Interesting Developments


Looks like I'll be going to work @ the A&R Power Summit later today. I'm amped as fuck. 8-0

-I'm definitely feeling a bit better about everything.
-I can't stop thinking about her. I'm just taking this shit day by day.
-I'm proud of myself. Cornerstone has me as an NYC All Star Rep within my first three weeks of officially being there. My work has been used as examples in company wide emails. It's gratifying to the ego. It also helps knowing people....
-...Who can get me into places like Ciara's Listening Session last night. It was @ my son Jaquan's ( abode @ the legendary Hall of Fame Studios in Queens. It was "organic" and unpretentious. The whole hood came out and the studio girls were looking good.
-The Playoffs are legendary. I wanna see this Bulls/Celtics game tonight and I smell an upset.

Outty 5000

The Ball's Rolling

-Last night was the first time in a while I got a chance to see a bball game. I like Billups on The Nuggets as he gives them a LEGIT floor general (as well as someone who can help JR on both ends of the floor. Speaking on which, JR will be a problem next season and I KNOW Byron Scott is mad he got rid of him so early)....but they knocked out my Hornets, who were banged up and abused all series. Melo finally gets outta the first round. Nuggets/Dallas will be INTERESTING.

-Barring the tiresome aspect of walking around with a 20 pounds of promo stuff on me, I'm liking this new gig @ Cornerstone.

-I'm thuggin' it out this week. Im still fighting rounds of depressaustion here and there but it's all good end of the day. Just gotta hold it down. I want a tattoo but i dont want any cliche corny shit.

-holla @ me on Linkedin: Wanna build up my professional network.

-Summer's about to get hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poe Picasso

Social networking is a wonder. I was browsing my Twitter (I'm a Twitter whore BTW) and I came across an artist named Poe Picasso. I check out dude's myspace and he has this tape called "Exhibit A". So I check it out and I'm BLOWN away. Ya'll know me.....I appreciate a good lyricist like a Nas, Common or Blu....I listen to X-A regularly so of course I think that Poe's a pretty decent lyricist on the mic so here's our interview in the link Below

I'm Done

Went to the wake today.

Shit hit me the worse. It's like everytime it gets worse.

I dunno how/if I'm gonna function this week.

I just feel like going away for a LONG time.

I Live LifeTopless..................

Bumpin' this song........