-my moms staying home from work. it's agonizing. i REALLY take after my father. me and him started talking more. he's been giving me advice about shorty
-as much as i like her and act detached when i wanna, i'm gonna miss her when she goes to Jersey for her internship. looks like i gotta capitalize when she comes up for weekends. i'l leave it at that.
-still cant believe Andre 3000 was dolo on 34th St.
-if the Knicks dont get OJ Mayo if he's available, i'll throw a 4 month long tantrum. Fuck what you heard. the kid would be a STAR in NY. Imagine the marketing opportunities he'd provide.
-GTA IV is fuckin' awesome
-I'm addicted to NYC. i think my previous sentiments about wanting to move were because i didnt think much of the summer. so much $ to be made, clients to be worked with, etc.

Niggas cannot fuck with DJ Premier at all. at all i tell you.


met Andre 3000 on 34th St between 5th and 6th yesterday...dude was dolo dressed up in cargo pants and a light army jacket. DOLO. i dunno how no one else recognized him. just gave dude a pound and kept it moving.

the weather yesterday brought out Manhattan's finest women. i'm not complaining. did my thing out there.