The Beat Goes On...

Saturday, November 1st...I sit here at 8 AM listening to my Jay-z’s Library of a Legend folder...namely “A Million and One Questions (Remix)”..”I’m supposed to style, I’m the hustler’s poster child.”….

It's been a while ya’ll....

Yesterday was Halloween. I played the crib and slept in. Was gonna hit up the Village and "scout" but the homie Phil took a while to get here, so I said fuck it and stayed in. Him and my brother went to some party over in Crown Heights. Some girl got killed over by the Junction. I hear Bloods were targeting women and slicing/killing them as part of an initiation rite. I dunno what part of the game that is…..

Things have been going decently….for the most part..

Knicks sitting Steph out indefinitely? Wow...that shit is a shame. It sucks that a player has to go through that in his hometown and for the team he grew up rooting for. But on the other hand, it’s not like he’s totally innocent. Duke is a primadonna, and I have a feeling we aint hearing that much protest from him because he’s in the last year of his contract-meaning that under other circumstances, Steph would be playing for possibly his final long term contract. The system isn’t built around Steph (for once) and I’m hearing the rest of the team is tired of him STILL getting media attention. I used to (and still) like watching him play as a basketball fan….and I could see why/ho he was one of the only players to average 20/8 till about 2 seasons ago...but those have to be the most misleading stats ever. No team has ever won with a “shoot first” point guard. None. So now, The Knicks’ll go on w/o him playing. Curry as well, but he’s another problem. I don't understand how the fuck he went to Tim Grover’s (MJ’s legendary trainer) in Chicago (where countless NBA players go to get in shape during the offseason as well as get some runs going.) and still came back outta shape, but whatever. Chandler will be a problem in a year or so.

Greg Oden might be the most overrated/fragile rookie I’ve seen in a while. This kid Nicolas Batum on the Blazers has good potential based on what I’ve seen from him. My dude Bayless should be on the second unit over Sergio Rodgriguez who’s played horribly.

Shoutouts to the Hornets (2-0) for ABUSING the Suns. CP3>Nash.

Giants vs Cowboys tomorrow. I’ma talk mad shit when we win. Glad we beat the Steelers last week. The game was a knockdown drag-out fight.

I’m FUCKING livid. The Virtual Street Team idea was “looked at,”, but according to “them”, “they weren’t doing anything.” Gimme a muthafuckin’ break!!! Are you serious? End of the day, it’s their loss, but I’m extremely disappointed with the politics and bullshit aspect of it. I’ll leave it at that. 4 big people and nothings being done!!! Then wanna act a certain way when the shit don't fly outa stores. C’mon now!!!

E took me to see Saw V. I can’t believe that duke got his arm broken desperately trying to stop the walls from closing in @ the end of the flick...non withstanding the fact his body was crushed by the walls. LMAO @ me being more disgusted @ the arms rather than the whole body. E was just like “You’re a weirdo.” Bwahaha….

Shoutouts to the homie Mike from Yume for reaching out to us. We’re gonna host his Ami networking event on November 11th at Yume loft @ Bergen Street. I want ya’ll likeminded people in the NYC area to come out, show love and network!!! Hit up for more info…

Also raising awareness for the Abandoned Nation “Poetry Meets Hip Hop Showcase” on November 18th at the Water Street Lounge in Brooklyn.

I need to get in shape. Play some ball or something. The crew usually plays on Saturday at school, but I’ve been busy the last few. :-(