Sup ya'll

As expected, the highlight of my weekend was and most likely will be having seen the flick Notorious. I caught the matinee today. I was gonna go tonight with someone but I changed my mind because I (1) want to avoid the crowds and niggerishness and (2) actually wanted to see the flicks.

I have B.I.G.'s biography written by Cheo Hodari Coker and the flick pretty much matched up. I found it to be a bit anticlimatic since we all knew the outcome...Gravy shockingly came through as Chris Wallace and Angela Basset did her part as Voletta really well. (For some reason, I was expecting a fugazi Jamaican mother accent lol). Derek Luke didnt quite translate to me as Puff (not enough charisma) and Naturi Naughton sort of had to "break out of a shell" to play Lil' Kim who was often portrayed in an obsessive light...

The flick didnt sugarcoat anything and you have it all from serving pregnant fiends (something B.I.G. admitted to in his biography) to holding burners to infidelity (lol @ him stopping @ the wedding vow promising commitment) to spousal/verbal abuse....

We see CW in his lowest as a black hoody clad crack dealer turned inmate in prison who turns to rhyme to a rhyme kingpin on the top of the world who meets an untimely death @ the age of 24.

Being from BK definitely affects my bias towards stating how well the film was executed. My older cousins all bumped B.I.G. 9like how I currently bump Hova) and I recall the impact of "Hypnotize" when i was about 11 or so. I recall seeing the video for "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems" and "Victory" and wondering why B.I.G. wasnt actually in the flick....

Had to bark on this dude for talking too god damn much...dude was yapping during the funeral scene till we snapped on him. That was that.

It's all good, baby ba-bay!!!!

"So Ghetto"

i'm feeling an onslaught of ignorance invade my persona. It's 3: 51 AM and i'm here in my room bumping "So Ghetto" on my computer....

Today was an interesting day. Stasia and I went to the Tea Lounge and saw Live Footage (myspace.com/livefootagebrooklyn) ,a band who will be performing @ our FRSH PULP showcase on 1/27/09 @ Nightingale Lounge. The band consists of a cellist and a drummer, Topu and Tom....the sound is best described as an "audio mindfuck" (a phrase I coined). I literally felt like I was on an acid trip...and i'm glad they're performing @ MY showcase.

Did some Street Team work for the showcase...i aint gonna go into it, but ya'll figure out how posters for albums be hung up and you'll get an idea.


"Stuckey" and I got a scouting drill Friday. Mickey Factz Album Listening Party tomorrow. I might take "Chandler".

The ignorance continues. Listening to "Get In My Car"-50 Cent

"When The Remy's In The System....

Ain't no telling will I fuck 'em, will I diss em, that's what these hoes yellin'/ i'm a pimp by blood, not relation, ya'll still chas-un, I replace 'em, HUH

Shoutouts to Rob for the Lavish party...it was a good night...place was flooded...a fight almost broke out but it's all good....I aint party like that in a while. I saw mad people i haven't seen in a while...

It was funny cuz I stopped going to church about 2 years ago..and a girl was starting to come when I was on my way out...i was in the middle of the dance floor with some chicks, then I saw said female with her friends. I was like "OH SHIT, LOL" in my head...like total shock....so we end up together on line for coat check

Girl:"WOW..what are you doing here?"
me:"What am I doing here? what are YOU doing here? (as much as I knew, she was married, but I could see her cleavage as her top was designed that way)
Girl:"Oh, I'm just here with my friends" :-/...
me:"Word, that's cool..."
Girl:"Um yeah..i still go to church. I aint see you there in a minute."
me:"Yeah I stopped going.."
We went into talk about careers and blah blah and it was just soo funny the look on her face when she seen me..She's attractive so I let her know about my modeling casting on saturday. I wouldnt be a true hustler if I didnt.


The title of this post and first lines refer to an incident that went down. By no means am i in the pimp game...but..Prospect is dropped for the forseeable future for being an obvious liar and just shady all around. I'm big on "vibing" with people and I dont get a positive one. Stasia doesn't like the vibe she gets either and that says a lot since we both are usually perceptive about people (gotta be in this line of work that we do). I'm not gonna air people out (learned from that before), but I'm cutting a loss before I get a subtraction. Granted nothing's serious with me, but things aint add up, so I'm getting my mathematics precise.

Tell me how I see prospect there with the coach from the combine. I dunno if she saw me, but she somehow made her way to the front of the line where I was to get coats from the check. We both looked @ each other DEAD in the face but neither of us said nothing....definitely an awkward moment because I'd told her to come thru and kick it with me earlier in the day and she was saying how "she's shopping and how she's tired" so the prospect looks suspect to me now. The coach issue was never a active one, just the overall way prospect went about it. So she gets her coat and sees me on line, "OMG Hey what's up" then tries to hug me. I pull away from her, then she gives me a slight push. I then say "I knew I seen your ass here, but there was mad shorties and ALL ya'll all look alike to me."...prospect got mad and stormed off amid laughter from the crowd.

Mandy doesnt seem to like what she's hearing and I'm just not willing to go down a road of lies and sus-ness over a pretty face. My boys ALWAYS make fun of me for saying "There's more where that came from." But fuck it. There's NO commitment, so I don't see why you'd have to lie to someone. Besides, Mandy said that prospect is probably keeping me @ arms length then when things get a bit bigger (than they are now ;-D), prospect will say something along the lines of "Hey, I've been with you for X years and I'd like this and that"...I can already see some of those tendencies in the constant request for a C-mas present (even though we're werent even the tightest of friends before dating and that she's NOT my girl @ all).. Me personally, I aim for women who can hold it down outside of the looks department and that's usually not a problem. Equality FTW...but @ the same time, i'm young and doing my thing...and I know enough to keep my business exactly that. So.....

"My life's a movie, I'll leave you in that act forever......"-Stack Bundles, RIP

Cant stand a lying ass bitch. Just keep it funky.

side note: for someone who's into the nightlife, I absolutely despise Serani. I HATE "No Games" and I dont think the dude can sing @ all. My ladies up in the club WILL disagree but it's my opinion. lol...and that Jamie Foxx/T-Pain "Blame It" is a PROBLEM

Thanks for reading.