"International Players Anthem"

"Baby you been rollin solo time to get down with the team/Because it's greener on the other side if you know what I mean/I show you shit you never seen, the seven Wonders of the world/and I could make you the 8th if you wanna be my girl".........


Main Entry: bet·ter 
Pronunciation: \ˈbe-tər\
Function: adjective 

comparative of good

1 : greater than half
2 : improved in health or mental attitude
3 : more attractive, favorable, or commendable
4 : more advantageous or effective
5 : improved in accuracy or performance

"Better" is a funny word. I was just sitting here and thinking about it. It denotes a transition from what you currently have to a higher plane of reality.

Why settle?

Why not look for things that will make you better? Why not place yourself in better situations and develop better relationships with people (networks DONT equal relationships)?

Everybody likes a winner. You are what you put out into the universe.

That's all. :-)

Top 5 Most Cinematic Hip Hop Songs

I present to you all my list of top 5 most cinematic songs in no order. Of course, this is all opinion so feel free to disagree. They were rated in terms of delivery, cohesiveness and ability to make me visualize the various scenarios....

"Mona Lisa"-Slick Rick

Self explanatory. Rick's delivery is suave and masterful and shows us how he approaches an attractive young lady. This is probably the BEST storytelling song ever......

"I Gave You Power"-Nas.

DJ Premier laces the instrumental masterfully allowing Nas to execute his concept of rapping from the POV of a gun. The tone of the instrumental is dim so you know it's gonna lead to an interesting story.....The third verse is bananas with lines like "My creation was for Blacks to kill Blacks/Its gats like me that accidentally go off, making niggas memories/But this time it's done intentionally".....

"I Got A Story To Tell"-The Notorious B.I.G.

Here, B.I.G recalls an sexual encounter with a woman that leads to him getting some cash from "one of them 6'5 niggas". Two words: "I'm gone!!" Cinema!!!

"All That I Got Is You"-Ghostface Killah

A real tearjerker...This song is Ghost at his most vulnerable as he recounts "roaches in the cereal box","15 of us in a three bedroom apartment" and other memories of his tough upbringing. Mary J. does her things on the chorus....Very poignant. This is how you paint a picture...

"Brenda's Got A Baby"-Tupac Shakur

The ever socially conscious Tupac gives us his account of teen pregnancy and how it affects our community. This is extremely poignant and touching. Pac is better with words than I give him credit for....and this is an exceptional "story telling" track (based on an all too familiar scenario)....

Why You Should Cop The New Skyzoo Album....

Cop this album. It's September 29th. Ya'll know what time it is

Admittedly, I slept on Skyzoo for quite a long time till my man Che-G shot me an invite to the listening session for this album. Always down to hear something new and to network, I came through to the session and listened to one of the most revolutionary albums I've heard from a NYC MC in a while (small world: Skyzoo's from Ebbets Field in Crown Heights right where near my old school was). The production grabbed me...and Skyzoo's proved that he's a more than capable wordsmith. *Cue curiousity*.....

The tracks I heard convinced me that Skyzoo is going to be an interesting act to follow in the near future; the production roster includes Just Blaze, 9th Wonder, Best Kept Secret, Cyrus the Great, Black Milk, Illmind, Needlz, Eric G & Nottz. This album is brought to you all by Jamla/Duck Down Records. I'm copping and I highly recommend the album to you all. If you're looking for captivating wordplay over intriguing instrumentals, look no further.......

Here's the video for "The Beautiful Decay", the lead single produced by 9th Wonder....

And compliled for your viewing pleasure is a promotional webisode series for the album called "Saving Our Grace" Parts 1-5. 

The Inner Circle

"All I need is the love of my crew/The whole industry can hate me, I thug my way through"-Jay-z

I have a tendency to be standoffish. It's a huge character flaw. I've always been. To know me's to love me (until I get really upset, because I tend not to get angry over a lot of things, but when I do, it's an extreme rage). People can say I'm a good friend because I'm honest and objective and will give my unadulterated POV. 

