The Leaders Of The New School

Sup everyone,

As mentioned in my last post, Forty Fresh x Sosa Management x FRSH PULP have joined to present to you all the "Leaders of The New School". It will be going down on Sept 2nd at the Bowery Poetry Club at 10 PM. Featuring performances from Shalea, Eric Sosa, Wordspit and RIP MC (of Writer's Block). Advance tickets are $8 and you can always holla @ me or shoot an email to and we'll hold you a ticket.

We promise it'll be a good show. All of the artists are pretty talented at their craft so we decided to combine all of their talents into one big explosive show for you all to come out to and enjoy. We even "took it to the streets" to let people know about the event. :-X LOL

So....come one, come all on Wednesday night and enjoy!

This Week

OK....I slept in on a Friday night (for the second week in a row) and it felt good as hell. I haven't rested like that all week. Missed the Ninjasonik event @ Webster Hall but they'll perform again. I spent the night working on some stuff and watching Entourage. I'm liking this Ari Gold character....

-Getting into the Raekwon Listening Session for "OB4CL II" at EMI was the highlight of my week. It was on a rooftop and free food and alcohol is never a bad thing. Chopped it up with a couple of heads I knew and enjoyed a Rae performance of some old/new joints. Shallah has greys in his beard...It's crazy to me. My cousins used to play OB4CL I all the time. I'm trying to get a hookup on the release party @ Santos on the 8th...that's where I need to be @.Even if I get a connect on the album, I'll still go out and cop to support....

-....and from what I've heard thus far, it sounds way better than BP3. Unless those atrocious leaked joints aint gonna be on BP3. Please God. Please. We deserve better. We've waited too long for this album to sound like the trash that we've been hearing (-the "Mars vs Venus" (or vice versa) joint).

-Got to go to KRS-One and Buckshot's listening session for Survival Skills. Shoutouts to Duck Down Records for providing us that boom bap music in this climate. It sounded like a dope album content wise....and KRS ended up taking over the stage @ one point and doing what he does best-teaching....Between this and Skyzoo's release, Duck Down doing a good job...

-Went to work promoting our show that we'll be holding next week @ the Bowery Poetry club. I'm not getting a haircut or shave till I'm done promoting. I'll also make a separate post so you wonderful viewers can have the info. Deal?

-On Monday, went to the Benji Jeans office for their mixer. Big shoutouts to the homie Nesha for puttng us on. Got to meet with the owner of Bengi Jeans as well as some other folks. Good times.

-Went to see my son Kris Kasanova and Denim perform @ Drom and saw an old family friend. It was good seeing her, a friend of my older sister who's really come into her own. Definitely good seeing old friends. Its good to see an artist like Kris perform....his style is more mellowed out and conversational...think street narraration....He's performing @ Santos next week so I'll post the info for that as well (after I post up my show's info first LOL)...

-I don't even know how many new people I met this week. I lost count. I must say that carrying business cards is a must.

-Per the recommendation of a friend of mine, I went to Public Assembly to see a group called The Crowd perform...and I was amazed. Three artists. An MC, a singer and a guitarist/MC....and the guitarist ends up proposing to his girl AT the show. Even for a grouch like myself, I must admit that's pretty touching and cool. Congrats and Good Luck to them.

-Had a big meeting :-X. Three heads are way better than one. :-X

-Might go to the MJ BDay Celebration in Prospect Park today....don't feel like getting wet tho honestly.....

-Blogging from my phone. I think I'll do this more often then come back and post links etc when I get by a computer...

-Ive had a strong craving for shrimp lo mein and steamed dumplings....


"The Coolest B-Boi Stance"-Wordspit

Better late than never, but I had to throw the much awaited mixtape from an artist I personally follow and have worked with by the name of Wordspit. I kid you all not....this dude can fuckin' SPIT. Don't believe me? Take a listen for yourself. Enjoy!

"If Big L and Lupe Fiasco somehow had a mutant nappy headed ho of an offspring-- his name would be Wordspit"

Video: "House Of Flying Daggers"-Raekwon

REALLY liking what I'm hearing from this album. "10 Bricks" leaked today and it sounds like it's on some other level type shit.

Enjoy the "OB4CL II" album sampler here and peep the video below