Wow Again.....

Congrats to the Yankees...#27

Ladies...Get With This Dude

Chivalry isnt dead. :-)

"Prince of Persia" Trailer

Wow. Do ya'll recognize how epic this flick is gonna be?

50's A Clown


DMX And The Music Business...

Earl does have a point........

"Free Lunch"-Bizzy

New material from my dude Bizzy. Queens stand up!!! Enjoy

DL here. 

"Exhibit B: Manifest Destiny"-Poe Picasso

The long awaited "Exhibit B" has dropped people!!!. I'll tell you from now that it's a thought provoking album with great visualism. Poe's a pretty good lyricist so when you combine all of that, you have "Exhibit B". With the DL, you get some digital artwork so enjoy!!

DL Here