lately I aint been updating my blog because:
  • I've been bored with it
  • I've been out the crib
  • Indifference
So here goes the recap for the past few days....
  • I got about 6 hours of sleep total for this weekend. Between working and party-hopping my ass off, I was just out my crib a lot. It's summertime and I knew it was gonna be epic. We BBQ hopped our ass off.
  • I've been laying low Just chillin...enjoying the weather and going out. Seems like The Fader has an event like 3 times a week so I'm usually there...
  • Regular shit....
  • Started my last class of my college career today. It's an Ecology class. I'm not really looking forward to it or am really interested but it doesnt seem too out there or anything like that. The lab is from 2:30-5 and the Lecture is from 5:50-6:45...shouldnt be too bad at all. I just hated it because I gotta readjust my schedule now because of it. It's a new challenge so bring it on.
  • I missed a female interest of mines' cocktail party becuase I was stuck @ work on Friday. Fuck My Life. Majorly as well.