The Art of Hustling is DEAD!!!!

Rant Time

Between this week and last week, I'm notice several disturbances in the true hustler continuum.

I dont take it personal. Can't ever say I didn give no one a chance. Still blood @ the end of the day but sometimes business is meant for those outside of immediate circles.

I'm convinced I'm the last of a dying breed. I never had nothing handed to me Always had to bust my ass. I thugged it out through migraines this week. I'm more disappointed but it is what it is.

Started @ Cornerstone on Tuesday. It's a good look. I dont think I'm exactly the 9-5 type...

I'm tired as a fuck. @ least I went up to the BX the other day and saw some fine chicks.



God/Life definitely threw curveballs this weekend.

I'm gonna relax and just coast through this week. Still got stuff to handle. But it's about dealing with what you gotta deal with.

I specifically need to play my Call Of Duty 5 and shoot some muthafuckin' heads off.