Me Lately...

-I didnt go out Friday/Saturday night...I felt EXTRA bored. My friend invited me out both days around 10 PM but i aint feel like going out after I was in my crib.

-A LOTTA shit is going to go down. :-D. FINALLY got a venue booked for the next FRSH PULP was a pain in the a$$, but we think it'll be well worth it...this spot Alibi is pretty ill. We've been there to chill before and liked it so....We'll be having it on April 7th so..

-I've been usually (even by my standards) obsessive with minor things. And I wonder why I walk around with aspirins and get headaches extremely easy.

-I WANT SUSHI!!!!!!!

-Beanie Sigel has a solid discography with the zenith being "The B. Coming". The Solution woulda been better if his A&R/he had a better ear for beats. He's better baring his soul than being "Beanie Mack" if you ask me.

-I want to visit the museum with a lady and then get sushi after. I guess it makes sense. Every spring/summer I open up and get friendly!

-I'm on a high right now!