More Fun from VH1: "Basketball Wives"

Of course, as the monopolizer of the "reality TV" market, VH1 now exapnds its programming to include "Basketball Wives", a look into the "lives" of the wives and "girlfriends" of certain NBA players. As expected, these women are ALL stunners, so of course I'll be watching it. Throw in EXTRA cattiness and I'm convinced that I'll be in my crib every Sunday night towatch this shit. The show features
  • Shaunie O'Neal, ex wife of Shaq and the show's exec producer
  • Evelyn Lozada, ex fiancee of ex NBA player Antoine Walker
  • Royce Lindsey Reed, Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard's BM
  • Faith Rain, Udonis Haslem's GF
  • Jennifer Williams, wife of former NBA player Eric Williams
  • Gloria, fiancee of Orlando Magic's Matt Barnes

Check out the trailer

I'm hard to entertain. Lets Talk About Pep did draw me in....but it didn't have the cattiness amongst the females that I would have liked to see. They were all "friends", so it really lacked in that regard. THIS shit right here? You got these chicks ganging up on Howard's BM and talking about who slept with Shaq, which Shaunie musta felt some way about.
Rich and attractive women cat fighting about who's a groupie and golddigger amongst them. I like.



This show irritated the mess out of me, and for that I couldn't watch the whole thing. Baskteball Wives, and only one of them is actually currently married to a player.

100K said...

Royce...Dwight Howard fucked up knocking that broad up.

Evelyn and Jenn seems like the most solid ones.

As much cred as I'm trying to give these chicks, they scream "groupie/golddigger/all of the above" to me.

Someone on Twitter remarked that men under 25 should watch the show in order to see what types of women to not mess with....i agree.