Simply put, it takes a lot for me to make "friends". I dont easily trust people and honestly, in business mode, I'd rather them just tell me their motive than for them to show me "love". It just comes off as fake. I've always been wary of people who're too friendly for no reason, especially when I dont know them from a can of paint. Granted, that may be their personality type though....In "personal" mode, I have a tendency to just keep people at arm's length till I can "read" them. Sometimes, I'm right, sometimes I'm wrong. Put it like this, I like building relationships with people and I think that's best achieved by people being honest with their intentions. I pay attention to body language....

  • looking left in a conversation usually means the person is lying
  • Crossed arms signify a "barrier" ie the person isnt open to converse (ya'll didnt think I was gonna put conversate, did you?) with another person.

I LOVE reading people. I love watching how they think and what makes them tick. It's a VERY bad habit, but ever since I was younger, I always used to push things to the limit and see how people react to it. Like one time, I was bored after school so I went to the highest floor of the school and threw milk out the window. Why? For the hell of it and to see how people would get mad. As a young man, I have a sarcastic nonchalant demeanor. Between those two traits, I either get that 

  • I take everything as a joke OR
  • I dont care about things enough.

So....all in all, I'm glad to have an inner circle of people who can put up with me this long enough. The first shift in my social circle came when I was in college. The second major shift was probably when I was in my junior-senior years. The shift I'm feeling is now. I just feel like I'm on the verge of something BIG. I'm a firm believer in not saving people. If they're meant to be in your life, they will be. If not, too bad.

My inner circle is probably about 10 or so individuals. I trust them wholeheartedly and I know that come what may, I can come to them for any advice or objective opinions I might need. This weekend, I went through HUGE personal battles and I spoke with an old friend who knew me quite well and told her one of those problems. She gave me her objective opinion of me and I was shocked. I havent heard the truth about myself in a while. I'm not really used to people telling me how they feel about me because they either figure I have connections they can use or I can do something for them, etc. It hurt but I rather someone telling me the truth out of love so I know what to work on. Also, I'm one of those people who likes to see things "in my own image". I guess it's the stubborn Taurus in me. My inner circle can tell me the flaws in my POV and I can respect that.

If you wanna get anywhere in life, get you some real friends...and keep the ones that you already have in your life. Ya'll aint always gonna agree and that's the beauty of it. Steel sharpens steel.

Taurus Characteristics....

I dont follow horoscopes and such, but this stuff is too good to be just a coincidence

"Taurus man is a good natured person, very practical in his approach towards life. He is unpretentious and displays his true self in every situation. Trust and loyalty are the key characteristics of a Taurean guy and he expects to find the same qualities in the people around him. Taurus male is hard working and industrious and would labor for hours, at a stretch, to receive the kind of admiration he wants. A Taurean male is sensuous, tactile, giving, practical and stable. He has a sense of humor, but fails to laugh when others crack a joke.
Taureans are known for their stubbornness and the trait is quite prominent in the males. They rarely change their point of view and stick to what they believe is right. When left alone at a new unknown place, they can get extremely suspicious. Though Taurean men do not get angry very easily, they can have a bad temper if aggravated. They are also very protective of their wife and would not leave her even at times of tiffs and fights. This factor may be due to the presence of jealously and possessiveness in them.
A caring and loving person, Taurus man takes great care of his loved ones, but is very careless when it comes to his own self. He does not come to fast solutions and takes time to analyze situations, things and people. Though he may have a great number of people as his acquaintances, he has very few friends. However, when a Taurus male makes friends, they remain with him for lifetime. He has an impressive dressing sense, which would always create an image of respectability. He is also smart and can evaluate a situation very quickly, especially in financial terms."

"A Nightmare on Elm Street"

Movie scared me pissless when I was younger. Between Pennywise and Freddy, I had many nightmare in my young whippersnapper days. Here's the trailer for the new adaption. Let's hope Hollywood doesn't butcher it like they've done to some of my other childhood favorites *cough cough "Dragon Ball"*cough cough*. 

A Nightmare on Elm Street in HD